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Quicken Loans was proud to support the 21st annual Women’s Power Breakfast to benefit Gleaners Community Food Bank, held April 2 at the Gleaners Detroit distribution center.

President Gerry Brisson addressed guests by sharing enlightening statistics, including that through the help of volunteers, farmers and food drives, Gleaners feeds nearly 100,000 people every day.

As one of Gleaners’ most important events, this year’s theme was “seeing is believing,” with presenters sharing their personal stories of their desire to shed light on the reality of hunger and their commitment to solve it. Special guest and National Geographic photographer Maggie Steber shared a presentation of photos she has taken over the years – captured moments of the hunger crisis in Haiti and here at home.

The audience was visibly moved by the images, as well as the footage provided by Gleaners, which told the story of nourishing local children so they can focus during the school day and giving them healthy snacks to take home on the weekends.

Gleaners Women's Power Lunch 2014 - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Gleaners Board Member Heather Lovier (front row, second from left), and fellow Quicken Loans team members participated in the 2014 Gleaners Women’s Power Lunch.

Quicken Loans Vice President of Business Development, Heather Lovier, is a Gleaners board member, and she took guests at our table on a tour of the facility. She pointed out the pallets of food that are sorted by volunteers and the kitchen where Cooking Matters™ classes are held so families can learn how to cook healthy meals.

“It’s amazing what Gleaners does for the community every single day,” said Lovier. “It only takes $122 to feed a child for a year – they really stretch every dollar to make sure that as many meals are provided as possible.”

In the past 20 years, the Women’s Power Breakfast has raised funds to provide more than six million meals for men, women and children in metropolitan Detroit.

Learn more about Gleaners Community Food Bank, sign up to volunteer or make a donation by visiting


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