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Winter is approaching fast, and some of us desperately need a vacation to relax and unwind from the all the hard work we’ve done this year. But where should you go? Are you interested in obscure destinations, or are you a big-city traveler? Are you a snowbird, flocking to the same warm destination, or are you interested in a backpacking adventure? Does a cruise excite you, or would you rather hit the slopes? Or maybe you’re  more of a nature lover? Depending on your answers, there is a perfect vacation tailored to your interests. Here is a list of winter vacations for almost every kind of traveler!

Obscure “Destination-alist”

You like traveling to those places nobody’s heard of, or a destination your friends just can’t quite pin on a map. Bolivia’s salt flats are quite unique and fit the bill in obscurity. If you’re planning on an adventure to an exciting location, the Palacio de sal, a hotel made completely out of salt, is the right seasoning for your sense of adventure. Careful though, it’s forbidden to lick the walls! Salar de Uyuni, the famous salt flats, is located in Southwest Bolivia near the crest of the Andes. There’s a 9-hole golf course and spa at the palace hotel. The flats cover 40 sq. miles at an elevation of 3656 meters, surrounded by geysers, mountains and flamingos. In the great salt plains, the sunset is fantastic, the horizon doesn’t exist, the sky melts into the lake and silence resonates.

Snow Birds

You like heading south for the winter, whether it’s for vacations, holidays or getaways. South Beach might be your snow bird getaway. What’s better than palm trees shading you as you lay on the beach soaking up the rays? There are plenty of places to play golf, shop, dine, relax and enjoy life while enjoying a low stress vacation under the palms.

Big City Lover

Maybe you aren’t into relaxing beach or exotic vacations, but love big cities. New York City is a great vacation spot if the cold and snow don’t bother you. NYC is a magical escape in the winter; it’s a beautiful snow globe and a great getaway for those who love big cities. Fine cuisine, Broadway and countless museums lure international tourists year round. The glimmering lights of Time Square radiate the snow and the Rockefeller Center ice rink is fun for the whole family.


Nature Enthusiast

Not interested in the big cities, shopping or hanging out on the beach? Maybe you’d prefer something out of this world! Perhaps sleeping in an igloo village located above the Arctic Circle in Kakslauttanen, Finland, is something you’d enjoy. Sleep in a modern day igloo while sleeping under the stars. Finland is a great destination for any nature enthusiast feeling a little adventurous.

Snow Bums

One of the best parts of winter is the snow. Vail is a great place to go snowboarding. The shopping is great, and the night life is fantastic. Located in a ski village, there are always plenty of activities to do and different resorts within 30 minutes of Vail in case you want to change it up.


You like being on a ship with plenty of options, activities and ways to soak up the sun. The Panama Canal cruise is a great opportunity to be enriched with the history of this manmade marvel and enjoy an easy vacation on a boat. It’s also great for families.


Backpacking is the best way to see the most while living off the least. This type of vacation isn’t the best for anyone who needs be comfortable all the time. It’s the adventure for the flexible person who’s off to have the time of their life. Costa Rica is a great backpacking location. Some great places to see are Montezuma, the Peace Lodge in Vara Blanca and Tamarindo. Tamarindo is a great place to go surfing. The Peace Lodge is at the top of the rain forest located near one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Poas volcano. Fun activities include hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and zip lining in the jungle.

This winter is full of great vacation opportunities, seize the one that interests you most and have a relaxing or high-thrill adventure. Either way, have the time of your life and get away, you deserve it!


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