College Basketball - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWe’re getting down to the nitty-gritty. Since last week we saw a field of 16 teams get reduced to only four. To help you get to know each of the schools, both winners and losers, we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts which you can check out below!


When the University of Florida first opened for class on September 26, 1906, it welcomed 102 male students. Today, UF is one of the five largest universities in the nation, with approximately 50,000 students.


With more than 105,000 applications for the fall 2014 semester, the University of California, Los Angeles, is the most applied-to university in the country.


David Bradley – the inventor of the Control-Alt-Delete command – is a Dayton alumnus.


The Stanford Tree annually makes the list of “Weirdest Mascots.” However, it is not the official mascot of Stanford. The Tree was introduced by the band in 1975 and received so much attention that it became the unofficial mascot. It’s been that way ever since.


Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819 in Charlottesville. The first class entered in 1825. Under his guidance, the university offered more specializations to students than many other universities at the time.

Michigan State

In 1857, MSU became the first institution of higher learning in the United States to teach scientific agriculture.

Iowa State

In 1957, Iowa State defeated Kansas 39-37, handing Wilt Chamberlain his first collegiate loss.


After a student vote, the Husky was chosen as the official mascot in the 1930s. The name Jonathan was given to the Husky, based on Connecticut hero Jonathan Trumbull, a former Connecticut governor and friend to President George Washington. Every new mascot is now named Jonathan. As of 2012, Jonathan XII serves as the official mascot.


The 387 acres the campus sits on in Tucson is the oldest, continually-maintained green space in Arizona.

San Diego State

At least seven buildings on campus are listed by the U.S. government on the National Register of Historical Places.


Students selected the bear as Baylor’s official mascot in 1914. Today, there are two live bears on campus, known as Joy and Lady, which live at the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat in the heart of campus.


When a Badger team wins a game, the members of the band turn their hats around and wear them backward. The practice started in the 1920s to symbolize the band looking back at their victory in days when they marched out with the departing crowd.


The “Wildcats” nickname was officially adopted after the football team’s win against Illinois in 1909 when the head of the military department of the old State University told a group the team “fought like wildcats.”


Founded in 1978, the University of Louisville is the oldest city-supported college in the United States.


The Rock, an unofficial message board and historic campus icon, has been painted regularly by students since the 1970s.


In its first year in Ann Arbor (1937), the University had two professors and seven students. There were more regents (19) than faculty and staff combined.

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