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Winners Announced in the Zing Clean Slate Sweepstakes! - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2017 Zing Clean Slate Sweepstakes! We wanted to offer our readers a fun way to enter to win some cash and start the new year with a clean financial slate.

The Zing Blog team at Quicken Loans is proud to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize: $4,000

Jane E. from Fernandina Beach, Florida

Second Prize: $250

Gypsy B. from Allentown, Pennsylvania

Third Prize: $250

Katie P. from Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Whether paying off some holiday bills, saving for a down payment on a house or adding a little extra to that retirement account, we hope our winners can put this cash infusion to good use!

Congratulations again to the winners of the Zing Clean Slate Sweepstakes!

We’re excited to provide helpful articles and fun opportunities to win cash and prizes, so be sure to subscribe to the Zing Blog. The next winner could be you!

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