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Wallet with cash

Thanks to everyone who entered the Zing Always On Sweepstakes! The Zing Blog team at Quicken Loans is proud to announce the following winners:

Grand Prize: $3,000

Devon L. from Capitola, Calif.

Second Prize: $1,000

Earl K. from New Paltz, NY

Whether stashing away for retirement, saving for a down payment on a house or just looking for some cash to travel, we hope these winners enjoy making plans with their new windfall!

Congratulations again to the winners of the Zing Always On Sweepstakes!

If you’re looking for other fun cash and prizes opportunities, be sure to subscribe to the Zing Blog, as the next winner could be you!

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  1. Yes this is one of my email address as your system is questioning the entry on this page, signing up for your zing sweepstakes. “Uh oh! Is this email valad”?

    1. Hi Dick:

      Did you try typing it in again? I’m going to send you an email and if it goes through, it should work. I’m sorry about this.

      Kevin Graham

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