HGTV Dream Home Winner 2014Quicken Loans was proud to be a part of this year’s HGTV Dream Home Giveaway®, providing one individual a luxuriously-furnished home in Truckee, CA, a brand-new vehicle and a cash prize.

If you entered the sweeptakes, you’ve probably been waiting patiently for the news of who the lucky winner is, and we won’t keep you waiting any longer.

The winner of a prize package worth more than $2 million – including the HGTV Dream Home 2014, a brand-new GMC® Yukon® Denali® and $250,000 cash is…

Laura Martin of Boise, Idaho!

Laura entered nearly every day for two months to win the custom Lake Tahoe retreat and was randomly drawn from over 72 million entries.


The HGTV team “ambushed” Laura at her workplace to tell her the exciting news, and she was quite overcome with emotion. We’ve included a photo of the happy couple, but you can tune in to HGTV on April 11 at 5 p.m. ET to see the entire tear-inducing segment!

All of us at Quicken Loans wish Laura, her husband Scott and their children a lifetime of happiness in their new HGTV Dream Home!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and be sure to visit the Quicken Loans Zing Blog for new and exciting sweepstakes and giveaways this year!


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  1. hi Beth, I also entered the HGTV dream home contest and like you I am very disappointed that I did not win either.
    However after reading your response, you have made me realize (along with many others I’m sure), life can always be worse or more difficult and that I need to be more grateful for everything and everyone that I do have in my life. Because as we all do from time to time, I have been feeling sorry for myself and have been having quite the “pity-party” for myself these days. After reading your response above, you have made me realize just how ridiculous I have been acting.
    It is obvious by reading your message that you are going through a difficult time in your life right now but it is also obvious to see that you are also an extremely hard working, responsible and motivated, strong woman who knows what needs to be done and does it! When you get down, try and remember “that this too, shall pass,” and even though it may not seem like it now, there will be a day when all your hard work and determination will pay off.
    If you don’t take anything else from what I have said here, please know and remember this…… that u have not let your child down by any means, and trust me, someday she will realize it and thank u for all the years of hard work and for being a WONDERFUL MOTHER, which it is clearly obviously that u are.
    And thank you again for making me realize that I need to step up my game and start being more thankful for all the blessings I have in my life.
    Erika from Illinois

  2. Im glad for them. I entered every day too. I cant wait to see someone like me win something, I cant afford a car, so walk or ride my bicycle everywhere. Its embarrasing when a car almost runs you over on your bike and you crash with all of your food and suppies, but nobody stops to help. Then you end up pushing your bicycle home because your too hurt to ride it. Then you get yelled at for being late and called abusive names. Then your daughter asks “why cant we just move”.
    I work 3 jobs from 5:30am until 3:00am. And I hate that I can’t make my 13 year old happy for once. She was banking on this win too. But, like always, I’ve let her down again.
    I’m sure the winners kids are happy and I’m happy for them.
    Thanks for letting us enter.

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