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Digital marketing and posting on social media is an important part of being a real estate professional. But amid the current climate caused by COVID-19, it can be tough to know what to post and how to engage with your audience. Luckily, there many ways you can report on the changing market and keep your followers updated on what’s happening in the community.

What Should I Be Posting?

There are many ways you can branch off from your current content and share posts that resonate with your audience during this time. Here are some of the most effective ways to post on social media during COVID-19.

Engagement Posts

As the name suggests, a great way to interact with your audience is by sharing engagement posts, as they allow you to talk about something in your community and have your followers react to it. They will attract attention to your profile and your page, and even train the algorithm to show your content to a larger audience. A great example of an engagement post could be about a new building that is opening up. You can ask your followers to give you their opinions in the comments, or even have them vote on a matter. As a real estate professional, it’ll be great to see what your followers have to say, and it will attract more attention to your page too!

Facebook Custom Audiences Retargeting

Another more targeted approach is utilizing Facebook Custom Audiences to pick out people who you want to see your posts. This strategy will also allow you to retarget the same audience for posts in the future which will make your brand more visible and recognizable.

Local-Focused Content

For potential home buyers looking for a real estate agent, name and brand recognition is key. Posting local-focused content will certainly help you get your name out and attract the attention of those in your area. Your followers will be interested in seeing that you care about your community and are informed with what’s happening around you. Using this strategy will also make your brand appear more elevated and trusted to potential clients.

Video Content

Because of social distancing and the inability to interact with potential clients in normal ways, posting video content can be very effective. Videos can allow you to share valuable information with your followers in a quick and easy way. For example, you can update your followers on market trends, do a property walkthrough, or show your clients an online auction.

Show, Don’t Tell

When you think about posting video content or anything else on social media, remember to show, not tell. This means that you should explain matters to your audience and make sure to connect with your followers in a personal and interactive way. For example, show your followers how you’ve adapted to the changing environment and let them know how it’s working for you.

Reporting On Your Local Market

The local market has certainly been affected in nearly every area due to COVID-19. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to update your followers about the current changes and trends for the future. Use this opportunity to show your expertise and keep your clients in the loop about what is happening. This will also help you gain more trust with your audience and build a better relationship with your clients.

Positive Messages

During stressful times, it’s important to spread positivity, especially on social media. Let your clients and potential clients know that you’re there to support them. Your messages of positivity will resonate well with your followers and let them know that you care about them and are willing to help them with anything they need. For more real estate resources and tips, visit the Quicken Loans® website.

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