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If you had an extra $500, what would you do with it? If you are a charity-lover, here are some ideas of what a $500 donation could mean for different types of organizations.

Helping Animals

According to the ASPCA, it costs $120 to feed a medium sized dog for a year.

With a $500 donation, you could cover the cost of feeding four medium sized dogs for a full year. Similarly, that donation could cover the cost of feeding 25 medium sized dogs for six months.

There are tons of feral cats on the streets that animal shelters take in to spay or neuter before letting back out. This helps reduce the amount of cats on the streets and also helps other plants and animals survive better by creating fewer hunters. A $500 donation would cover more than three spay or neutering surgeries.

Helping those in need

A one-dollar donation to Gleaners Community Food Bank feeds one hungry person for an entire day. This means a $500 donation would provide food for 10 people in need for 50 days.

Organizations like Coalition for the Homeless, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Feeding America, Gleaners Community Food Bank or Forgotten Harvest all work to provide people with basic necessities like meals, groceries, or even a place to sleep.

Supporting the Great Outdoors

The National Park Service and National Wildlife Federation both work to keep the outdoors clean and sustainable, so we can all enjoy the national parks for years to come.

Maintaining the national parks is not easy. It requires trash pickup, landscaping, animal services, electricity, road maintenance, trail upkeep, and building maintenance just to name a few. These jobs are not cheap. We’re talking about millions of dollars a year to maintain something we pay 10 bucks to visit for a week. A $500 donation would be used on any number of things to help support the parks we all know and love.

Charitable donations:

Donating to a cause or organization you care about is a great thing to do. One thing to consider when you’re donating a large sum of money is whether or not you’d be getting a tax benefit for it. It’s important to be aware that if you want a tax benefit for donating, you need to make sure you’re donating to a qualified organization. To make sure the organization you’re donating to is qualified, check out the Exempt Organization Select check on the IRS website.

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