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Colorful modern home decor

A total room renovation isn’t always feasible when you have a tight schedule or a tight budget, yet perhaps you still want to keep up on the latest seasonal trends in home decor, like incorporating Pantone’s color of the year.

There’s an easy way to save time and money while adding color to your home. Changing just a few key items in a room can yield big results. Luckily, these changes can be made all in a single weekend. Check out our tips below!

Flower Power

Whether placed on a side table or a kitchen table, you can brighten up your space by adding different hues and the sweet smells of summer, courtesy of flowers and greenery.

“You can add flowers to your home inside and out to highlight a pop of color,” said Tori Toth, celebrity home stager and lifestyle expert. “Choose summer blooms that will withstand the heat, like roses, hydrangeas – even elephant ears or banana leaves instantly say the summer season is here.”

The easiest way to keep fresh flowers in your home without having to go to the store every weekend is by subscribing to a flower delivery service. My personal favorite is Bouqs, a customizable fresh flower service that lets you choose the consistency of delivery. Their bouquets start at $40 per delivery; subscription prices vary based on which flowers you want delivered regularly.

If you’re looking for something a little more manageable and long-lasting than flowers, try adding common household plants to your space. Even if they’re not your usual style, most houseplants are low maintenance but still make a bold statement in your room.

Get creative by incorporating plants with different shades of green and various patterns and textures for a look that brings the outdoors in!

Fabulous Fabrics

Adding color to your home is as easy as switching out a few textiles. Retire your tired pillowcases, bedding and blankets and swap them out for fresh and vibrant shades and patterns.

“Switch out your throw pillows seasonally,” suggested Reagan Toal, marketing manager at Federal Brace. “Start with a neutral couch or bedding, and then add design interest with throw pillows and a cozy blanket. Switching out these small home accessories every few months is a fun and versatile way to keep your space looking fresh, fun, and on-trend.”

For the summer, Toal recommends choosing livelier colors or patterns, such as:

  • Greens
  • Primrose yellow
  • Deep pink
  • Turquoise

For small decorative details, like blankets, Toal says to choose a lightweight fabric, such as linen or twill, and look for festive accents like fun tassels and textures.

A New Life

In some cases, you might not have to go too far to switch up the color in your home. Adding bright colors to your space is as easy as giving your existing furniture a fresh coat of paint. Give your side table, wooden chair frames or picture frames new life by applying a fresh coat of paint in a fun new color.

“You can paint it in a vibrant color such as Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, or a soft blue color. If you paint smaller furniture rather than a large piece, for example, then you can easily swap out the color come fall season,” said Alice Chiu of Miss Alice Designs.

Add finishing touches to your fresh paint job by switching out details such as kitchen hardware.

“Swap out your old cabinet hardware for decorative knobs or pulls in bold colors such as mint green or rust orange,” said Chiu. “Knobs and pulls come in many different patterns in various shapes and sizes that add a pop of color to your kitchen or bathroom.”

Picture Perfect Plates

Did you know you might have a work of art hiding in the cupboards and cabinets of your home? Try something new and display your colorful kitchenware front and center in the room. You’ll be surprised by the results!

“If you own dishes, knick knacks, or ceramics in a variety of color groupings, you can rotate them in and out by season,” said Jim Kabel, owner and president of Case Design/Remodeling.

There are a few ways to display your pretty plates:

  • Set the table to make a pretty place setting
  • Stack the shelves, putting your dynamite dishes on display
  • Be the host with the most by setting out a few decorative dishes filled with nuts, candy and other snack-worthy things on a coffee table
  • Hang colorful pots, pans and mugs from open areas of your kitchen

Get crazy with your color combinations, mixing different shades, colors and patterns to make a mosaic of bright summer decor.

If you don’t own any bright-colored dishes or cookware, no big deal! Kabel suggests making a stop at your local department store.

“If looking for a particular color, such as a vibrant green, browse through a department store’s home decor section to pick up a few pieces,” Kabel recommended. “It’s worth the investment if you plan to use them seasonally.”

Make a Statement

By adding strategic pops of color to a room, your decor is sure to make a statement this summer. Follow these tips to easily add a splash of summer color that you can implement in just one weekend.

What items do you plan on incorporating in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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