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Valentine’s Day: Celebrate Like a Kid Again - Quicken Loans Zing Blog
I’m pretty sure that no February 14 in my adult life has been as fun as any Valentine’s Day I celebrated as a kid. And I don’t mean offense toward any significant other with whom I’ve spent a Valentine’s Day. It’s simply impossible to beat a pure childhood heart filled with excitement – or for any date night to beat candy hearts, makeshift mailboxes decorated with glitter, dime store cards and the delicious anticipation of reading each little message written on each little card.

I know Valentine’s Day will never be quite the same, but this year, I pledge to make it as sweet and entertaining as possible for my colleagues and friends. Here are some ways that you, too, can celebrate like you’re a kid again.

Valentine at the Office

Some care needs to be taken when celebrating Valentine’s Day at work – you don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by getting too personal. That doesn’t mean, though, that cupid can’t platonically visit the office.

You and your coworkers can celebrate by writing notes of appreciation to one another. These notes can be written on loose paper that you have in your desk (though I bet you can do better than that!), on pretty stationary, or on tiny little cards with themes related to cartoons, super heroes and popular movie characters. In these cards, compliment your coworkers on the ways in which they brighten your week – let them know why you’re happy to work with them, side by side, Monday through Friday.

You’ll also need a good place to collect your cards. Each participant should create a “mailbox” for his or her desk. It can be as simple as a metal inbox or as elaborate as a cardboard box doctored up with glitter and hearts, like the ones we made when we were kids.

Voila: Workday V-Day fun.

Valentine with Your Pals

Have your friends over for some February 14 fun. Get creative! You can serve dishes like beet salad, bruschetta, red beans and rice, spaghetti Bolognese or anything shaped like a heart or arrow. You don’t have to stick with red foods and Valentine’s shapes, though – just find a fun title for your dish. You can have an Everlasting Affection Chocolate Fountain, Cupid’s Charcuteries and Shot with Love’s Arrow Wild Game.

Set up activities in different rooms of the house. In the kitchen, guests can create their very own Valentine’s Day signature cocktail with ingredients like cherry brandy, strawberry liquor, Campari, rosé champagne, cranberry juice or grenadine. Be sure to have some maraschino cherries available for garnish. Guests can also play games like hearts and Valentine-themed charades. Let them get crafty, too, with cutout paper hearts, lace, doilies and sequins. Don’t forget the glue sticks!

Go ahead. Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year like you’re a cherub again. Don’t you owe it to your sweet little heart?

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