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Graduations are happening all around, and high school kids are getting ready to move into their new dorm rooms. It’s an exciting time, but they have a lot of preparing to do. Here are five gifts that high school graduates will actually use.


Going to college is a major transition in a person’s life. Their eyes are opened to new opportunities and experiences all over campus. Experiences that parents will want to know all about so help the new grad capture these moments by giving them a camera! They can document their college experiences and share them with their family and friends. Now, instead of hearing their stories, you can see them too!


Give the new grad a way to tune out from the commotion. When their new college lifestyle gets overwhelming, give them the ability to escape from reality and enjoy some music. Headphones are great for those late nights studying when their roommates are blasting music. Inner ear headphones are perfect for working out, studying, walking to class or simply tuning out. They’re small enough to carry almost anywhere and will be a daily staple in the grad’s new life.


High school seems busy until you experience the hectic lifestyle of college. Help the new grad organize with a calendar. Between their new club meetings, busy class schedules, study groups and social lives, they’ll need a place to coordinate all their events. A calendar may not seem like a great gift, but it will come in handy. You could even customize a calendar on websites like Shutterfly. Add some inspirational quotes to help them get through the tough day, or add pictures. This way, they can stay organized and always think of you when they look at their calendar.

Dry Erase Board

Nothing comes in handy more than a dry erase board. Can’t find a pen in the messy dorm room? No worries, just write on the dry erase board. They’re great whether the grad needs to write a quick note to a roommate or a to-do list for the day! Students often use adhesive strips to attach their boards to the outside of their doors so people can leave them notes. It’s a great way for them to get to know their hall mates! Dry erase boards are also a great way to save paper!

Laptop Lap Desk

Laptops are essential to college students for checking email, writing papers and online shopping during class. All this time on their laptop could be bad for their health, so help them out by getting them a laptop lap desk. It will save them from burning their legs when the laptop overheats from hours of Facebook stalking. It also will protect them from the health risks linked with resting a laptop on their lap.

Graduation season is a stressful but exciting time. Tears are shed, smiles are shared and goodbyes are exchanged. With these suggestions, you can part ways knowing they will think of you every time they use their new gifts. Money is great, but these gifts will last longer and actually be used!

Have some great gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!


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