Making your home uniquely you can be a hard thing to do. You ponder about what colors, styles and themes to use in each room so you’re comfortable in your home. I know I’m constantly trying to find new décor pieces to change up a room depending on the time of year or what mood I’m in. We give so much thought to the rooms in our homes, but what about the smaller spaces like closets?

Closets may not technically be a room, but they are another space you can change up and add a personal touch to. For this installment of the unique home series, we’re going to look at some unique closets to inspire your home! From dark and elegant to bright and colorful, these unique closets are sure to stir your creativity.

Dark and Elegant Closet

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This traditional closet uses the stark contrast of black and white to modernize it. Notice the use of mirrors, which help make the space look even bigger!

This closet is probably larger than most bedroom closets, but you can still bring in some of the same dark and elegant elements to personalize your space! You can start by painting the back wall black and the side walls white. This will add depth to your closet. Another trick that adds a touch of elegance is using a mirror. The bigger the mirror, the better!

Girly Closet

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Girls dream of having a beautiful walk-in closet, and this one is a dream come true. With its undeniably girly flare, it’s a closet fit for a queen.

Want to add a feminine touch to your bedroom closet? Well, most of us can’t fit a marble fireplace (unfortunately), but we can pump up that ladylike feel with area rugs and chandeliers! Find a small area rug in a print or a color you love! Place it at the bottom of your closet; even if it’s just your shoes sitting on it, it’ll look pretty striking! Continue with that romantic, feminine aesthetic by adding a hanging chandelier in the center. For an extra special touch, add some flowers to the space.

Modern Closet

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Do you prefer something a little more sleek and minimal? This modern closet should do the trick!

Bring in this modern feel with metal and glass elements. Keep it minimal with white walls and spruce it up with a metal closet rod. Keep the theme going with sleek metal hangers, not those chunky plastic ones. Add glass doors to add to the minimalist feel of your modern closet – just be sure to keep it organized.

Fresh and White Closet

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Whether you have a gigantic walk-in like this one or a more modest closet space, keeping it all white is classic and chic. The closet in the picture utilizes flowers and mirrors to keep the space feeling fresh and welcoming.

To carry the same chicness into your own closet, get rid of as much clutter as possible. Add mirrors in the back of shelving and mix in flowers and candles. Remember to keep the colors minimal – stick to white candles and white blossoms with minimal greenery.

Colorful Closet

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If you need a little more color in your life, don’t worry – I didn’t forget about you. This colorful closet space is sure to cheer up any room!

With all the colors in your wardrobe, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with a color explosion. Pick one color and paint the walls with it! For your storage boxes, use colors and patterns that complement the shade you chose – not ones that contrast it. This will help your closet feel colorful and cohesive.

Are you feeling inspired to personalize your closet space? How do you plan on making it your own? Let us know in the comment section below.



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