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Summer is almost at an end, and with that comes the final three-day weekend of the season, Labor Day weekend. This is our last chance to make the most of those summer activities, get in some fun and relax before it’s all about school and pumpkin spice lattes.

If you’re planning on staying home this three-day weekend, we’ve compiled a list of great activities to help you squeeze in as much fun as is humanly possible. Take a look and get inspired!

The Morning

Sleep In

The first idea is the simplest: catch up on your rest. Give yourself a morning free from activities, rushing and places to be, even if it’s just for an hour. If you’re gearing up for the new school year, a slow morning can serve as a relaxing calm before the storm.

Make Breakfast

It’s amazing how often we skip breakfast. Most of us are just too busy to take the time to cook anything, let alone sit down and eat it. It doesn’t have to be fancy, maybe just toast and eggs, but give yourself a morning where you really sit down and enjoy a nice breakfast.

Work Out

If you’re planning on having any sort of party later in the day, this is the time to get your workout done. Maybe run or walk outside to shake things up a bit. This doesn’t have to be too intense. Remember, you’re on vacation!

Take Up a Good Book

Make the most of a bright summer morning by sitting down with that book you always meant to get around to. This is best enjoyed in your comfiest chair right by a window and with a cup of coffee or tea. You can stay in bed to read, but chairs are a better option if you’re prone to falling asleep while reading! If you’re feeling extra fancy, put on a little background music.

The Afternoon

Themed BBQ

Barbeques and summer weekends go together like avocados and toast. They’re the perfect way to have some friends over, spend time outside with great food and soak up a little sun. This weekend, dial your BBQ up to 11 by setting a theme for the party. Hawaiian, Cajun, or chili cook-off are all great options. The theme might ensure your guests bring food that complements the barbeque and gives you the excuse to try recipes you might not normally explore.  If you’re really looking to add some spice, have a signature cocktail.

Slip and Slide Party

It’s time to make the most of these warm summer days and find fun ways to cool off. One option is the Slip and Slide party. You can rent the big blow-up kind or go old-school with a few tarps. Wired has a great guide on how to build your own. Just make sure you have enough water! If you want to add a little extra fun, set up two slides near each other and host a race.

Pool Party

If you have a pool, then take this chance to get out there and enjoy it with some friends. We’ve put together a list of ways to throw a great pool party.  And remember, a pool party doesn’t always have to be complicated. People, food, drinks and a pool is the perfect recipe for a good time.

Outdoor Picnic

If having a party isn’t your thing, something much more low key can still be a lot of fun. Set up a few blankets and pillows out in your backyard and eat lunch outside. If you want to make things a little more special, have some homemade lemonade or put together a cocktail. You can also bring out that book you started in the morning.

DIY Time

Three-day weekends are practically designed for DIY projects. The extra time can give you the chance to really accomplish something without having to stop and start every few minutes. We’ve compiled a list of one-day home projects you can pick from.  If you like gardening, this could be a great chance to get your garden ready for the next season.

The Evening

Movie Marathon

One of the great things about three-day weekends is the chance to stay up a little later an extra night! Pick a movie series or a genre to add a theme to the evening and make yourself a bowl of popcorn. This is all about a little binge-watching so get some candy, your beverage of choice and settle in.

Outdoor Movie Party

If you want to make movie watching more of an event, set up a projector and make your backyard into a theater. This is best enjoyed with some friends – maybe even a friend who owns a projector if you don’t have one of your own. Set up comfy areas for everyone to sit and hang an old sheet to use as a screen. It’s best to pick a movie you’ve already seen since an outdoor set up can make it a little harder to hear. Be conscientious of your neighbors and volume, too!

Spa Night

Time for some TLC. This is all about taking a little time out for you. This doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You can light a few candles and soak in the tub, give yourself a manicure or make a DIY face mask and relax on the couch. A spa night can also be a chance to spend a little quiet time with your family or a few close friends. Make or buy a few sweet treats for some extra indulgence.

Online Shopping

One of the great thing about Labor Day weekend is the sales. The holidays may feel like forever away, but this could be the time to buy those gifts while the price is right. You can also find a lot of summer items on sale – grills, summer clothes and gardening supplies will have pretty decent discounts. Techradar put together their own guide to the sales and every retailer listed has an online shop. Pick a place to hunker down and get your savings on.

Backyard Campout

This idea is great for families who want to spend some time away from technology. Leave the phones, tablets and other devices inside for a real tech-free experience. Set up a tent in the backyard and have yourself a good old-fashioned campout. You can even add a blowup mattress if sleeping on the ground isn’t your style. A bonfire and a few s’mores will give everyone something fun to do as they sit out under the stars.

Remember, this is your three-day weekend so make the most of it doing the activities you want to do! If we missed your favorite idea, be sure to share it in the comments.

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