I got the Pottery Barn catalog in the mail the other day.

So, there I am, browsing the elegantly-chic patio décor with a glass of Trader Joe’s finest Charles Shaw merlot in hand, when I spot the most delightful nautical-themed dinnerware that I simply must have for outdoor entertaining.

Then, my glass of Charles Shaw reminds me of something rather important: I only paid $2 for the entire bottle. And on a Two-Buck-Chuck budget, I cannot quite afford to shell out a small fortune for that dinnerware, along with the 10 grand’s worth of patio furniture I dreamed of enjoying it upon.

That Chuck is cheap, but Trader Joe’s is doing something right with its wallet-friendly wine. It’s no wonder that, in blind taste tests, the cost-conscious grapes are often mistaken for something far more lavish. And if Charles Shaw can go head-to-head with a $50 chardonnay, I’ll bet these inexpensive DIY design ideas will give that Pottery Barn catalog a run for its money, too.

Get started with one of these twenty DIY patio projects this spring for an outdoor sanctuary that’s sophisticated by summertime!

Furniture Ideas

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Décor Ideas

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Lighting Ideas

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Other Awesome Ideas

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I forgot to mention, consuming wine while working on some – if not all – of these projects is not advised. Don’t let me see you end up hurt or featured on one of those “craft fail” sites, OK?

So, tell me: Which of these patio projects are you most excited to try? Do you have any other ideas you’d like to share with aspiring DIYers? Leave your thoughts in the comments area below!


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