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Winter and the holidays may be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to deck the halls and trim the tree just yet. Savor the season and take advantage of all the beauty that fall has to offer. Flaunt the gorgeous hues, spread the harvest aesthetic and have fun when choosing your décor for Thanksgiving this year.

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or just looking to embrace the holiday to the fullest, we’ve got you covered with different adornment ideas.

Mrs. White in the Dining Room with a Candlestick

Whether it’s repurposed candlestick holders or a new set you’ve been dying to show off, you can simply swap out your candles for small pumpkins or gourds to add a quick and elegant harvest look to your fireplace mantel or table. You can even take it a step further and hollow out your pumpkins to turn them into candle holders themselves.

All That Glitters and Gold

If you want to add glitz and glam to your décor this year, you must try gilding and some glitter. What is gilding you ask? Gilding is the process of adding gold leaf or gold paint. Since gold has made a major comeback in not only fashion but home décor as well, this year is the time to take advantage of the luxurious metallic hue. Try painting seasonal fruits, pinecones, flint corn and vegetables like squash to put on display with hints of gold or glitter. This will take your décor from rustic chic to glam and trendy.

Through the Looking Glass

If you want to keep your décor subtle, try filling up glass vases, cloches or bell jars with seasonal harvest goodies. Just pile up with miniature pumpkins, pinecones, twigs and berries for a simple statement piece for any table or mantel. Get creative and fill up glass vases with layers of corn, seeds and acorns, then top with a small votive.

Gourd-geous Pumpkin Baskets

The fall provides us with a plethora of beautiful color combinations and what better way to show them off than a bright floral arrangement? Try this ingenious alternative to a basic bouquet centerpiece. Simply hollow out a pumpkin or gourd and place a block of wet floral foam or a vase and fill it with your favorite seasonal flowers or candles to create a unique arrangement to wow your guests. The more bountiful the better!

Good Wreath!

What better way to show your love for the season than a holiday wreath? It’ll be the first thing your guests will see once setting foot on your doorstep. Simply looking into Thanksgiving wreath ideas on Pinterest will keep you scrolling for days. The ideas are endless! Your options will range from wreaths filled with leaves and twigs to wreaths wrapped with ribbons and feathers in the shape of a turkey. Wreaths aren’t just meant for hanging – place one flat on a table as a centerpiece – you can even add a glass hurricane with a candle in the center.

Many Thanks

Decorate your home with a beautiful representation of what you and your family are thankful for. Instead of announcing all that you are thankful for over dinner, try displaying it for all to see and share. Whether you display your thanks with clothespins and turn in it to a wreath, have a chalkboard set up or display a small tree to hang your thanks on. There are endless ways to express your gratitude and encourage others to as well.

Give Thanksgiving the appreciation it deserves with these fun decorative ideas for your home this month. Do you have any favorite décor tips or DIY suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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