Post Series: A Weight Loss Transformation Worth Sharing
A Transformation Worth Sharing: An Introduction - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

A before and after picture of myself.

The details of some memories just don’t fade with time. I’ll always vividly remember the day I got braces, the time I dropped my phone in the toilet, the night I played an oboe solo at Carnegie Hall and the not one, but two, occurrences, in which I was pulled over for speeding. I’ll also never forget the time I weighed in at my heaviest: 302 pounds. Or the time I could finally celebrate having officially cut that number on my scale in half.

A few short years ago, I began a diet that I intended to be temporary and assumed would be dreadful. I planned on accepting the challenge, yet again, to lose weight, and wanted to get it over with as fast as possible. Many months, even more effort, a ton of obstacles and an endless journey of ups and downs later, I realized that my physical transformation had dramatically changed every aspect of my life.

I grew up completely unaware and entirely uninterested in healthy living. Until the time I graduated high school, I avoided exercise at all costs and lived in ignorance about how or why to eat properly. Today, I seek excuses to eat vegetables and feel much worse about skipping a workout than starting one. Because my lifestyle now is so different now than it once was, I understand what it feels like to have every imaginable relationship with food and exercise and can therefore relate to people all over the spectrum.

I’ve been to Weight Watchers more than once. I followed the Jenny Craig weight loss program for months. I’ve worked with nutritionists and even more personal trainers. My transition into a healthy lifestyle that began as self-imposed obligation gradually became an interest and then a passion of mine. The more time went by, the more questions I asked and found the answers to. I don’t have a degree in the field nor do I consider myself a professional of any kind. But I have a lot of valuable experience and feel excited about the chance to apply my insights to informing and inspiring others.

Part of the Zing Blog’s beauty is its broad coverage. We aren’t only interested in teaching you economically-savvy habits and helping you save money; we’re also dedicated to providing insightful content that relates to more than just a few aspects of your financial life. Because we cover topics in our lifestyle section from healthy eating to workout apps, the blog is a perfect platform for a series of posts about healthy living in which I can share what I’ve learned from my transformative experience!

I recently brought my story to the stage: check out my first motivational speech here!

I think every blog is better when it’s interactive, which is why I’d love to hear from you! Would you rather read about diet tips or exercise info? Dining in or eating out? Cardio or weight training? What topics interest you most? Leave a comment below to let me know so that I can craft a post in response!

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