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Tour of Duty Program Leaves No Veteran Behind

Change is hard. To a soldier, a sailor, an airman or a marine, the change from military life to the life of a civilian can be daunting.

After several years in the United States Army, I joined the Quicken Loans family under the Tour of Duty program as a Desktop Support Associate. Everything I knew about computers was self-taught, but despite my lack of formal training in desktop support, I was still given an opportunity to be part of the team. As challenging as the job was for me initially; my team was always there to help. It was refreshing to work with other veterans, converse with each other on past military experiences and share the challenges of transitioning from the military to a civilian work environment. Part of our ethos in the Army tells us, “We will never leave a fallen comrade.” It was refreshing to see this mentality in my team in regards to each other and to our clients. My team members are always willing to go the extra mile and help each other out to ensure that every client’s needs are met.

I’m four months in to the Tour of Duty program, and I’m still enjoying every aspect of my job. I work with an incredible and knowledgeable team, and I’m constantly learning new things every single day. For the last three years, Quicken Loans has earned the No. 1 ranking on Computerworld’s ‘100 Best Places to Work in IT’ list among large organizations, and being part of that team, it’s clear why. When you enjoy what you do and have fun doing it, it doesn’t feel like work. The culture at Quicken Loans is unique and unexpected, and is what makes this company stand out from all of the other businesses I’ve seen out there. One of the first of many events that I attended was something called “ISMs Day.” This was an event at the Cobo Center where we got to meet with the leaders of Quicken Loans and learn more about the company culture.

Another thing that surprised me about working with Quicken Loans was that they encouraged me to shadow other teams and learn more about other areas of the business that interested me. Before joining the military, I graduated from Rochester College with a degree in Mass Communications. While I love computers, my passion for writing will always trump my love for computers. So, naturally, when I was encouraged to job shadow, I gravitated towards the Marketing team. I got to learn more about the tools they use, the projects they manage and was given the opportunity to write this article, too.

Beyond the workplace, Quicken Loans has done so much for Detroit. Initially, after being away from Michigan for a few years, the thought of working in Detroit on a daily basis was a little intimidating. This all changed the day I interviewed at One Campus Martius. Quicken Loans has helped to revitalize downtown Detroit and has made it a place that I want to live in. Not only have they done things as a company to make Detroit better, but they also give their team members time to participate in volunteer opportunities around the city. With Rocket Fiber and the QLine coming up on the horizon, Quicken Loans is showing the world that the best is yet to come for Detroit.

Change is hard, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Quicken Loans has done a remarkable job helping veterans transition from military life to civilian life. Dedicated recruiters work with veterans to help them find a place at the company. The Tour of Duty program allows countless veterans to get their foot in the door with one of Detroit’s best employers, and provides them with valuable training and opportunities for career growth that are challenging to find elsewhere. I’m proud to be a member of the Quicken Loans family, and I’m looking forward to being part of the exciting changes that Quicken Loans is bringing to the Detroit community.

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