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Green Record Player

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Do you ever look at pictures in magazines and wonder if people’s homes actually look like that?

It takes some time and dedication, but it’s totally possible. Detroit-area photographer Erin Hannum and her family live in one such home. It’s bright and minimal with some midcentury modern touches.

Take a look at how they were able to design their space to suit their taste and how you can get the look in your home.

Dining room and living room

Q: I absolutely love your home! How would you describe its style?

A: My home’s style is pretty minimal, but with some of our weird personalities thrown in. I try not to have stuff all over the surfaces, but I also really like having fun little vintage things – like the brass candlesticks, for instance.

Q: Yeah, the little touches definitely make it feel homey. What’s your favorite detail?

A: My favorite piece of decor is my embroidered Ron Swanson. I’m not sure if Ron would really approve of his face being on my wall, but whatever. It’s definitely a conversation piece.

We thought about putting it on the inside of the bathroom door to startle people, but then decided everyone would think we were really weird.

Hanging embroidery of Ron Swanson

Q: Weird or hilarious? The way you ended up styling the bathroom is quite a departure from that, though – much more feminine. What made you decide to do a floral statement wall in the bathroom? 

A: When we moved in, the bathroom was this weird, vibrant teal color. I like blue tones a lot (if you can’t tell), but it was too much in that little bathroom.

My husband isn’t into having super girly decorations, so I felt like it was my shot at having a bold, floral statement wall, without it being totally in his face. The tiny bathroom was the perfect spot!

Q: That’s smart, and it really makes that room pop with a little bit of color. How do you balance those pops of color with your clean, minimal style? 

A: I try to pick one color, like the navy couch, and then pick one or two colors that would accent it without looking busy. Obviously, I’m drawn to blues. I also really like yellows and greens, though those tend to end up as small pops of color throughout the house.

Q: You mentioned your navy couch. Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

A: Definitely our dining room table. It was really a labor of love. We picked the boards ourselves from a place that sells reclaimed lumber.

We thought it was really cool to be able to build the table where we would have family dinners, host friends and have other gatherings. We cut the board to length, sanded for what felt like forever and then, since it was cold outside, we moved it in to our little house and I applied coat after coat of polyurethane until I got the finish I liked. The hairpin legs are from a seller online.

Q: That’s awesome! What a cool story to have behind your dining room table. Do you have any other favorite features in your home? 

A: By far, the best feature is the old, creaky floor. Sure, they’re kind of beat and the boards don’t line up well, but I like to think about the families that came before us that these floors supported. It’s really cool to think about how much history this house has seen.


Some would say my house has “character.” But really, let’s face it – it’s just super old. The house was built in 1922, so nothing is quite perfect, and I love it.

living room

My favorite room, though, would have to be the living room. Mostly because of the fireplace.


When we first saw the house, we walked in and were greeted by a crackling fire on a cold night. That was pretty much all it took. I was sold. That original stone? I can’t take it.

Q: That sounds magical! What a way to sell a house. I also noticed your record player in the corner. If it’s up to you, what’s playing?

A: If it’s my choice, I’ve got Sufjan Stevens or Ella Fitzgerald on the record player. If it’s my husband’s choice, it’s probably Stevie Wonder. But if our son gets to pick, it’s always Buddy Holly.

Q: A three-year-old who’s first choice is Buddy Holly? He’s going places! It’s seems like the deeper you go into the home, the more entertainment pieces you find, like the record player, the old radio and then, your entertainment room. Was that on purpose?

A: Sort of. We didn’t like the idea of the TV being mounted over the fireplace. That would have caused it to become the focal point of the room.

We intend our living room to be for conversation and fellowship, rather than have it be a place where we immediately turn on the TV. When guests are over, we want to be able to concentrate on the relationship rather than the screen in the room.

entertainment room

Q: This question might be a little more random, but can you tell me about the stickers on your books?

Books with stickers on them

A: Haha, those were the brainchild of my husband, Sam. He is a super organized person (I am not at all), so it made sense to him to use the Dewey Decimal system to keep all of his books in order.

He lends them out regularly, too. So he found an app that scans the Dewey Decimal number, and keeps track of who borrows the book. Like I said, he is a super organized person.

Get the Look in Your Home

Do you love Hannum’s minimal and midcentury modern design? Here are a few items inspired by her home that can change up your space and are friendly to your budget:

product collage

  1. Yellow Velvet Record Player: Urban Outfitters
  2. Plant Stand: Target
  3. Gray Barrel Chair: Target
  4. Mid-Century Blue Sofa: Wayfair
  5. Light Teal Mid-Century Dining Chairs: Wayfair
  6. Wood and Metal End Table: Target
  7. Hairpin Dinning Table: World Market
  8. Mid-Century Horizontal Bookcase: Target
  9. Brass Candlesticks: eBay
  10. Brass Floor Lamp: Target

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