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Have you ever walked into your local grocery store, swearing this time you’re going in for just one thing, and then find yourself leaving with a shopping cart full of items you don’t need?

Or worse, you finally make time to do your routine grocery shopping, pull into the parking lot of your local market only to realize you left all of your coupons at home.

This can be an all-too-familiar feeling of frustration. While you might not always have a grocery list or coupon book handy, you might be like me and usually carry your smartphone.

It’s for this very reason you might want to consider downloading a grocery shopping list app to your smartphone. This can help save you time and money at the grocery store in an organized and easy-to-use app format.

We’ve discovered 15 grocery shopping list apps, free on IOS and Google Play, that are sure to service every type of shopper. From the frugal fiends to the lovers of lists, there’s an app for that.

For the Frugal Fiends

Put the scissors down and cut the coupon clipping! These grocery shopping apps help you receive the best possible price on your produce and products:

Ibotta – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Cash back rebates from products at your favorite retailers and grocery stores
  • Link to your loyalty card to get cash back savings and rewards from grocery stores
  • Get bonus cash rewards and discounts by buying featured products or redeeming items

Favado – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Compare prices across your local grocery stores to discover the best deals
  • App will notify you when a new sale price emerges for items at your favorite stores
  • Coupons loaded right to your store card

Grocery IQ – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Find nearby grocery stores and add your loyalty card
  • Integrate couponing to your smartphone to find the best sales in stores
  • Search free coupons, view recommended coupons and add directly to your store loyalty card

SnipSnap – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Snap a picture of a printed deal and the app converts it to a mobile-optimized offer
  • Expiration date alerts for your saved coupons
  • Push notification when you enter a store that has a coupon

Checkout 51 – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Weekly coupon savings added to the app
  • Sort current deals by store and category
  • Take picture of receipt and receive cash back in your bank

Lovers of Lists

Organized minds rejoice! These apps allow users to organize grocery lists at a fast and accurate pace, allowing you easy access to all of your shopping items. Better yet, you can sync your lists with friends and family, bringing backup to your shopping trips. These apps include:

Grocery Pal – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Organize list items into aisles and categories
  • Manage multiple lists at one time
  • Barcode scanner uploads products directly to your list

ListEase – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Add quantities, measurements, prices and notes to your food list items
  • Organize by food category, recipe or grocery coupon
  • Receive push message alerts on your list when you enter a store

Out of Milk – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Keeps track of grocery items you already purchased and have at home
  • Organize list by custom categories
  • Product history keeps track of purchases

Grocery Gadget Shopping List – Free on IOS

  • Arrange shopping list by pantry, refrigerator, laundry room, etc.
  • Arrange aisle manually or in the order that you shop
  • Add picture to your list for accurate product purchase

Our Groceries Shopping List – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Add all of the ingredients for a recipe to your shopping list
  • Browse meal ideas for your shopping list items
  • Add a picture to your list for accurate purchase

Recipe Junkies

From the grocery store right to your table, these apps build a grocery shopping list tailored to the recipes of your favorite dishes:

Epicurious – Free on IOS

  • Integrates recipe ideas to shopping list
  • Ingredients finder locates fresh product farms near you
  • Easy-to-create shopping lists on the fly

BigOven – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Custom shopping lists based on saved recipes
  • Supermarket section sorted alphabetically for easy list management
  • Sort grocery list by department or recipe

Pepper Plate – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Unlimited categories to organize your recipe collection
  • Organize your meals for the week or month by adding menus and recipes to the list
  • Import recipes from websites, cookbooks, magazines or family recipes to shopping list

AnyList – Free on IOS

  • Organize recipes into collection by type or occasion
  • Add ingredients from your recipes to your shopping list
  • Sort your recipes by name or ingredients

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner – Free on IOS and Google Play

  • Search recipe ingredients that are on sale near you
  • Recipe suggestion when you walk in to your local grocery store
  • Search by keyword, ingredients and dietary needs

Apps That Have Your Back

Whatever features you’re looking for in a grocery shopping app, having an organized system ready to go before you walk in to your local grocery store will help save you money and time.

Did you know smartphone apps could do more than get your grocery list organized? If you’re not a fan of shopping in person, check out our list of online alternatives that will bring groceries right to your door.

Do you have a go-to grocery shopping list app that we didn’t mention in the post? Let us know in the comments!

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