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So, you’re ready to buy a new car? Congratulations, but first thing’s first, you have to get rid of your old car. The good news is you have a wide array of potential buyers. Finding the perfect one and selling your car at the perfect price is now the name of the game.


If you are looking to sell your car, the first step should be getting a Carfax report. For a fee, this comprehensive report provides potential buyers a complete vehicle history. In the report, the buyer is able to see accident history, recall information, registration, as well as a list of other factors that determine the worth of your car. As the seller, all you have to do is enter the vehicle’s identification number (VIN). If the car’s VIN is unreadable, you can also use the license plate number and the state the car is registered in.

Kelley Blue Books

This popular website allows you to check the value on your car or SUV. The site features an option where you are able to key in a few facts about your vehicle and receive the blue book value for your car. The blue book value, or essentially what your car is worth depending on the year, mileage and make, gives you a good idea on what dealers are willing to pay to buy your vehicle.

Other sites similar to KBB, such as Edmunds and Autotrader, also serve as tools that will help you sell your car. With each of these sites, it makes obtaining information about buying used cars easy and accessible.

Hailey Davis, a potential car buyer from Detroit, has used these sites to help in her search.

“Overall, I’m looking for something reliable. I need a car that’s safe for my daughter to ride in. I want something that’s not super expensive, but looks fairly new,” Davis says. “I have used KBB a lot because I can search different criteria to find the perfect car in my price range.”

Fix the Fixable

Minor fixes such as a blown bulb in the taillight or new windshield wipers are an easy way to boost the value of your car. You want the car to be as safe as possible on the road, and this may mean making some repairs to the car. Some repair shops offer diagnostic testing for your vehicle to make sure everything internally is running in tip top shape. Taking your car in to be tested is a sure way of being able to assess the internal workings of your car.

Be Flexible

Being realistic with the cost of your car may mean having to negotiate. As the seller, you have the power to name your price, but be mindful, some buyers may want to negotiate the price. If the cost is fixed, advertise that information so consumers will know there is no room for negotiations, however, if you are flexible in your pricing, be sure to not drop the cost too low.

Social Network

In a tech-savvy world, you now have the option to advertise to all your friends. Making a status on any social network allows the ability to broadcast your wheels to a vast array of your friends and possibly their friends. Uploading a picture of the vehicle and including your contact info will open a new pool of potential buyers. Sites such as Facebook, Craigslist and Instagram make it easy to communicate and sell product easier and faster.

Attention to Details

Paying attention to small details will also help get the best possible price for your car. Running it through the car wash, shining the tires, buffing the paint and vacuuming the inside will all have the vehicle looking and smelling like it is fresh off the lot.

With these tips, you should be able to sell your car for a great price in no time and ride in style in your brand new wheels.

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  1. It is important to not let emotions, for the car you want, as it cloud affect your judgment. Since you are planning to buy a car from them, use that to your advantage during negotiations. One of the car dealers I know is IndianBlueBook.

  2. I once used Car fax to obtain information on a vehicle i was interested in. When I examined the report, it provided pertinent details that I needed such as accidents, engine, and transmission repairs. The car fax report offered true information which motivated me to make the purchase. That was a great buy some five or six years ago. It is great to know that Car fax continues to be a reliable source for those consumers who are interested in purchasing a used vehicle.

    Car fax is a company that can be trusted. Thanks for this blog….great read.

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