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It might be time to transform that dusty old attic into a restored retreat! Renovating your attic into a bedroom, master bathroom or lounge area can significantly boost the value of your home. According to Remodeling magazine, by making these renovations you’ll recoup up to 73% of your investment! It’ll increase the square footage of living space and substantially enhance your home’s desirability to future buyers. Before the flipping process begins, consider these tips and suggestions for renovating your future favorite room!

Codes and Safety

Before you break out the power tools, be sure your attic space meets the standards for a safe living environment. Typically, codes say the attic must be 7 feet high and 7 feet wide with an area of 70 square feet. You should also contact an engineer to help determine if the structure of the house can withstand construction and hold the extra weight. Once all of this checks out, you’ll be good to go!


Since no one wants to hang out in the sweltering heat or freezing cold, you’ll want to be sure your new attic will be comfortable year-round. It’s recommended that you splurge for spray foam roof insulation. This can definitely be pricey, but you and your guests won’t regret it when people can hang out in the attic without a hat and mittens. Additionally, putting in a ceiling fan will help keep the room pleasant at all times. The fan will help cool you off in the summer and even warm you up in the winter. In cooler seasons, flip the fan in reverse and the warmer air by the ceiling will be pushed down to keep you comfortable.


There are several good options for giving your ceiling a simple, clean feel. If you’re looking for something that will put a classy touch on your newly renovated attic, paneling with applied moldings could be the right choice. This is a relatively easy project because the molding will simply be applied to any existing plastered ceiling. This clean finish could be perfect if you’re turning the attic into a master bathroom! If you’re looking to renovate the attic into a kid’s playroom or lounge area, you should consider beadboard panels. These grooved wooden panels will protect the low ceiling from potential damages or dents. Looking for a cozier feel? A plain wood-paneled ceiling could also be a good fit. This finishing touch will make the attic feel snug and comfortable. Perfect for a guest bedroom!


To avoid ducking under hanging lights or swiveling around lamp stands, consider installing recessed LED light fixtures. Since attics tend to have lower ceilings and limited walking room, this space-efficient alternative will tuck your lights completely out of the way, and it will eliminate any safety concerns for children … or uncoordinated adults.


No one likes falling asleep to the sound of footsteps right above their head. To limit the amount of noise coming from your attic, make sure the floor joints are sturdy and have densely-packed insulation. This will ensure that any activity in the attic will not disturb the floors below. Carpets or area rugs could also be a quick, cheap fix! This is especially important if you’re renovating the attic into a kid’s playroom, where running and jumping will be a daily occurrence.


To make the room feel more open, look out for storage opportunities in any nook or cranny. You can use anything that has a flat top as a DIY shelf. Since space for drawers may be limited with slanted ceilings and knee-high walls, installing cubbies and cabinets will help eliminate clutter in the compact space. This will make the attic seem much bigger and cleaner!

Get ready to turn a forgotten space into your new favorite room in the house! With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your new attic for years to come with the comfort of knowing that your investment will be beneficial in the long run.


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