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Throw an Oscars Viewing Party on $50 or Less - Quicken Loans Zing BlogThe 87th Academy Awards (more commonly called the Oscars) are right around the corner! On February 22, stars will walk the red carpet and fill the Kodak Theater to honor the best in the film industry. As Hollywood gets dolled up for the event, why not add some of that glamour to your home with an Oscars viewing party?

I know glamour sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! You and your friends can enjoy the Oscars in style and on a budget! Take a look at these ideas for how to throw an Oscars viewing party on $50 or less.

The Food

Is there any food that screams movies like popcorn? I don’t think so. The two practically go hand in hand. I found these eight-pack popcorn boxes at the craft store for $2! Fill these little boxes with the popcorn of your choice (I used salted and a caramel and cheddar mix) and you’ve got the cutest and most inexpensive snack-and-decoration duo!

Throw an Oscars Viewing Party on $50 or Less - Quicken Loans Zing Blog


Now that we’ve got the salty snacks covered, it’s time for the sweet treats! The red carpet at the Oscars is the epitome of Hollywood glamour, and red velvet cupcakes are the perfect representation! I bought these mini ones at the grocery store for $4.

Throw an Oscars Viewing Party on $50 or Less - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

To apply the awards show theme to these treats, I made some Oscars-themed toppers out of black cardstock and a gold paint sharpie. You can do the same by cutting out rectangles from a sheet of cardstock. On half of the rectangles draw an Oscars statue, and on the other draw the outline of an envelope, like the ones they read the winners off of. Place them on the cupcakes and you’re all set!

The Decor

When having a themed gathering, decor is key. The Oscars are typically associated with a gold and black color scheme, and of course the red carpet. Choose pieces that go with that color palette.

Throw an Oscars Viewing Party on $50 or Less - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Bunting is easily accessible and makes a great banner. This chalkboard bunting was about $8. I just used a gold paint sharpie to write Oscars on it, and hung it over the table.

I used red tulle as a tablecloth as a nod to the red carpet. You can find a roll for around $6. It doesn’t take much to cover the table, so you can use the left-over fabric to create a red carpet you can walk across!

To fill the table, use a mixture of gold and black plates and utensils. I found a package of sparkly gold stars at the craft store and thought I’d use them kind of like confetti. The table itself needed a backdrop, so I used a $5 black foam-core board, drew a simple gold frame around it and placed it behind the food.

The Activities

You’ll be tuning in for the awards show at 7:00 p.m. ET, but don’t forget to watch some of the red carpet interviews beforehand! It’s always fun to see Hollywood’s A-list and what they’re wearing. If you’re in for the fashion, you can your friends can rate their outfits before the show starts!

The Academy knows we all have our favorite films and want to keep track of who’s winning which award. They’ve made it really easy for you and your guests to make your picks with their printable nominee list and ballot. If you and your friends prefer technology over the standard pen-and-paper method, you can create an interactive ballot that can be shared with your friends and family as well.

So you’ve got the food, the decor and the activities. You’re ready to host your own Oscars viewing party. Have another idea of how to enjoy the Academy Awards on a budget? Or you just want to share your take on this year’s nominees? Let us know in the comments section!

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