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A mere seven years ago, Quicken Loans was experimenting with a little-known website called MySpace. Since that time, social media has become a powerful communication tool used by millions all over the world for communication, business and operating simulated farms. In just the past week, there have been numerous updates, so we decided to give you the highlights.

Twitter Changes, Then Un-Changes Its Blocking Policy

Just after 5 p.m. last Friday, Twitter changed its blocking policy, allowing users who’ve been blocked to read, favorite and retweet the tweets of the user who did the blocking. However, uproar ensued, and about four hours later, Twitter reversed the policy. Any previous blocks went back into full effect, and order was restored.

Beyoncé Releases Surprise Album

Last Friday, pop superstar Beyoncé launched an album, titled “Beyoncé,” with no prior notice to the public. The album, launched in iTunes, sold 828,773 copies in three days, according to Apple. Instead of a traditional months-long marketing campaign, Beyoncé simply posted a video to Instagram. The album features 14 songs and 17 videos. Within the first 24 hours of the release, 1.2 million related tweets were sent. On Facebook, mentions of Beyoncé increased by a whopping 1,300% within a few hours.

Instagram Introduces Messaging Feature

Photo sharing social media app Instagram launched a private photo sharing messaging service called Instagram Direct. The service allows users to take a photo or video and send it from one user to another, as long as the two users follow each other. Users can send messages to up to 15 people at a time. Speaking of Instagram, did you know Quicken Loans is on there too? Give us a follow!

Facebook Launches “Donate” Button for Non-Profits

In between liking cats and messaging your grandma on Facebook, you can now donate to your favorite non-profit. The “Donate Now” button will be initially available to 19 non-profit partners and appear on their Facebook pages and at the bottom of News Feed posts. More organizations will be added soon, according to Facebook.

Have you given Beyoncé’s new album a listen? Will you try out Instagram’s messaging feature? Are you comfortable donating right through Facebook? Let us know in the comments section! Also, don’t forget to follow Quicken Loans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


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