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Will You Charge Your Children Rent After College? - Quicken Loans Zing BlogPicture this: You’re about to enter college. You want to get a job that’s in demand so you can earn a good salary and get your career started on the right track. This begs the following question: What jobs are in demand in today’s market, and what are the skills needed to get them?

CareerBuilder.com and Economic Marketing Specialists International put out a list of the fastest-growing jobs with the highest wages. Here are some ways to get into those fields.

Software Developers

Technology is in a state of constant evolution and it seems as if all of the “next big things” come out of the technology scene.

The amount of people in this industry are growing as fast as the technology itself. Over 100,000 jobs were added between 2010 and 2013, which is an 11% growth. These jobs are also high paying, with median hourly earnings of over $45.

In order to get in the door, it helps to have a degree in computer science or software engineering. It will also helps to enjoy science, technology, engineering and math classes.

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

This field is all about getting brand messages in front of the appropriate people. Professionals in this area research and develop campaigns for products, services and causes.

Social media and website analytics have enabled marketing messages to be more targeted than ever before. With this growth in data, more people are needed to analyze and act upon it. The field has grown 14% in a four-year span. Folks in this field have median hourly earnings of $29.10.

Degree paths for this career include marketing, as well as journalism and communication, among others. These majors will help students learn how to effectively communicate messages to the appropriate audiences.

Training and Development Specialists

A training and development specialist provides training programs for companies’ new hires. They also come in handy when the company is transitioning to a new tech system.

The market for these professionals is up 8% since 2010. Median wages are over $27 per hour. Majors in education, human resources and instructional design are good fits for these positions. Usually some level of work experience is also required.

Financial Analysts

According to 2013 American Community Survey Data, there are an estimated 62,892,590 people aged 60 and over in the United States. With the baby boomers aging, the nest egg has become a growing concern. Enter financial analysts, whose job it is to recommend profitable investments.

This field grew at a rate of 7% in the last four years. Analysts also earned major greenbacks for investing their clients’ cash wisely, earning median hourly wages of $37.34.

Majors that will help you succeed in this field include accounting, economics, statistics, finance and engineering. People interested in this field may also need a license for many positions. Exam fees can be quite expensive, but many require company sponsorship, so you may be able to get them to cover all or part of the cost.

Physical Therapists

This is another field experiencing growth as baby boomers age. Age means medical complications and surgeries that require rehab.

This field has grown 7% since 2010, adding over 14,000 jobs. Median hourly earnings are $37.93.

Physical therapists also need a doctoral degree in physical therapy. This typically requires three years of additional schooling, in addition to a bachelor’s degree. Tuition rates vary, but according to the American Physical Therapists Association, tuition rates averaged anywhere from $14,427 for public in-state schools, and $31,716 for private schools.

Web Developers

Web development is a hot field right now. Not only are design trends constantly changing, but there’s a big push to redesign websites for all possible screen sizes and shapes.

The field has grown 11% since 2010, creating almost 137,000 jobs. Median hourly earnings are $27.84. An associate’s degree in web design, computer science or something similar may help as code work is a major part of this job. If your efforts are focused more on content creation, an English or journalism background would also make sense.


Logisticians manage every phase of the supply chain for a product. This covers from the time materials are acquired to the time the product is delivered to the consumer. With things now being shipped across the country from manufacturers in as little as a day or two, this role has taken on increasing importance in recent years.

About 11,900 jobs were added from 2010-2013, which is a 10% growth. Logisticians make a median hourly wage of $35.08.

Most positions require a bachelor’s degree. Preferred degrees include business, industrial engineering, process engineering and supply chain management.

Database Administrators

In the age of big data, it’s the database administrator’s job to store and organize it all.

Jobs in the field of database administration are up 10% in the last four years. Median hourly earnings in the field of $37.39.

Database administrators typically have management information systems or computer-related degrees and working experience in the field. They should be familiar with database languages such as SQL.

Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that as businesses continue to globalize, the role of conventions and events has taken on increasing importance, as they allow rare opportunities for face-to-face interaction. The event-planning field has grown 14% since 2010, with median hourly wages of $22.56.

Specific degrees that are good for this field include tourism management and hospitality. Degrees in business, marketing, communications and public relations can also land the job. One or two years of experience might also help in lieu of one of those degrees.

Interpreters and Translators

With immigration to the United States on the rise in recent years, the need for skilled interpreters and translators is on the rise. This field has added almost 8,400 jobs in the last four years, for 14% growth.

In order to get a job, the person should have fluent language skills in English and at least one other language.

Is your preferred job on this list? If not, what do you want to go into?

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