The Best Military Homecomings - Quicken Loans Zing BlogAs some of you may know, we’ve partnered with Operation Homefront to create Miles for Military – a program where we provide free flights to active-duty service members to help them reunite with their loved ones. We hope to be able to reunite more than 400 families this holiday season alone! You can help make that more by donating at

In honor of this great program (and because I’m a sucker for military homecomings), I thought I’d share with you some of what I think are the best service-member reunions I’ve found online. I know that once the service members we’ve helped with Miles for Military begin their reunions, they’ll be some of the best. But, until then, I bring you my favorites from around the web.

Best Reunion Montage

Best Dog Reunions

Best Cat Reunion

Best Surprise Reunion

Weirdest Military Reunion

Want more? Well, who wouldn’t? Check out the Welcome Home Blog or Homecoming Heroes to get your fix. I could watch these things for hours. If you do, make sure you have tissues handy!

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