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You know that one friend who drags you to every new restaurant opening in the city? Or the cousin who will talk extensively about molecular gastronome while asking you to try the transparent ravioli they made?

There’s a name for those kinds of people – foodies.

They love food! They love to eat it, make it and learn about it. And if you’ve got one on your holiday shopping list, then you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at our top foodie gift ideas and get to shopping!

Wi-Fi-Enabled Crock-Pot

Wifi Crock Pot

Image: Amazon.com

Many of us lead very hectic schedules. Working 50-hour weeks, spending time with loved ones and being a part of the community leaves little time for cooking. Slow cookers have traditionally been the solution to the busy weeknight meal.

The premise is you dump all your goodies in the crockpot and turn it on so that when you get home, you’ll have a hot meal ready to go! Sounds perfect, right? Wrong. Most crockpot recipes only need to cook for four hours before they’re ready to be served, and you’re in the office for at least eight.

Now, you can control it all with your smart phone! The Wi-Fi-enabled Crock-Pot will be a busy foodie’s best friend (and favorite gift). If they need to turn the temperature down or adjust the cooking time, they can do it right from their phone or other smart device.

Price $150

Bodum Copper French Press

Copper French Press

Image: WestElm.com

Copper has made a big comeback in home décor this year. If your foodie is stylish and loves coffee, this is the perfect gift!

A French press gives you another way to brew coffee. You grind the beans coarsely and pour them into the container, heat your water, then pour it over top and cover. Let it sit for a few minutes, extracting all the flavor from the beans. Then you slowly press the handle on the top all the way down. This separates the coffee grounds from the liquid. You’re left with a flavorful coffee with body from the oils left in because it wasn’t strained from a paper filter.

It’ll be a treat for your foodie friend and it will look nice on the counter.

Pair this with some mugs and a bag of their favorite coffee and you’ve got the best gift for a stylish coffee lover.

Price $60

Shiitake Mushroom Log

Mushroom Log

Image: Williams-Sonoma.com

Ever get the craving for a good mushroom soup or a great pasta dish with fresh mushrooms, only to realize you don’t actually have any mushrooms and you don’t feel like making a special trip to the store?

This shiitake mushroom log is a great gift for adventurous foodies!

All logs are hand cut and can be stored upright or horizontal to grow the mushrooms. They look really cool too, so your foodie can proudly display them in their kitchen or on their table.

Price $29.95

Vegetable and Fruit Spiral Slicer

Fruit and Veggie Spiraler

Image: SurLaTable.com

Low carb eating has reigned supreme in healthy diet circles for years. But sometimes you just get a craving for a big plate of pasta.

It’s in those moments that you pull out your spiral slicer!

These things let you turn veggies and fruits into “noodles” in no time! They can also spiral curly fries, shred carrots and cabbage and slice for garnishes or salad toppings!

The versatility and ease of spiral slicers make them a great gift for your foodie, especially if they’re a healthy eater and need a few new ways to enjoy their produce!

Price $35

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Image: UncommonGoods.com

Molecular gastronomy combines food and cooking with science and art. By using chemistry, you can deconstruct and transform dishes into a new creation!

This kit focuses on three of the most popular techniques, spherification, gelification and emulsification. Spherification is when you shape a liquid into a sphere by using ingredients in the kit. When you break into the sphere, the inside is still liquid. Gelification is slightly different; using ingredients in the kit, you will turn your ingredients into a gel-like consistency. Finally, emulsification is mixing two liquids together rapidly, which creates a foam often used on top of molecular gastronomic dishes.

Your foodie will be whipping up new concoctions, changing textures and transforming flavors with this kit!

Price $49.00

Cheese Making Kit

Cheese Making Kit

Image: FoodNetworkStore.com

Who doesn’t love cheese? It might be a guilty pleasure, but it’s delicious.

If your foodie is a cheese lover, then this kit is the perfect gift! It gives you all the things you’ll need to make mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, Paneer and queso blanco.

No aging necessary. This is designed to be a fun starter kit that yields at least 30 batches of cheese. It even comes with molds so your loved one can create wheels of cheese for their next dinner party!

Price $49.95

So what’s on your foodie’s wish list this year? See something we’re missing? Let us know in the comment section below!

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