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Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our family!

Because of client feedback, J.D. Power has ranked Quicken Loans highest in customer satisfaction for mortgage servicing for the third year in a row. In addition, we were recently ranked highest in customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination for the seventh consecutive year.

The recognition is great, but that’s not what’s most important. Each of these distinctions come as a result of our everyday mission to provide you with the most amazing mortgage experience possible. We’ve got you covered from the time you apply for the house of your dreams until whenever you make that last payment. We’re on that journey with you.

Buying a home or refinancing a mortgage may be one of the biggest financial transactions many of us are likely to make. That’s not a decision that’s made lightly. So when you worked with us, you talked to us about your goals and maybe even your hopes and dreams. We love hearing your stories and getting to know our clients.

You honored us with your awesome comments. This holiday season, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for being part of our family by doing something special for some of our clients who were going through a difficult time.

We set up video chats with clients to kick off something we’ll be doing throughout the holiday season. It’s so exciting to be able to give some of our clients a special gift that would help out in their lives. So far, we’ve been able to do everything from sending clients on a nice vacation to making charitable donations to causes that are close to clients’ hearts.

This is something we’ll be continuing, but you can see highlights of our efforts so far in the video above.

This is our little way of saying thank you and hopefully helping clients create new memories. Enjoy the holidays, and thank you for being such amazing people to work with every day. You make it all worth it.

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  1. I held 2 Mortgages with Quicken Loans® during 2016. I was only receiving confirmation of payment by way of e:mail.
    I fear this is the same way you all sent me my 1099’s, which I am unable to access the site. Please send me a HARD copy.

  2. Being related to a Quicken employee, I am not eligible to win HGTV contests. Enjoyed entering prior to relatives Q employment. Can you do something (lower prize, perhaps) so we can have some fun too?

  3. Anybody in the market for buying a home ,you definitely need to contact quicken loans, they really will amaze you. Just a wonderful experience from start to finish. Thank you ever so much! !!!! J Reed

  4. You were a blessing to us with refinancing our mortgage. We are trying to adopt our 2 grandchildren and it has been such a struggle. You were able to lower our mortgage payment and that was a big help. Wish us luck in finalizing our adoption.

    Thank you,
    Nathaniel Mellenthin

  5. Watching the video made me cry with joy for the people gifted with “Quicken Loans® Kindness”.
    That is what I am calling it. So very proud to be a family member of Quicken Loans®. My experience with my refinance was incredible and I often refer friends. The money saved has allowed me to do a little more for my disabled husband and also make improvements to our home. May the holiday spirit continue! Blessings to all at QL.

  6. Thank you so much for all that you do. Since becoming a member of Quicken Loans® I have been receiving emails regarding seasonal suggestions on home maintenance, help handling money issues, everything imaginable in owning and maintaining a home. So many of the Zing articles have been helpful to me as well.

    I even found an article on organizing a child’s room so that toy clutter could be maintained and since I am 68 years old and no longer have that issue you would think this wasn’t of interest to me but guess what? I have a husband who is 69 years old and a clutter bug so I am going to implement some of the “toy suggestions” into his lifestyle.

    Again, Thank you so much for being here whenever times get tough and I need encouragement or simply when I have a question financially. You are all courteous, respectful and helpful. Happy New Year to you all!!!

    Bonnie Seavey

    1. Hey Bonnie:

      It’s been a pleasure to work with you. I’m glad you found the Zing posts so helpful. It makes it worth it for those of us that write them. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

      Kevin Graham

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