Outdoor Viewing Party - Quicken Loans Zing BlogWhat better way to round out this year’s men’s college basketball tournament than by throwing a championship game party for you, your bracket pool and your friends? We’re all going to miss this year’s thrilling tournament – so be sure to send it off with a bang. Follow our tips to ensure your party is a slam dunk (I’m sorry – I had to)!

Spring Has Sprung! It’s Time to Take the Party Outside!

Here in the Midwest, we’re just starting to see signs of spring (and weather that’s above freezing). If you’re recovering from the polar vortex, you’re probably eager for some fresh air. Use the tournament as an excuse to get your friends outside to enjoy the game!

Setting Up an Outdoor Projector

Setting up an outdoor projector is not as much work as it seems. All you need is a computer, a sound system, a projector and a screen, blanket or side of a house to project on. If you don’t own these items, they usually can be rented or borrowed from a friend. And there are lots of set-up tutorials online, like this one that walks you through each step in detail so you can focus on other important details, like…

Picking the Right Location in Your Backyard

The most important part of planning an outdoor viewing party is choosing a spot with just the right amount of light. You don’t want streetlights or other neighborhood light distracting your guests from enjoying the game. Also keep in mind the seating arrangements. You want to have enough space for blankets, camping chairs and other comfortable seating so your friends can relax and enjoy the game.

Making Sure Your Backyard Is Bug-Free and Comfortable

If you’re just heading out of winter, this may not be as big of an issue for you. But if you’re in a warmer climate, you may want to spray for bugs before you invite guests over. Regardless of where you are located, it’s always a good idea to have bug spray on hand just in case your guests don’t come prepared for the elements.

Choosing Delicious Dishes

You can’t have a party without food! We have a list of delicious basketball-themed desserts for you to choose from, but be sure to check out Quicken Loans on Pinterest for a ton of great outdoor grilling main dish recipes to choose from too!

How do you plan on celebrating the end of this year’s tournament? On your couch with a pizza? In your backyard with friends? Emailing your bracket pool and shaming your co-worker who came in last place? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. If you didn’t have to pay a dime to enter pool,and you
    Can’t navigate don’t blame Quickn,besides it’s ONLY$100.000
    Let it go!

  2. This is so typical. The NCAA mens tournament isn’t even over yet and Quicken Loans pulls this. I have lost all respect for this company and will never consider Quicken Loans for any future business. I could accept this a little more once the tournament was over but this is low class. I should say No Class.

  3. You have to click on the quickenloans bracket website or go to tourney pickem2014 to check the standings from final 4 on because otherwise all you get is advertisements. hop this helps to view your brackets.

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