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Intro (0:00 – 0:44)

Just like the other eight podcasts, this is where we tell you what you’re going to hear.

Spring Cleaning Tips (0:45 – 18:42)

It’s time to clean off the dust and grime of winter, and Justyna Kopacz returns to tell us how.

Spring cleaning is a ritual of American life, and it’s one that most don’t particularly enjoy. But Justyna tells us her favorite cleaning agents (bleach and Windex – but not together), how to get rid of extra junk (garage sales), and the definition of a deep clean (moving a refrigerator and cleaning underneath it – something I don’t do). Her one tip for an awesome spring cleaning? Baking soda. What? Listen to learn more from this master cleaner here (or above).

Financial Advice from Serious Financial Experts (18:43 – 36:31)

We’re joined by Tommy and Laura Hopkins, honorary MBAs from Gudger College and highly skilled financial experts. Tommy and Laura discuss the latest trends in financial management and how to make a lot of money. They boast the five-point plan to financial success, and love helping people, even though they’re being sued by angry people who hate to see them make money. The five-point plan includes such tidbits of wisdom as putting all of your savings into a shoebox. You can see, taste and touch a shoebox. Unlike a stock or bank account. Listen to Tommy and Laura describe the acronym SHOEBOX and give a deep explanation of each letter.

One other tip: Never let your dog be your banker. And the big money-saving secret: It’s perfectly OK to take food from urban farms. It’s all about being a “city rabbit.” We wish this was a video – so much to see here. Enjoy this rich segment full of analogies and hidden meaning here (or above).

National Doctor’s Day and Wellness Checkups (36:32 – 53:37)

It’s National Doctor’s Day and Dr. Keith Frank of Garden City Hospital joins us for a frank (no pun there, listeners) discussion of steps and tips to a healthy lifestyle. Most of it I don’t do, but you should. For example, 30 minutes of exercise each week is really good for you. Not the 30 minutes a month I do. A great diet is also really good for you. Cut down the fat and eat more veggies and grains.

But what’s more important – diet or exercise? Our good doctor says exercise if you have to choose. We also discuss confusing stuff like BMI, why omega-3 fatty acids are really good for you and how bad stuff in your veins often starts in your liver. Stop being unhealthy and start being healthy. Dr. Frank will have it no other way. Listen to segment three here (or above).

Conclusion (53:38 – 54:50)

This is where we thank everyone who helped us with episode nine and thank you for listening. We always thank you. I write this every episode, because without you listening, we don’t really have a podcast.

Or a blog. Which brings me to my final point. This is my last blog post at Quicken Loans. I’ve been blogging here for the past eight years and it’s been a real treat to get paid for doing something so rewarding. Of all the things I’ve done in my nine-year stint at Quicken Loans, starting our blogging program is the thing I’m most proud of. I’ve worked with so many great writers over the years and have watched this thing grow into a bona fide professional editorial operation. That’s a great feeling. So thank you for reading this – it means a lot to me.

Finally, we always want to hear from you. Leave a comment below, or email us at Podcast@QuickenLoans.com with any feedback or topics you’d like to hear on future episodes. From beautiful downtown Detroit, episode nine is now history. And so am I.

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  1. Wonderful podcast! Thanks for highlighting Tommy and Laura Hopkins. I enjoyed listening to their financial advice, tips, and also learning what SHOEBOX stands for.

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