Top Reviews Websites of 2013Comparison-shopping is one of the best ways to make sure you get your money’s worth for everything you buy. As an extremely frugal and analytical buyer, I oftentimes spend hours on researching the best possible purchase for my money. However, one of my favorite methods, and arguably the most effective way to find out if you’re getting a good value-per-dollar spent, is by finding out what people think of a product after they’ve purchased it via reviews websites or testimonials.

Nonetheless, with so many reviews websites out there, how do you know which website is best to research your purchase? I’ve aggregated a list of reviews websites that I’ve found especially helpful in making my previous purchases. I’ve also included each websites specialty – so you can easily choose the reviews website based on your purchase needs.


My favorite source for all product reviews.

Although not specifically a reviews website, Amazon easily has the best product reviews available online. As one of the worlds leading online retailers for all products, provides some of the best tools to make the smartest product purchase with your money. When shopping, look for video testimonials. They really offer a first hand look at products.

Angie’s List

My favorite source for all service-related reviews. is a great website devoted to service professionals in your area. If you’re looking for a contractor, plumber, or mechanic, Angie’s List should be the first stop on your hunt.  Angie’s List works incredibly hard to ensure reviews are genuine. Unfortunately, that work comes at a cost. A monthly subscription to Angie’s List costs $4.40 per month. However, making sure that you get the very best service could save you hundreds of dollars in work down the line, so less than $5 a month might be well worth the cost.

Google+ Local

The best source for restaurant and local service related reviews.

Doing a simple Google search does more than bring up websites these days. It brings up reviews on restaurants and services near you! I’ve found these reviews especially helpful when trying to decide on anything from a new restaurant to choosing a reputable mechanic.


Good for Electronics, Large Appliance, and Household reviews.

I’ve gotten some of the best advice about new kitchen appliances and other household items from Viewpoints. There are numerous reviews, the website is very easy to navigate, and Viewpoints gives you estimations on the amount that you’d expect to pay for a product by averaging scores across the Internet.


Good for Travel, Electronics, and Entertainment reviews. is a great website if you’re looking for make a large commercial purchase.  A simple search for travel destinations can return reviews on everything from Paris to popular destinations from Alabama. They don’t have as many reviews as, but they cover numerous categories from housewares to financial services. If you’ve exhausted your other resources, you might find some insight on

Finally, after you find a great item and you’ve researched its quality online, don’t forget that you can save money by buying the item used on Just because something is pre-owned doesn’t meant it’s not just as good as something new; buying pre-owned items has saved me a lot of money. Just make sure the owner lets you try it before you buy it!


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