Inexpensive Living Room Storage - Quicken Loans Zing BlogYour living room is usually the gateway to the rest of your home, so you probably don’t want it to look like it’d be perfect for a hoarder TV show. We’ve covered budget-friendly storage solutions for small kitchens and bedrooms, and now we’ll tackle fun, inexpensive storage solutions for the hobbit-sized living room.

Ditch Your Bookshelves

But, you don’t need to get rid of all your books. Use the empty space high up on your walls, and build a running shelf above the window or around the entire room. It’ll draw the eye upward and free up precious floor space. The high shelf is perfect for books, movies or any kind of collectibles. Here’s a tutorial to build your own!

Fill Some Baskets

Baskets were, quite possibly, invented to disguise clutter. A pile of odds and ends looks great when it’s hidden in a basket! They’re ideal for corralling pet toys, magazines and remotes. Covered baskets are useful camouflage for a plastic explosion of kids’ toys. Baskets are small enough to stick in empty spaces, like the space between a couch and the wall, or beneath an end table, and are easily hidden when company comes over!

Craft stores normally have a decent stock of baskets of all shapes and sizes, and yard sales are also a great source for your basket needs.

Raise Your Couch

Using simple wooden blocks and an auger or by buying furniture risers, you can raise your couch a few more inches and store your stuff underneath. Under-bed storage bins work perfectly here, or DIY some storage drawers. Measure the space you have available under your sofa, and then hit up yard sales or your local thrift store for an old dresser. Remove a couple drawers, glue felt to the bottoms of them to avoid marking up your floors, and voila – nice-looking storage on a shoestring budget!

Think beyond normal living room detritus – this is a perfect place to store off-season clothes or shoes, holiday decorations, linens, tools, toys, movies or hats and gloves.

Switch Your Tables

Swap out your end tables and coffee table with models that have shelves underneath – these are great places to store books, magazines and all those remotes that seem to pile up.

Two-or four-cube shelves work well as end tables, and you can hide your clutter in bins or baskets. These are perfect for movie collections, too. Or, if you’ve got a more retro decor, try a mid-century modern end table with a small upper shelf and larger lower shelf. It’s perfect for magazines or a dual-level display of photos.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a giant box in your living room, using a flat-topped trunk as a coffee table is the perfect solution. Whether it’s an antique or a more modern-looking one, a trunk provides a huge amount of storage in a pretty package. Store extra throws and blankets in it for easy access on cold winter nights.

What storage solutions work for your small living room? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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