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How does your home make you feel? Have you thought about it before now? If the atmosphere in your home doesn’t make you feel positive, happy or comfortable, then it may be time to roll up your decorating sleeves to breathe new life and energy into your home.

I love the way my southeast Michigan home makes me feel. When I crack the door to my house, I’m met by the sweet scent of Frosted Cupcake, a popular Bath & Body Works plug-in scent. It always helps me feel relaxed and upbeat about coming home. Even if you don’t like the smells and sounds of your home, it’s super important to be happy in your sanctuary. I recently got the chance to talk to longtime interior designer Karen Chamberlin, of RubySunshine Designs, about ways to improve the mood of your home.

Lose the Bad Vibes

Chamberlin, who is based in west Michigan, has worked in interior design for 20 years. She shared some simple ways to help improve the way your home makes you feel. For starters, get rid of everything that spurs bad or sad memories, she said.

“I ask my clients to walk me around their home and share how each room makes them feel. You’d be surprised how many people have pictures or items that spur memories of bad experiences or negative people,” she said. “Get those out of your home!”

This may involve taking pictures down or removing things on the shelves in your home so they don’t drain the energy out of you, she said. “Be aware of the things in your home that are associated with undesirable feelings.”

Turn on the Lights

Chamberlin says when the lighting in a room feels insufficient, there are a variety of techniques she uses to enhance it.

“Lighting is probably the most important element to creating the right mood. To achieve optimal lighting, I look at the built-in lights and try to complement them with lamps and more natural light,” she said. “Even with my own home, I make sure that the primary gathering spaces are well-lit, to create an inviting environment.”

Good lighting adds warmth and personality inside and outside of your home. You can alter a room’s lighting by adding sconces, lamps or pendant lights; using different bulbs; or installing a dimmer or a customized lighting system. Don’t forget about having proper lighting in closets and for kitchen counters and halls, too, she warned.

“We’re psychologically programmed to move toward light, which is why windows are an inviting element that add ambience to a home,” Chamberlin said, noting that opening blinds and curtains is a simple way to brighten your home at no cost.

Incorporate Art and Nature

Redecorating with art and elements of nature can help improve the serenity and energy level you get from your home, said Chamberlin.

“Incorporating natural elements will make your living space feel more calm and beautiful. This can be achieved with a floral arrangement, wood and decorating with plants,” she said.

The presence of art can be therapeutic for many people, and it’s a creative way to give your home a shot of personality and pizzazz. “I like to use textured artwork, wall coverings, family photographs with unique frames, or even ornate rugs to artistically decorate a room,” Chamberlin said.

“At my home, I used Native American artifacts to decorate with art. And I love the way it adds flair to my house,” she said. “Selecting the right colors for your art creates energy and balance in your home.”

Be Willing to Invest

Now, I want to share a few personal tips that have helped me create a positive mood in my last two homes. And upfront, I’ll tell you that it will require an investment in order to transform the look and feel of your home.

My friend recently invited me over to help paint her bathroom and offer a few décor suggestions. Staring at her empty white walls reminded me just how much time and work I’ve put in to my home to design a cozy and cheery space for my family and myself. Creating an energetic environment forced me to thoughtfully select wall colors, purchase accent furniture and find creative ways to organize my home.

So if you want to improve the mood and décor at home, it’s important to be willing to make an investment to create a sanctuary you’ll be happy with. I worked hard to coordinate everything to work together. I spent long nights shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, T.J. Maxx and many other stores to find just the right elements. Buying a glass pot here or a throw blanket there has cost me at least $40 on every trip to the store.

Create a Reflection of You

Next, remember that the good vibes from your home can help you to maintain a positive outlook from day to day. Your home should be reflective of your style, of your values and of the things that make you happy. Much more goes into decorating a home than furnishings and wall pictures. Put some heart and soul into stylizing your home with things that help create a positive space. This may include your favorite flowers, family heirlooms or things that bring back proud or fond memories.

My home is the place where I can find inspiration and the place I can have a quiet escape when I need one. In my office, for instance, I have decorated with pictures of the women in my family, including my great-grandmother and my great-aunt. These and other family photos make me feel good about myself and my family history. These items help give me confidence on my more challenging days.


Live in Color

I used color in every room to convey vibrancy and warmth. (Even my laundry room is decked out with lime green paint so that I can get a little joy when I’m sorting clothes on laundry day.) I encourage renters and homeowners not to forget how powerful color can be when creating good vibes at home. Identify walls that need some color and to determine which colors best suit your taste and your furnishings.

Color can stimulate you on an emotional level and help boost your energy level. Yellow and orange uplift me, for example. So if you don’t know where to start, visit the paint section of your local home improvement store to browse colors and ask questions. Mix and match colors until you find the ones that speak to you.

Redecorating is a must to improve the mood in your home. Be inspired to take inventory on how the rooms in your home make you feel. Then map out the changes you can do in your home and begin making small changes to get there. Make your home a sanctuary of positive energy and happiness.

How do you make your home a place of positive vibes and positive energy? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I treat every room in my home as it’s own “space”. Every room has a different ‘theme”, the downstairs has a very coastal theme because I simply love the feeling of serenity with the soft blues and with chose accent pieces and artwork.
    Upstairs, the guest room is very “zen”, peaceful, homey with neutral colors and comfortable places to sit and relax.
    My office totally reflects my quirky personality with old movie posters, tons of photographs of family and especially my pets. I love my home and enjoy hearing people tell me how comfortable and relaxed they feel when they visit.

    1. Hi Edward:

      I see you’ve been working with us try and get approved. I certainly understand your desire to get a home loan, but at the same time, we want to make sure we put you in the best possible position. I’m going to have someone from our Client Relations team reach out and see if we can come up with a plan to get you where you need to be to move forward while also protecting your financial future.

      Kevin Graham

  2. What is funny about this article is that I too, am a person who thinks every room should have a positive vibe, even the laundry room! When my husband and I were looking for a new home, I always asked showing agents about the laundry room, about its size and angle with respect to the rising sun. I spend a great deal of time in that room, for me, laundering is kind of meditative. Go figure!

    1. It helps to find the happy in every room, Dee! Sunlight does do a fantastic job of making everything a little better.

  3. I just painted my livingroom/dining room white, I love white because it’s clean, airy and makes a room look bigger and brighter. You can add any color with white, neutral or bright colors all blend with white. I love this color!

  4. Want to try what you suggest just hard to do cause I have 2 bad knees & can hardly walk but your suggestions are something I feel I need here badly. Thanks for the suggestions…….love them.thanks again

    1. Hi Janeen:

      I would maybe avoid painting, but you can definitely do some of the things on the list without a crazy amount of physical labor. Having art and nature and creating a space that’s a reflection of you doesn’t have to be an intense undertaking. I hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

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