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Hand built steel frames – Waterford, WI from Shinola on Vimeo.

In case you haven’t heard, Quicken Loans has a Super Bowl commercial. We tell the story of the critical role housing plays in the U.S. economy.

Once you buy a house, you want to fill it with stuff. People have to make that stuff, and the money they get from selling it can be used to buy a house. They need stuff for the house, and on and on.

We’re all about Detroit pride here at Quicken Loans, and we didn’t have to go too far to find a really cool product. Shinola is bringing the Motor City a different kind of wheels.

Back to the Beginnings

Shinola Detroit was started in 2011 by Tom Kartsotis with a simple premise: America can still manufacture great products. What better place to put your factory than in a city that put America on the road using only the assembly line and a labor force of blue-collar manufacturing muscle?

The company wants to be part of the rebirth of Detroit. Detroit was once known as the only game in town for cars. We made the best, and there was no comparison. And a century after Henry Ford attracted workers with a $5 per day wage, we still make some of the best cars. There’s just a lot more competition now.

Shinola aims to harness some of the “blood, sweat and tears” mentality of Detroit, to build the best again. Shinola sells everything from American-built bikes to watches, leathers and journals.

Men’s and Women’s Bixby Bikes

The Bixby bike has a classic design that can be appreciated by any bike enthusiast or fan of Americana.

The frames on Bixby models make the journey to Detroit from Waterford Precision Cycles in Wisconsin where the frames and forks are built from steel before the bikes undergo a custom-level assembly in the D!

The Bixby features a Shimano 3-speed internal hub and a design that’s built around comfort, adaptability and city riding in most weather conditions.

Its other distinctive features include Shinola leather saddles and grips, disc brakes, full coverage fenders, puncture resistant tires, internal cable routing and matching copper ascents throughout the bike.



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