golf-open-graphGolf can be a lot of fun. It’s a really great feeling for a very amateur golfer such as myself to hit the ball in a straight line over 100 yards. It’s like, “Yeah, I hit that ball.” But it can also be frustrating and confusing: “Why did the ball go sideways? I hit it straight.” One time I took a swing and the ball went backwards. How does that happen? Well, I think today’s infographic, “Science on the Course: The Physics of Golf,” will help explain how it all works.

Wait a minute. Why would Quicken Loans create an infographic explaining the physics of golf? Great question. Quicken Loans is the official mortgage sponsor of the 2014 PGA TOUR. In celebration of this, we put together this nifty infographic that golf lovers across the globe will love. It includes lots of cool facts about the game on the green, including

  • The effect of temperature on the distance a ball travels
  • Facts about how a golf ball’s dimples make a big difference
  • How a ball travels after it’s hit by a swing
  • How torque affects swing and backspin on the ball

Check out the infographic below for lots more super interesting facts. Also, don’t forget to enter the Hole-In-One Sweepstakes for a chance to have your mortgage paid for an entire year. Every time a pro golfer on the PGA TOUR hits a hole-in-one, we pick a lucky winner and pay their mortgage for a year. In addition, we also pick a winner each month and pay their mortgage that month. The sweepstakes runs through the end of the 2014 tour. There’s been eight hole-in-ones so far and no telling how many more lucky winners we’ll have. Good luck!

One last question: Do you “play golf” or “go golfing”? There’s lots of passionate disagreement on the subject among my team members. What do you think? Please tell us and leave any other comments below. We’d love to hear them. Enjoy the infographic and have a great time the next time you hit the links!



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