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As of December 19, 2017, MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

At Quicken Loans, we’re obsessed with finding a better way to help our clients get a mortgage. That’s why we built Rocket Mortgage, a completely online, self-service mortgage experience. With Rocket Mortgage, we’ve blasted the mortgage industry into the 21st century and given clients a way to get a mortgage approval that’s completely online.

We’ve worked very hard to make Rocket Mortgage as easy to use and intuitive as possible, but we know you might still have some questions, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our more frequent questions here.

How is the Rocket Mortgage process different than the traditional mortgage process?

Rocket Mortgage is a fast, powerful and completely online way to get a mortgage. With Rocket Mortgage, you can easily get approved for a real mortgage solution that is customized to your needs and financial goals. However, there are a number of factors, such as your appraisal, that determine how long it takes to actually close your loan.

Is Rocket Mortgage safe and secure?

Rocket Mortgage offers 24/7 security monitoring, bank-level encryption and industry-leading privacy guidelines.

How is the Rocket Mortgage experience different from the typical Quicken Loans mortgage experience?

Rocket Mortgage offers the same award-winning, client-focused experience as Quicken Loans – except it’s completely online.

What if I decide I need to talk to somebody?

At any point in the Rocket Mortgage process, you can choose to talk to a Home Loan Expert via online chat or by phone.

I’ve been approved by Rocket Mortgage. What’s next?

After you’re approved, you’ll use our easy online tool, MyQL, to provide any further information we may need to close your loan.

Don’t see your question on the list?

If you’re already in the process of getting your loan, or you have a question on a loan that’s already closed, you can reach our Client Relations team at (800) 979-5133.

If you have a question about a new loan, please call (800) 304-1225.

If you’re still not sure, simply leave us a note in the comments and we’ll have the right person get in touch with you.

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This Post Has 295 Comments

  1. I am interested in purchasing a home in the near future. However I have been denied online. Is there someone I can speak with that can tell me what I need to do to achieve approval status in the future.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Dawn:

      We can absolutely do that for you and give you some advice to get on the right track. I’m going to have someone reach out in the morning. Have a good night!

  2. So disappointed on ROCKET MORTGAGE appraiser. Seem like these appraiser don’t know what they are doing in my case and loan officer did not anything about this.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you had this experience. While appraisers are independent, we would certainly like to look into your issue and see if we can help you get back on track. I’m sending this to our Client Relations team. Thanks for reaching out!

  3. We have filled out papers online for refinancing. At this time, we have changed our mind about refinancing our loan. the loan needs extension. But like I said we don’t wish to refinance at this moment. What do we need to to do?

    1. Hi:
      In this situation, you’ll have to contact your loan servicer. If your loan us with us, you can call (800) 508-0944. Hope this helps!

  4. What credit bureau does rocket Loans check through? Or do they check a combination of all three for the score approval?

    1. Hi Cedric:

      Great question. It’s a combination of all three and the lowest median credit score of all clients on the loan is the one that counts. I do want to make sure you’re getting to the right place. RocketLoans is our sister company and they do personal loans. Rocket Mortgage is from Quicken Loans and that’s what you would use for mortgages. Otherwise, one of our Home Loan Experts would also be happy to help at (888) 980-6716. Hope that helps!

  5. What are the minimum condition of the house that I am trying to get a loan for. The house that I need a loan for is a working progress, I have already put new heating and air, new plumbing, updated the kitchen and painted. The roof is not in the best of shape but is still functional. The outside is a little rough but nothing crazy, and the privacy fence needs some work. I do not have the money to fix everything I was just wondering what the exceptions of the condition needs to be.

    1. The appraiser will determine the condition of the roof. There is sometimes a minimum life expectancy that you have to meet, but none of these other things sound like trouble particularly. If there was chipping paint in a house that was old enough it might be an issue. But I would recommend speaking to one of our home loan experts at (888) 980-6716.

  6. In using Rocket Mortgage, can closing costs be included in the loan amount, or do they have to be paid completely separate at the time of closing?

    1. Hi Ronnie:

      Closing costs can be included in the loan amount. If you would like to get started, you can do so here. One of our Home Loan Experts will also be happy to help at (888) 980-6716 if you prefer.

  7. we just have a question 7 yrs ago we bought a foreclosure house remodeled it we owe very little on it. we have found a little house in a small town close to family we would like to buy and remodel,we would pay this one off once it is sold how do we do this we have several interested people

    1. Hi Bill and Jan:

      This is a fairly common purchase agreement request. You can ask to make the deal on the new home contingent on the sale of the previous one. The seller can choose whether or not to agree to those terms, but that sort of thing isn’t out of the ordinary. If you want to get preapproved on the new financing, you can do so through Rocket Mortgage or give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps and have a great day!


  8. Hello, I started an online application almost 2 years ago but never completed it. Now that I am ready to fully apply, it still references the loan date of 2 years ago. I also get an error message that does not accept a proper close date of this year. Is it possible to delete the original application that was never completed? Thanks

  9. Loan number
    I have some additional questions to those I have listed in my above comments. What exactly are the Prorations Charged to the Buyer in the amount of $428.61? What do these fees actually cover and what are their purpose. This fee as listed seems to be purposely vague. Are these funds ever returned to the buyer? They appear to be an added fee to the Prepaids and Escrow items due at closing. Not only are they not necessary, they are a duplicate cost meant to rise the cost of the mortgage unnecessarily solely for the benefit of Quicken Loans. They are completely unnecessary, purposely vague, and an additional cost. They mean nothing to me. Please explain in great detail why Quicken Loan has hidden this fee, when it appears to be covered by other fees. Also, your explanation of your equally vague and unnecessary Aggregate Adjustment needs much further explanation. The fee is very specific, yet it is described as an estimate of costs due at closing. An estimate should not be so specific. My escrow account should cover this “estimated” cost due at closing. Once again it appears to be a duplicate and unnecessary cost merely to benefit the Lender. Any deficiencies in the mortgage escrow should be reflected and indicated only in future monthly mortgage payments and not paid upfront so specifically. It is clearly an arbitrary and unnecessary payment added to the Items that should not be collected by Quicken Loans at closing. Such a high and specific fee amount is clearly unnecessary at closing and that any adjustment to the escrow account to maintain the balance throughout the year should be more properly made only throughout the year in my proposed monthly payment and if really necessary (which it should not I your figures are accurate) should only be paid as as a monthly adjustment to the estimated monthly mortgage payment and definitely not paid upfront and definitely not paid at closing. The specific fee of $170.73 seems highly superfluous, and seems to be one more extraneous hidden fee to heighten Quicken Loans bottom line at closing. Finally, how in the world did Quicken Loan devise such specific fees, to the penny, for both the prorations charged the buyer as well as the aggrevate adjustment when both the taxes and insurance are paid at closing where any adjustments over the first year of the mortgage would be highly minimal and not nearly at the high cost level projected by the Lender. It appears to be a very bad practice and an unnecessary and costly burden, if not totally arbitrary, to the borrower who is after all Quicken Loans customer and hopefully future repeat customer. In my opinion, Quicken Loan should remove both these arbitrary fees in the interest of fair and forthright practice.

    1. Hi James:

      We don’t want to hide any fees from you. You have some very specific questions to your situation, so I’m going to get this to our client relations team so someone can reach out and give you a full explanation. Thanks for reaching out!


  10. When I did the application online, it says I would need to talk to a lender. Does this mean the application was turned down? My credit score is between 610-650 depending on where it’s pulled. My income shouldn’t be a problem and I’ve been on my job for 7 years.

    1. Hi Jessica:

      It doesn’t necessarily mean you were turned down. We are constantly adding new capabilities, but Rocket Mortgage doesn’t currently handle every possible lending scenario. I’m going to get this over to our Client Relations team and we’ll make sure to get you on track so you can do as much online as possible.

      Kevin Graham

  11. Hi I used Rocket mortgage in step 7 it’s never showed the results what’s should I do .. it’s shows message *don’t worry we here crunching your number it’s been 1 hour still no results.

    1. Hi Amar:

      Sorry about that. I’m going to have someone reach out from our client relations first thing in the morning team so we can get this straightened out for you. Thanks for reaching out!

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Beatrice:

      Nothing went away. We just did a rebranding and added some new features. MyQL is now Rocket Mortgage. That being said, we want to make sure you can get into your account and make the transition as smooth as possible. I’m going to have someone reach out to you today.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Katerina:

      Unfortunately, you can’t get a USDA loan through Rocket Mortgage at this time. However, you can get started online. One of our Home Loan Experts will also be happy to help you if you give us a call at (888) 980-6716. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Rick:

      There are no restrictions on selling the home. If you’re renting the home, it needs to be refinanced as an investment property. Rocket Mortgage isn’t set up for that right now, but one of our home loan experts could absolutely help you get started if you fill out this form or call (888) 980-6716.

      Thanks for reaching out,
      Kevin Graham

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