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SuperBowl Squares Zing

*Update 2/5/21: This promotion is now closed. Thank you and good luck to all participants!


One team will walk away with the Vince Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl LV. But in the largest official game of Super Bowl square ever, you could walk away with $50,000 or a grand prize of $500,000 that could be used toward buying your dream home!1

Whether watching for the competition or the commercials, you’ll be anticipating every point in the game. That’s because the Rocket Mortgage® Super Bowl Squares Sweepstakes gives you the chance to win $50,000 every time the score changes. Every person with the square that matches each new score will be entered into a drawing and we’ll randomly select one person from the drawing to win $50,000. Touchdowns. Field goals. Extra points. Safeties. Every scoring play pays.

You’ll also have two opportunities to win a grand prize of $500,000 you could use toward buying your dream home – one at halftime and one at the end of the game. All participants will be entered in the grand prize drawings, no matter their squares.

With millions of dollars in prizes, it’s the largest official game of Super Bowl squares ever, and it’s FREE to enter. Here’s how to play.

Rocket Mortgage® Super Bowl Squares: How To Win $50,000

In the Rocket Mortgage® Super Bowl Squares Sweepstakes, every time the score changes, you have the opportunity to win $50,000! Follow these steps for your chance to win big.

Step 1: From January 7 until February 4, you can register and choose one square on the Rocket Mortgage® Super Bowl Squares grid at RocketMortgageSquares.com. You will share a square with multiple people around the country and once you select your square, you cannot change it.

Step 2: You can earn up to 10 additional squares by sharing your unique link to the Rocket Mortgage® Super Bowl Squares Sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter. Each time someone enters the sweepstakes using your unique link, you’ll earn an additional square, up to 10 squares.

Step 3: Numbers will be randomly assigned to each square after the entry window closes. You’ll receive your square’s numbers via email, but you can also view them at RocketMortgageSquares.com. Remember, you will share each square with multiple people.

Step 4: Be sure to tune in to Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021 on CBS. EVERY score change during the game will unlock a $50,000 prize for the winning square. Every person who has that square will be entered into a drawing and one winner will be randomly selected to win the $50,000. This will happen with EVERY score change in the game! All scoring plays are eligible, including field goals, touchdowns, two-point conversions or safeties. There will be one winner per score change.

Step 5: Check social media and RocketMortgageSquares.com throughout the game to see if you won. Winners will be announced live via @RocketMortgage Facebook and Twitter feeds and on the Rocket Mortgage® Super Bowl Squares Sweepstakes website.

How To Win $500,000 That Could Be Used Toward The Purchase Of Your Dream Home

Two people will also will a grand prize of $500,000 that could be used toward the purchase of their dream home. Winners for the two grand prizes will be chosen at halftime and at the conclusion of the game.

Every person in the grid, no matter their square, will be automatically entered into the grand prize drawing and one winner will be randomly drawn at halftime and at the conclusion of the game to win the grand prize.

Grand prize winners will be announced @RocketMortgage Facebook and Twitter feeds and on the RocketMortgageSquares.com during halftime and at the end of the game.

Rocket Mortgage® Super Bowl Squares Sweepstakes Official Rules

Before you pick your squares, you’ll need to know the rules to make sure there are no refs throwing flags on your play.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
  • Each entrant gets one initial square.
  • Every person who enters through your unique link earns you an additional square. You can earn up to 10 bonus squares.
  • You cannot change your square once you select it.
  • You will receive an email from the sweeps once you pick your square, once you earn more squares, when there is a week left until game day and once the squares have been assigned numbers.

See all the rules and enter for free at RocketMortgageSquares.com. The squares open January 7 and close February 4. Don’t miss your chance to win big in the largest official game of Super Bowl squares ever from America’s largest mortgage lender.2

1NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. ALL WINNERS ARE SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY. Two $500,000 grand prizes and a maximum of up to (30) $50,000 first prizes will be awarded.  Sweepstakes begins at 12:00 p.m. ET on 1/7/21 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on either 2/4/21 or 3 days prior to Super Bowl LV, whichever is later. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S./D.C., 18 years of age or older and of the age of majority in their state of residence (i.e., 19 years of age in AL and NE, 21 years of age in MS). Void where prohibited. Click here for Official Rules, including how to enter, odds, prize details, and restrictions. Sponsor: Quicken Loans, LLC. NMLS #3030

2Based on Quicken Loans data in comparison to public data records.

The NFL Entities (as defined in the Official Rules) have not offered or sponsored this promotion in any way.

This Post Has 60 Comments

    1. Hi Dustin:

      Potential winners whose names were randomly drawn were contacted last night either during or shortly after the conclusion of the game by phone or email. Thanks! You can find the winners in this Twitter thread.

    1. Hi William:

      In order to win, you not only had to have your numbers come up, but then have your name selected from a random draw of everyone who had that square. We started contacting those winners who won the random draw when their numbers came up last night. If you won, you should be contacted by phone or email in the near future if you haven’t already. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alice:

      Unlike a traditional squares game, a new winner was selected every time the score changes based on a random draw of the people who have the numbers for that score. If you won, you would have been contacted by phone or email.

  1. I have my numbers that have been randomly assigned.

    I don’t really understand how it works, though.

    Is my name entered for a random selection only when the score changes by the numbers I have?

    Or is my name randomly entered when a team has a particular score that corresponds to the particular number I have (i.e., Tampa Bay 4, San Francisco 7)

    Do I have to be watching at the particular moment that the scores that are the same as my numbers are made? Will I be contacted if my name is randomly chosen from the *correct* scores.

    Thanks for clearing this up for me. We love Rocket Mortgage/Quicken. This is the only mortgage company we have ever used. Customer Service is incredible.

    1. Hi Cheryl:

      These are good questions. There are two different random draw components of the game. Regardless of the score, a name will be picked at half time and at the end of the game for the two grand prizes. And then $50,000 will be given away every time the score changes. When the score changes, if your numbers come up, you’re entered into a random draw with everyone who has that score. You don’t have to be watching in order to win. If you win, you’ll be contacted. I hope this helps!

    1. Hi Ben:

      If you got an email showing which square(s) you received, that’s all you should have gotten at this point. The top row of numbers corresponds to Tampa Bay with Kansas City being the y-axis on the left-hand side. If your numbers come up in a score at any time during the game tomorrow, you’ll be in a random draw with the other people who have selected that square for the first prize of $50,000. You can also confirm your squares on the website by typing in your email. I hope this helps!

  2. WOODWARD AVENUE—–DETROIT Been there in another life.. Wild place back then.. I grew up with NO speed limits. Cars on WOODWARD AVE were fantastic, I’m 82 soon; so I remember the thrill. I had/have 2 speeds; All stop and………….F A S T F O R W A R D. A few tickets; but I survived. Great memories; Hope YOU had some also,. Don K, Joliet, IL

  3. After I had picked my square I never received an Email confirming my pick. I’ve been searching my Email the last few weeks. Could you please look into this!

        1. Hi:

          Sometimes it takes a minute for the email to come through. I know some people are just getting the emails this morning. You can also check your numbers by typing in your email address at the sweepstakes site and it will show you what numbers you drew. Thanks!

    1. It’s completely random, Mike. But our fingers are crossed for everyone that it’s a high-scoring game. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Keith:

      Winners are selected at random from people who have the winning square when a team scores. However, my fingers are crossed for everybody!

  4. I want to win for me and my wife can buy a house and car and pay off all my dept and use our house and retired and have a big family reunion we have 20 grandkids i want them to know their whole family and give my church some money to help the young kids God Bless

    1. Hi Clifford:

      While the winner is selected at random from people who have selected winning squares, I wish all of the entrants luck!

    1. Hi Everett:

      If you have information regarding what browser you’re using, I recommend filling out a support ticket with our vendor. Put Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl squares in the subject line. That way, they can troubleshoot any technical issues. In the meantime, you may be able to enter with a different web browser.

    1. Hi Lamont:

      I’m going to get this to our team to check on your entry. In the meantime, please check any spam, promotions or junk folders you might have.Thanks!

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