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As of December 19, 2017, MyQL is now referred to as Rocket Mortgage.

As someone who works on Rocket Mortgage every day, it’s exciting to see feedback coming our way from people all over America. Like me, many have been waiting for this a long time. Let’s get real – if I can handle all my banking, taxes and other financial transactions online, why not get a mortgage online, too?

But some of the feedback raises questions about what we mean when we say you can get a mortgage completely online. So here’s a more in-depth look at how Rocket Mortgage works.

“It can’t be as simple as ‘Push Button, Get Mortgage.’”

Technically, you’re right. There are a series of buttons to push, but like a recent Rocket Mortgage ad points out, “Push Multiple Buttons” just doesn’t sound as good.

Here’s how it works. First, you’ll answer a few questions, and we’ll pull your credit report. Next, you’ll get a real, customizable mortgage solution with an interest rate based on your actual credit and finances.

The big idea is that Rocket Mortgage has taken a traditionally difficult, slow, analog process and made it digital so it’s faster and more convenient. That doesn’t mean it’s easier to qualify for a mortgage – just that the process itself is now much simpler.

“How is Rocket Mortgage so fast?”

Part of the reason it’s so fast is that you can share your bank statements and pay stubs at the touch of a button. That means you don’t have to look up your exact account balance or paycheck amount, or download or upload PDFs from a separate website, or enter all of that information manually. All of your info gets imported and filled out for you automatically.

And that doesn’t just save you time during the approval process, either. It also means it’s quicker and easier to get the up-to-date info needed during underwriting for the final sign-off on your loan – and that means less paperwork and less headache for you.

“What about after I get approved?”

You’re right again. Rocket Mortgage lets you get from application to approval completely online. After that, you’ll continue to MyQL, your online portal where you’ll see all the steps needed to close your loan. MyQL also lets you stay in touch with the team of experts responsible for making sure you get to closing as smoothly and as quickly as possible. That means your entire mortgage process can be completed online.

“Aren’t some mortgages too complicated to do completely online? What if I have questions?”

Rocket Mortgage can handle most home purchase and refinance loans, and we’re always listening to feedback to improve the experience and help more people. If the system isn’t ready for your unique financial situation yet, you’ll be able to talk to a Home Loan Expert, either on the phone or through online chat, to move forward with your loan.

Want more proof of how simple it is to get a mortgage online? Watch how it works and learn more about just how simple it is to get a mortgage online.

Ready to apply for a mortgage? You can create an account to store your progress & have 24/7 access in the application process with Rocket Mortgage.

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  1. Fortunately for me I worked with Donnie Calderon and from filling out the paperwork to closing was extremely fast, I would say a little over 90 days. What makes it super simple is being able to upload any documentation that is needed from you or your agent. Both of whom will have access to make it run smoothly. I all ready owned one house and was worried about having to sell it prior to purchasing another one; however, when it was all said and done I did not have too and that helped us out on reducing the stress. I understand that some people may have bad opinions but, I had a great experience and would recommend to anyone.

    1. I’m very glad to hear you had a great experience, Bruce! I’m going to make sure Donnie and everyone else who worked on your loan sees this. It’s always gratifying to hear such kind words! Happy new year!

  2. Dear Rocket Mortage

    My mortgage was easy!
    I LOVE MY mortgage company.
    I had a knee replacement in Dec 2016. While in the hospital I called to pay my mortgage because my info I needed was at home.
    After getting home I received a speedy recovery basket signed by Dee Campbell QL 313 545 5522. PLEASE thank her for me! Lots of goodies! Now, how many mortgage companies would do that??

    Thank you, I’m totally shocked❤
    Recently the knee went out & I busted my knee wide open. A 911 call. LOL Doing great and again THANK YOU!!

    1. Hi Nancy:

      I’m sorry to hear about your knee. Glad to hear you’re back on your feet, literally. I’m very glad to hear we were able to help you a little bit and I’m pleased that you liked the care package. I’m going to make sure Dee gets this message and knows you enjoyed it. Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  3. I just went through all the steps to fill out rocket mortgage and they came back with an approval of like $13,000 considering I make upwards of sixty thousand a year this makes no sense whatsoever don’t know where things went wrong but not willing to try again next time I will talk to a human being. Overall I give this process a 0 out of 5 stars because it didn’t accomplish what I wanted.

    1. Hi Jeremy:

      There’s more to mortgage qualification than how much you make. We would absolutely be willing to take a second look. I’m going to have someone reach out. Thanks!

  4. I just attempted to use this service and it is an obvious scam now and I’m ashamed I linked my bank info to them. The website is buggy and will force you to eventually call an agent before you get any answers. They try to paint themselves as the credit Karma of the Mortgage world but it is nothing more than a front to get you to call them when you run into problems, WHICH YOU WILL 100%. Look at other user reviews across the web, this is not what it claims to be and eventually a company will come along that actually is the credit Karma of Home loans.

    1. I’m sorry you’ve had this experience with us. Thank you for reaching out and giving us the chance to turn it around.

      Kevin Graham

  5. Your TV ad says: ‘If you went to the bank and wait to get approved for a mortgage, that newly listed ranch will be gone.”

    This approach is nothing more than a con job that ignores the realities of purchasing a home. Prospective buyers do NOT get a mortgage loan BEFORE they first make an offer on a home. Only after the offer is accepted do they apply for a loan and, in doing so, are granted a reasonable period of time by the seller to receive approval.

    You know this, so quit being dishonest.

    1. Hi Steve:

      Thanks for your comment. Many buyers get preapproved every day based on tax returns, W-2s and bank statements in addition to credit checks. The loan amount could change given the value of the appraisal, but clients from all different lenders get preapproved all the time. It gives the seller confidence that you’re serious buyer because you have documentation to back up exactly how much you can afford.

      Kevin Graham

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