As of June 25, 2018, we’ve made some changes to the way our mortgage approvals work. You can read more about our Power Buyer ProcessTM.

Quicken Loans took a big step forward in the mortgage industry 17 years ago when we took the approval process online and over the phone. We shut down our brick-and-mortar branches and took things into the digital age, allowing you to get a mortgage in your pajamas.

Fast-forward to 2015, and we’re doubling down on our promise to allow you to get a mortgage anytime, anywhere.

Today, you can purchase or refinance your home through Rocket MortgageSM by Quicken Loans – our fast, powerful and completely online way to get a mortgage. This self-service solution allows you to navigate the mortgage process quickly and on your terms.

Rocket Mortgage is such a different approach to home financing that it has people talking. Check out what they’re saying.

So what can you do with Rocket Mortgage? Let’s take a look.

Get Approved

Most real estate agents won’t show you houses until they’ve seen your approval letter. They want to know that you won’t have issues getting financed, as well as how much you can afford.

In the standard mortgage process, getting approved means giving your mortgage company information about your income and assets. With Rocket Mortgage, supplying this information is effortless. Using our trusted partners, you can import accurate and up to date income and asset information with just a few clicks. There’s no chasing down bank statements, pay stubs or W-2s – it’s all right there.

Once you’ve given us your information and had your credit pulled, Rocket Mortgage shows you the mortgage solution you qualify for. You can play around with your numbers to find a mortgage that works for you. When you’ve found the mortgage you want, you can instantly see if you’re approved.

Just how fast is this? Say you’re in your real estate agent’s office. You can get on your phone, fill out a quick form, see your options and have a digital approval letter in hand in minutes. You’ll know exactly how much you can afford to spend on a house. And all this can be done in less time than it would take you to put on pants and drive to the bank.


Want to see if a refinance is feasible? Rocket Mortgage can tell you, with certainty, whether a refinance makes sense for you.

First, Rocket Mortgage asks about your refinance goals. Would you like to lower your monthly payment, shorten your term, or take cash out of your home?

After that, you’ll answer some questions about your current mortgage. Then it’s time to import your income and asset information from our trusted partners.

When it’s all said and done, you’re presented with your mortgage solution – and then you can customize it to fit your needs. You can adjust your interest rate, costs and term to find your lowest monthly payment or save the most on interest. And when you’re happy with your brand-new mortgage, you can see if you’re approved, and even lock your rate.

Launchpad to Orbit: The Approval Process

We’re proud to say that we’ve finally taken the whole mortgage process online and made it as self-service as our clients want it to be. But at the end of the day, we’ll still be there for you. If you have questions or concerns, it’s easy to get in touch with a Home Loan Expert, whether you prefer to do so via online chat or over the phone. That’s our promise.

Now that you know, let’s take your mortgage experience into orbit. Try out Rocket Mortgage today!


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  1. owe 178,000 ish worth about 160,000 credit is fair needs some improvement paying about 1980.00 amonth with taxes and ins so 1300 ish for house rest tax and ins at 7 % need to lower it 2007 opened loan but don’t want to go back to 30 years been in house 10 years *********** is my number my name is joseph odonnell u can leave voice mail wanna know how it works closing fees and if we need a little cash I thank u are credit low but we make our payments on what we owe

    1. Hi Joseph:

      I’m going to go ahead and remove your phone number to protect your privacy. If you’d like to check out your mortgage options yourself, you can do so through Rocket Mortgage to get a complete refinance approval. Otherwise, you can call one of our Home Loan Experts at your convenience and we would be happy to work with you. Thanks for contacting us!

      Kevin Graham

  2. I would like to refinance and take cash out, but because I was injured in the job but receive disability income, I was told unless I can prove I’ll stay injured and receive this income for 3 years there is nothing I can do. Whether I keep receiving disability or get cleared and return to work, I have income. My credit score is good, and DTI is about 35%. Our house has appreciated about $1000,000 more than we owe. Is there anything I can do?

    1. Hi Diedra:

      Every situation is different. I’m going to go ahead and have someone reach out. They’ll be able to go over your options.

      Kevin Graham

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