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Photo 1 - Robb Report Car of the Year 2015

For the past 22 years, the Robb Report (the international authority on all things luxury) has chosen a “Car of the Year” from among the most amazing motor vehicles on earth. This year, the Robb Report announced the Car of the Year at the North American International Auto Show.

This is the first time the announcement has ever been made in Detroit. It’s a perfect setting for announcing what might be the perfect car – the Porsche 918 Spyder.

I’ve always believed that beauty should be admired and not touched, which is good because I’m pretty sure I’d never be able to afford this ride even if everyone who worked on the Zing Blog went in on it with me. Pricing starts at about $850,000 and goes up from there once you start adding the bells and whistles.

So what does a million-dollar car look like? Check out this video:

Presented at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit to Detlev von Platen, president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, the award signifies the second time that a Porsche model has earned Robb Report Car of the Year honors in the past three years.

Here’s what Robb Report’s auto consultant Robert Ross had to say about the 918 Spyder: “This is the rarest, fastest, quickest, and most groundbreaking production Porsche ever. The hybrid supercar develops nearly 900 hp from a 4.6-liter V-8 gasoline engine and two electric motors. They catapult the machine—initially in silence, until the V-8 kicks in—to speeds wholly inappropriate for public roads. But extreme performance is not the car’s only attribute. In fact, the 918 Spyder is docile at dawdling speeds, and it is as comfortable as any sports car.”

A car that is “catapulted” in silence by electric engines until the gas V8 kicks in? Cool.

Congratulations to the Porsche 918 Spyder, the Robb Report’s 2015 Car of the Year. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be able for afford a car that costs a million bucks. If I do, I’ll make sure to leave a comment here and let you know what it’s like to be catapulted in silence by electric engines. Sounds fun to me.

Find out more about the Car of the Year at RobbReport.com/coty. You can even vote for the order of the runner-up vehicles. Should the Maserati or the Lamborghini be #2? You decide.

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