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Revamp Your Bedroom with Quality Comfy New Bedding - Quicken Loans Zing BlogDuring a recent trip to Cleveland to see the Cavaliers take on the Milwaukee bucks, I was lucky enough to experience five-star lodging in a way only the Ritz Carlton could provide.

While I appreciated the bellhop’s assistance with my bags, and the delicious filet mignon and asparagus dinner, the real five-star experiences began when I took a minute to lie down in what became the most plush, unsparing, and overgenerous bed I have ever slept in.

As I sat down and rested my head on the Pacific Coast Double Down Surround Pillows, it seemed as if an eternity passed while the massive pillows slowly deflated and surrounded my head like warm s’mores marshmallows taken from an open fire pit.

Likewise, I seemingly sank a foot and a half into a comfort abyss when I buried a week’s worth of work-related weight under pearly-white bed linens with a thread count so high, it resembled the winning numbers on a daily 4-digit lotto ticket.

My stay at the Ritz Carlton was so gratifying, I left wondering how I could duplicate the five-star sleeping experience in my own bedroom at home.

Thus, here are three tips to transform your bed into a five-star sleeping experience.


Cost – $10 each (to start)

The most significant difference between my bed at home and the bed at the Ritz Carlton is the padding.

Padding, in terms of beds, refers to the additional mattress pads you place on top of your mattress to achieve an ideal level of comfort.  While mattress pads are sold in a plethora of different materials including foam, brushed nylon, and quilted polyester, the material used does not significantly impact the level of comfort.

I learned this concept serendipitously as an undergraduate when I mistakenly bought a full size mattress pad for twin size bed.  When I realized my mattress pad was twice the size of my bed, I folded the mattress pad in half to make it fit and realized that by doing this I multiplied the comfort level of my bed by two!

While the beds at the Ritz Carlton seemed to have no less than five extra mattress pads on top of the actual mattress, I found that this level of comfort can be achieved at a frugal price, as most stores sell mattress pads for as low as $10 each!


Cost – $80

Most people are aware that the two different types of bed sheets are fitted or flat.  These sheets come in a variety of materials including, but not limited to:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Rayon
  • Bamboo fibre
  • Polyester blends

Yet, many people are unaware of the many different levels of thread counts that measure the fineness or coarseness of the fabric.  Most stores carry bed linens that range in thread counts from 80 to 1020.  However, some manufacturers of silk linens claim their silk bed sheets have a thread count of 2000.

The Ritz Carlton uses Egyptian 800-thread count bed sheets in the specific room I stayed in. From my experience, this thread count will more than suffice for a good night’s sleep.

While comparing prices online, I found that the majority of 800 thread count bed sheets (king size) were around $80 for a set.


Cost – $ 30

While the padding and sheets of a five-star experience can be obtained at a frugal price, the cost of five-star pillows can get rather expensive.

The Pacific Coast Double Down Surround pillows provided at the Ritz Carlton cost an astounding $200 per pillow!

While this pillow contains an inner pillow of small feathers cradled in a outer pillow of down that is sure to bring sweet dreams, the high price may induce nightmares that wake you up at night in fear of your checking account being over drafted.

To combat these fears and ensure your night of uninterrupted slumber, you can choose an inexpensive memory foam pillow for approximately $30 to complete your five-star experience in your home bedroom.

Revamping your bedroom for the long run can be achieved for much less than the amount it costs to stay at a five-star hotel for one night.

Treat yourself to a five-star sleeping experience and revamp your home bed today!

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