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They say everything old is new again, and this couldn’t be truer for the ‘70s vibe permeating clothing and décor. Having lived through the ‘70s revival in the mid-‘90s, I’m interested to see how the two revivals differ. Just as Don Draper is moving from the sleek ‘60s to the shaggy ‘70s, we’re moving from the glossy mid-century modern look to the busy disco wonderland of 1970s décor!

Kitchen Ideas

Since the ‘70s are relatively recent, you might be lucky enough to have a kitchen built or renovated then. While you might be tempted to update it to the modern, popular look, why not embrace the retro vibe and keep the disco era around a little while more?

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, consider this table and chair set from Ikea – it’s a perfect mix of retro vibe and modern sensibility. Add some flair to your groovy table with a drip candle in a Chianti bottle.

Don’t neglect the floor in your decorating scheme – Retro Renovation has a great resource for 1970s-looking linoleum options.

Use the Brady Bunch color palette of brown, avocado, mustard and orange to inspire your kitchen décor. Linens are an inexpensive way to add some vintage interest to your kitchen – try some vintage tea towels  or handmade potholders from Etsy. This tablecloth is gorgeous!

The Brady colors suit these vintage serving dishes and this cream and sugar pitcher set from Etsy very well! If you’re not ready to go for actual vintage dishes, these earth-toned ones from Bed, Bath and Beyond give a ‘70s vibe while being modern as well. These orange-patterned dishes will give your table a splash of bright color and modern pattern.

Living Room Ideas

A laid-back pad is fun to relax in, especially if you have fun furniture – try this sofa from Ikea paired with an orange slipcover for a big statement! This groovy chair is available in a toned-down beige or a vivid green or yellow! If you’re up for vintage sofas and chairs, ‘70s patterns abound at yard sales, thrift stores and online. If wall-to-wall shag carpeting’s not your thing, try a shag area rug, or this fun blue and brown rug.

Accessories are a nice compromise between being ultra-modern and going all-out vintage ‘70s. Protect your vintage coffee table with some funky mushroom coasters. Handmade throw pillows are a great way to add pattern to your room. A gold table lamp adds some sparkle, as does a glass lamp with a funky shade. Add some interest to your walls with this round photo frame. No ‘70s living room would be complete without a nice knitted afghan, either!

Bathroom Ideas

A disco shower curtain is a vibrant addition to your ‘70s bathroom, as is this geometric brown curtain which matches this ModCloth bathmat. For a bit more modern look, try this orange curtain with a geometric pattern.

Nothing screams “1970s bathroom!” like a toilet lid cover and matching contour rug! Pair those with some lightly patterned towels or more flowery towels. This Polaroid toilet tissue holder is an unexpected twist on normal toilet paper holders!

Bedroom Ideas

1970s bedrooms call to mind dark woods and low beds, plus lots of different lush fabrics and patterns. This Ikea bed would be right at home in your ‘70s boudoir. An intricately carved vintage dresser or this new wooden dresser gives you plenty of storage for your ponchos and bell bottoms. A dark wood nightstand or a funky leatherette nightstand provide a perfect place for a bedside lamp or two, or if you’re feeling adventurous, a hypnotic lava lamp!

Vintage print sheets add some visual interest – yard sales are chock full of them! For a more modern comforter, try this floral one. If you’re ready for full vintage, go for this gorgeous flowered one! A wall clock rounds out the fun, funky ‘70s bedroom.

Are you going to transform your home into a Brady wonderland? Have we skipped any not-to-miss ‘70s décor pieces? Share in the comments below!


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