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How to Reduce Unwanted Mail, E-Mail and Phone Calls - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Phone calls, emails, text messages, tweets, Snapchats, door-knockers, letters, direct messages … the list goes on. In today’s high-tech, socially-connected society, there are lots of ways to reach people.

The problem is, sometimes you don’t want to be reached and sometimes “they” don’t take the hint.

Does most of your mail end up in the garbage? Is your email inbox so inundated with spam that you can’t tell what’s real and what’s junk? Are you constantly getting phone calls at weird hours from numbers you don’t recognize?

The Federal Trade Commission has some great information on how to stop all of these unwanted communications. We’ll summarize and explore what you can do below:

Junk Mail

Getting mail used to be fun. Now, it seems like it’s about 10% bills (sorry, not much we can do there) and 90% junk. There might be a catalog or a letter from Grandma mixed in there, but a lot of our mail is ending up in the trash (about 1.5 trees’ worth, per family, per year).

When it comes to stopping junk mail, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that companies that send you junk mail are under no obligation to stop, even if you ask them to. The good news is that most of them will and there are lots of ways to opt-out.

  • Credit card offers – One of the few downsides to having good credit is that credit card companies want your business. They’re probably sending you lots of official-looking “You’re prequalified” offers with colorful envelopes, percent signs and dollar amounts on them. If you’re interested, go for it. If you want them to stop, you can opt-out of them for a period of five years, or even permanently through this website.
  • Circulars and direct mail – The Direct Marketing Association, a trade group that represents companies that send direct mail, runs a website where consumers can update their preferences for what they receive. Learn more about it and update your direct mail preferences here. Remember, not everyone that sends you junk mail participates.
  • Catalogs – Ever wonder why you’re receiving the catalogs you do? The whys aren’t important, what you do about it is. If you’re not interested in receiving a catalog anymore, you have a couple of options. First, consider contacting the company directly. Most of them won’t want to send you something you don’t want. You can also use services like Catalog Choice and have them do all of the work.

Spam Emails

Don’t you hate seeing a notification that you have dozens of emails, only to find out most of them are for sketchy-looking dietary supplements?

Spam is an insidious enemy. The Zing Blog has a great article that goes in-depth on how to combat this enemy. But, here’s a summary:

If the sender is reputable

  • Most marketers who send you email will honor your request to unsubscribe. If you recognize the company or have done business with them before, try that route.
  • If you’re still receiving spam from reputable companies, try reaching out to them via social media or their customer service phone number and reiterating your request.
  • Still no luck? Mark the email as spam in whatever email provider or software you use and move on.

If the sender looks suspicious

  • If you get sketchy-looking email and there doesn’t appear to be a way to opt out, don’t reply! Unscrupulous companies and people don’t play by the same email marketing rules that most businesses do. Replying will just make them email you more.
  • Use your email service’s “Report spam” function to remove future emails from the sender.
  • Many email providers also have filtering capabilities that can allow you to automatically trash or report suspicious emails by words in their content.
  • Never provide your personal information via an email. If someone you don’t know is trying to solicit money or personal information report that as a phishing attack via your email service or this website.

Phone Calls

If you’re receiving unwanted phone calls on a regular basis, a good first step would be to register your phone numbers on the National Do Not Call List. Legitimate companies will stop calling your phone number a maximum of 31 days after the registration. Still if they persist:

  • Inform the caller that your number is on the do not call list and that you do not want to be contacted again. Asking to take your number off their call list should immediately end the conversation and prevent it from happening again.
  • If you get automated phone calls that leave unwanted messages, you need to be careful. Many times, these are left by illegitimate marketers who will not respect your requests to be removed. Calling them back will often increase the likelihood that they’ll contact you in the future.
  • This article from The Consumerist explains why engaging these companies is a bad idea.

Eliminating unwanted communication entirely is probably not possible. But, with a little diligence and some knowledge of your rights, you can start to dramatically reduce message clutter.

What spam-busting tips do you have? Tell us all about them in the comments!


This Post Has 33 Comments

  1. Damn it!!! I have requested Quicken Loans to STOP emailing me ads. Why hasn’t this been done yet!
    Now I hate your company and would never do business with you!
    Take me off your list: ***************************

    1. Hi Susanne:

      We apologize for any delay and poor experience that you’ve had. I’m opting you out of email communications right now. Thank you for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to correct this. I’m also removing your email because this is a public comment section.

  2. Would you please stop emailing me 2times a day. There is no place to unsubscribe which I think is illegal. I don’t need your services at all and after all this harassment online I would never use you. Your company must not be any good to harass people like you do and not let us opt out of your horrible emails.

    1. Hi June:

      I’m happy to get you opted out. I’m taking care of opting out the email address you left us. Thanks!

  3. Usually, undocumented theories have been pointing to the simple fact that 75 – 80% of the Spam Calls are generated automated phone scams which are technology-driven operations. Caller ID spoofing became the technology of choice once it became apparent that people had stopped answering calls from unknown numbers. By simply responding to a SPAM Call with a SMS, append the words ‘STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, END, QUIT and/or CANCEL’, one will be surprise on how quickly SPAM Calls can decrease in numbers on a daily basis.

    1. Hi Peggy,
      I can opt you out of emails using the email address you’ve provided. If there are any other forms of communication you’d like to opt out of, you can use this link. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Peggy,
      I can opt you out of emails using the email address you’ve provided. If there are any other forms of communication you’d like to opt out of, you can use this link. Hope this helps!

  4. I don’t have an issue with phone calls from Quicken Loans, but my issues lies in the automated text messages.

    I have “opted out” by texting stop 4 times. I get a returned message stating I’m unsubscribed, but like clockwork – 2 weeks later, another message telling me how your rates have “dropped”.

    What’s going on here? Is someone else enrolling my number? Or is the request for messages to be stopped ignored entirely? Either way, if it continues I’ll be contacting the Better Business Bureau. Please fix your automated system as soon as possible.


  5. Terrible phone calls all day long. Phone rings off the hook. Block one number and get a call from a similar one, one number off from the last. Leaves voicemails everytime. Would never use the services based on the harrassment. Need information to opt out of phone calls and emails.

    1. Hi Morgan:

      I’ve gone ahead and opted you out of our calls. It works like you applied at a service that will give you quotes from several different lenders. You’ll have to contact each of them individually to opt out.

      Kevin Graham

  6. Please stop harassing me with all the phone calls! Several months ago I made the mistake of giving Quicken Loans® my phone number. It has not stopped ringing ever since. High pressure sales people trying to sell me a loan I don’t want! I now have told everyone I know never, never, give your phone number to Quicken Loans®!

    1. Hi Roger:

      I’m sorry you’ve had this experience with us. I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to look into your experience in terms of phone calls, but I’m going to make sure we get you opted out of further phone calls.

      Kevin Graham

    1. We would be happy to do that for you. Unfortunately, the email address you listed isn’t showing up as a lead in our system. If you go ahead and email Amanda@Quickenloans.com with this and any other information that might help identify you, we can take care of getting you opted out.

      Kevin Graham

      1. You are the most amazing company I have ever dealt with!!!! I don’t know how your employees sleep at night. “YOUR” company should be sued and put out if business. FALSE represention

      2. You are the most amazing company I have ever dealt with!!!! I don’t know how your employees sleep at night. “YOUR” company should be sued and put out if business. FALSE represention, these kids your hiring to do your dirty work is REALLY teaching them what this world has become. GREED no matter the cost. You should be ashamed. Diana McGinness

        1. Hi Diana:

          I’m very sorry to hear you feel this way. I’m passing this along to our client relations team so we can look at your situation. I assure you that each and every client is very important to us. Thanks for reaching out!

          Kevin Graham

  7. Hello,

    I keep receiving unwanted calls from QuickenLoans regarding a refinance, and I cannot get them to stop calling me. I’ve received 15 calls in the last hour alone and every time I block one phone number, they call me from a different one. I need this to stop immediately.

    1. Hi Kristi:

      I’ve gone ahead and opted you out of phone calls. It’s important to note that if you applied through a lead by provider such as Net Money Wizard or Lending Tree, you may be receiving calls from multiple lenders. You have to opt out with each of them individually. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

        1. Hi Lois:

          I’m going to forward this to our client relations team and see if we can help you out. Have a good night!

          Kevin Graham

  8. I’m in the proses of contacting my lawyer on how to get Quicken Loans® from calling me on my cell phone. There is no way I will ever use Quicken Loans® or recommend you because of your harassment on our phones. Mark

    1. Hi Mark:

      I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. I’ve opted you out of phone calls. Please allow 48 hours for your number to purge from our system.

      Kevin Graham

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