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Graduating from college releases a whirlwind of emotions: fear of the unknown, excitement from earning your degree and bittersweet feelings about leaving college and your friends behind.

Many recent graduates walk off the graduation stage, diplomas in hand, with hopes of starting new life adventures. However, you might be a grad who has to put your adventures on hold and move back in with your parents to find a job or to save money.

We talked to three recent grads to see what it really feels like to return to the nest after the freedom of college.

Taking Advantage of Free Amenities

Erin PrimSpending money on late night snacks, laundry, rent and other amenities to survive in college adds up over time. If you’re a new grad, it’s a relief if you have the privilege of taking a break from your constant spending routines once you’ve moved back into your parents’ abode.

Erin Prim, a graduate from Michigan State University who is student teaching over the summer, can vouch for the power of luxuries paid for by someone else.

“The small things about home are awesome – like a stocked pantry, free laundry, air conditioning and cable,” said Prim.

Prim not only expresses the perks of saving money, she reveals that living with her parents isn’t as bad as one might think.

“But in all seriousness, it’s really nice to be back with my parents. They’re a good time and are always up to something (like dinner downtown), and they pay for it!”

She is lucky to have such great parents.

Adjusting to the Limbo Space

It’s hard to adjust to life after you graduate from college. After living with people your own age for several years, it’s hard to re-establish a relationship with your parents. Even though Prim has a positive outlook on living at home, she also finds some disadvantages.

“I’m in this weird limbo space between being an adult and still living with my parents who are trying not to treat me like a teenager anymore,” said Prim.

While situating back home can be hard enough, it can be just as hard for you to watch some of your friends get on with their lives the instant they graduate.

“I am missing all of my friends who have moved on and gotten ‘big-kid’ jobs in other places,” said Prim. “I miss them and am a bit envious of their new adventures.”

Grads are trying to begin a new routine after college. It’s easy to land in a limbo state – not knowing where life will take you next. However, sometimes your limbo space happens to be your parents’ residence, and eventually, you’ll find your way out.

Having Constant Communication

Michelle HaapalaClear communication is key between people. However, some graduates tend to struggle with having constant communication with their parents. It can be hard to inform your parents about everything going on in your life because you’ve become accustomed to living on your own and not checking in with anyone on a daily basis.

Michelle Haapala, a recent grad of Grand Valley State University, doesn’t mind keeping her parents in the loop about her whereabouts.

“A simple text is a small action that doesn’t take much effort or time, so I would say that’s a fair guideline for communication,” said Haapala.

According to Haapala, it’s clear that good communication is important, but it doesn’t have to be taxing for both parties. It has become second nature for her to tell her parents where she is and when she’ll be back.

“I suppose it’s a good practice to have anyway – telling people where you are,” claimed Haapala. “You can get lost in this crazy world! It’s good to know people have your back.”

Developing a Support System

Kathryn MaasSaying goodbye to your college roommates and moving into a new apartment all alone can be a difficult transition. Sometimes, it’s best for you to move in with your parents so you’re not only saving money, you’re also adopting a decent support system.

“Moving home following graduation was an easy transition for me. I am headed to law school in Boston in a few months,” said Kathryn Maass, Michigan State University graduate.

Maass believes her parents’ steady support has helped her feel confident in her abilities and prepared her for her future move to law school.

“The process of moving is stressful, on top of starting a rigorous law program, but knowing I can always lean on my parents for support has helped me tremendously,” said Maass. “They are a constant resource to answer my questions, a shoulder to lean on when I am stressed out and just a friendly face to come home to.”

Whether you’re a fresh college grad who is struggling or thriving from living at home, realize you aren’t alone. According to Forbes magazine, 68 percent of college grads expect support from their parents after graduation in 2015. So sometimes, moving in with your parents can help you financially as you move forward in life. Saving money by not having to pay rent and other services will help you move on to your next adventure without having to break the bank.

Are you a recent college graduate who has moved back in with your parents? Share your story about your experience in the comments below!

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  1. 7/10 college graduates expect some support from their parents? I wonder how many of them actually receive it.

    Another enlightening article by Miss Hamilton.

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