Neighborhoods Day - Quicken Loans Zing BlogLast week a volunteer effort of massive proportions took over Detroit’s north side. ARISE Detroit! Neighborhood’s Day was all about revitalizing Detroit through simple, but neglected, yard and home maintenance. Partnered with ARISE Detroit, Life Remodeled and Handyman Ministries, Quicken Loans was a proud sponsor of this event with over 1,200 Quicken team members showing up to help clean up the city. It ended up being Quicken’s largest company volunteer event to date.

“All of our lives are being remodeled as we unite together for a cause beyond ourselves,” said Chris Lambert, founder of Life Remodeled. Unity was certainly the theme of the event, as an estimated 5,000 volunteers were expected before the event this past weekend. Along with Quicken Loans, sponsors throwing a helping hand towards the community project included Comerica Bank, PNC Bank, DMC Sinai Grace, Detroit Media Partnership, The Michigan Chronicle, Radio One, WWJ Radio, the Kresge Foundation, the Skillman Foundation, LISC, Henry Ford Health System, Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Comcast, Whole Foods, Dunkin’ Donuts, People Movers, CVS/Caremark, all brought together by Life Remodeled and Handyman Ministries.

Life Remodeled had a laundry list of ideas to renovate homes for the inhabitants and the community overall, this weekend being a result of those ideas. The laundry list of ideas, put into action during the weekend, included building a new house for a deserving family, renovate 24 homes, board up 250 vacant (and potentially dangerous) homes and tidy up 48 city blocks. With so many volunteers willing to help out, this wasn’t too much of a challenge. In the first three days of the project, 170 vacant houses were boarded up, 22 city blocks were beautified and construction of a new home was ahead of schedule. “More volunteers are coming than we expected, and not only are many of the neighbors appreciative…they’re fully engaged!” Lambert of Life Remodeled said, confirming what those involved already knew: this effort was a huge success.

It’s an incredible sight to see so many getting together for an event like this, even more resounding in a city that filed for bankruptcy just weeks ago. Efforts like this can only improve the image of Detroit, and it won’t come as a surprise in the future when people come out in the thousands to support a city they love.

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  1. Hi, I been living in Detroit for about 3 years from Florida. I stay on the Westside. Out if the three years I been living. Your group of hard working team did more then the city of Detroit did. Detroit will be remodeled! Detroit Appreciate all the work you all did. We need more people who cares like your.

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