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Established in 1989, the Michigan Veteran’s Foundation (MVF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans who are homeless or disenfranchised get back on their feet through much needed services and assistance. Led by Executive Director Tyrone Chatman, the foundation’s main branch currently houses approximately 104 veterans; it also provides services such as education, a food pantry and benefit assistance to many more.

Supporting local organizations like MVF is part of our ongoing commitment to veteran causes. At Quicken Loans, we strongly believe in the importance of serving those who have chosen to serve us. In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, veteran team members from our Tour of Duty program volunteered at MVF to help prepare and serve food to fellow veterans.

The Quicken Loans Tour of Duty program provides recently transitioned veterans with a supportive and veteran-led environment where they can learn to navigate the civilian workplace and begin their new careers. Tour of Duty team members have the opportunity to participate in exclusive development programs such as empowerment coaching and leadership training, as well as in chances to give back to the local community through events like this.

If you’re interested in volunteering at veterans-focused organizations, the National Resource Directory is a great starting point to begin your search. It compiles resources that are available to veterans all across the country and then divides them by type. Find an area you’re interested in, such as homeless assistance or sports programs, and see what’s offered near you.

To learn more about the Michigan Veteran’s Foundation and our Tour of Duty volunteers, check out our video covering the event, and be sure to spread the word about this great organization!

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    1. Thank you for your service, Joseph! There are so many worthy causes, but I’m going to get this to the appropriate people for consideration. Have a wonderful day!

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