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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We’re honored and excited that because of feedback from clients like you, J.D. Power ranked Quicken Loans highest in Customer Satisfaction for Mortgage Servicing for the second year in a row. It was our serviced clients’ willingness to share their personal experiences of working with our team members, technology and processes that got us here.

We’re excited about this ranking, but we’re more proud of the role we play in helping our clients achieve their home financing goals. In the heart of Detroit, more than 750 team members are dedicated to servicing loans for more than one million clients. We get to hear amazing personal stories and have real connections like those in the video above.

We’re taking to Zoom, Facetime and good old-fashioned phone calls to connect our team members with over 100 clients to give them an extra special gift. As you can see, we’ve already started the season of giving and will continue to do so until the end of the year. You might be next!

Helping our clients is our passion. Getting recognized for that passion is humbling, yet motivating, because we want to ensure that everyone has a mortgage experience that’s engineered to amaze.


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  1. Great article like this require readers to think as they read. I took my time when going through the points made in this article. I agree with much this information.

  2. We can’t say thank you to Quicken Loans® enough. Our previous landlord was also a member in the VFW post we were in and there was some serious issues going on so we needed a place to move quick. We found the cutest log cabin style home and in 2 months from the time we started our loan we were moving in. We are so happy with our cabin. Thanks Quicken Loans®

  3. I had gone through a divorce which left me with a not so good credit score. I always had excellent credit until then. Quicken Loans® helped me get out of a 7% loan to a competitive rate offered to everyone. This has saved my finances tremendously. Now I can put money way for retirement, instead of retiring at 87 as predicted. I can retire at a normal age. I cannot thank them enough for trusting in me.

    1. Hi Alice:

      We love being able to help people accomplish their goals! Retiring earlier than 87 is certainly a good one! Have an awesome day!

      Kevin Graham

  4. I have had a horrible mortgage refi experience. I started the mortgage process on October 18, locked rate for a December 3rd closing ,it never happened. The title company,TitleSource, owned by Quicken Loans® had not completed any of its work. No sense of Urgency in completing the task at hand. No answers to my questions, just excuses. The list of problems is far too long to explain in a blog post.
    Consumers : BEWARE !!!

    1. We’re sorry to hear you’re having problems, Blain. We never want to hear one of our clients is having a horrible experience. We will be looking into this. Someone should be reaching out to you tomorrow. Thanks for making us aware of the issue.

      Kevin Graham

  5. I have gotten a loan and a refinance and found that Quicken Loans® was the smartest move I ever made . I have recommended your company to everyone. I could not believe how fast and easy it was. The staff at Quicken was courteous and knowledgeable and handled all of my concerns expeditiously. If in the future I want to refinance or buy another home, Quicken would be the only company I would call. Thank you again for all of your help.

    1. Hi Melody:

      We love hearing about your great experience. We pride ourselves on making things smooth and easy. Every client, every time!

      Kevin Graham

  6. Quicken loans is the only company in the US to offer a 7 year product for home refinance. Thrilled to have them help us retire mtg free by our planned date.

  7. My husband and I have closed with Quicken Loans® 2 times. We are very pleased with our experience. Everyone with Quicken is so very nice, knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Daniel Rice answered our questions and provided exceptional service and information for our closings. I am a former realtor and have never had closings go so smoothly as our closings with Quicken Loans®. Quickens closing agents came to our home and closed our loan in about 30 minutes and provided us with copies and answered our questions. They were very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I cannot say enough about our experiences working with Daniel Rice and other Quicken representatives. Thank you so very much.

    1. Hi Sherry:

      We’re glad to be here had a good experience with us. We’re very proud of Daniel and the rest of our team and it means a lot to hear your awesome feedback!

      Kevin Graham

  8. Refinancing my home to a 15 year loan a few years ago was the best move I could have made. Thanks to all of you for helping me get there. If I could just get my high interest credit card debt wrapped into one low payment, I would finally be in financial control. Thanks again!!

    1. Hey Kristen:

      I’m glad we could help you with your refi. That’s what we do! I don’t know if you’re interested, but you might be able to do a cash-out debt consolidation and get a lower rate on that credit card debt by putting it on your mortgage payment. I’m going to have a Home Loan Expert reach out and talk to you about the options you might have. It’s up to you! Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  9. My husband and I want to thank you, not only for being such an easy and accommodating company to work with, but also for your kindness and caring about your clients. Our friends don’t believe us when we tell them that our Quicken Loans® rep called us one day and asked if we would care to refinance to a lower interest rate at absolutely no cost. Well, there was the $11.00 to the title company. LOL
    Our son, who is a veteran, applied to refinance his home with you (on my very strong recommendation). He had some problems from an earlier period in his life and the young lady that assisted him went way beyond anything necessary to assist him and actually found that he was eligible for far more than he thought. Unfortunately he was not able to do the refinance at that time but will in the future and I can assure you.that it will be with Quicken Loans®.

    1. Hi Justine:

      I’m glad we’ve been able to help you get in the best situation possible for yourself and that we were able to work with your son. Helping clients is the best part of what we get to do every day. I want to thank your son for his service and thank you for being an amazing client!

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Earl:

      We’re assuming you would like to be opted out of the emails? We’re having trouble finding your email in our system. If you could please send an email to Emma@quickenloans.com, we can get the opt out taken care of.

      Kevin Graham

  10. Thank you so much for helping us get our remortgage. It has been so much easier for us and the people at quick and loans were so wonderful and helpful.. If there is anyway we can change the date of our payment please contact me by phone on email ..
    Again Thank you, Laura Vennettilli

    1. Hi Laura:

      We’re glad we could help you with your refinance. I’m going to have someone reach out to you regarding your payment request. Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  11. Thanks for doing such a good job getting my loan done so easily and quickly.
    I attended the Phoenix NASCAR race you sponsored and was proud that I was a part of your business.
    Happy Holidays.

    1. That’s so good to hear, Karen! We’re proud to have you as one of our clients. Thanks for your kind words, and we hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Thanks for helping me out I got over extended because I was helping out my son & his family. He is a veteran I feel for him so they are all living us. My son-and wife and 3 boys ranging from 19 months -8 and 6 and let’s not forget a dog!! Just say a prayer they both find a job and their life gets changed around. Thanks again!

    1. Good morning, Peggy! I hope you and your family had a happy Thanksgiving. It’s certainly easy to get overextended during the holiday season. We hope and pray that your son and his family are on the way to finding jobs. Have a nice Friday!

  13. Quickin is fast, quick and worked we me through out the entire process. I would never go any where else to finace a home! I recommend them to everyone.

  14. That is awesome what you guys are doing! You guys got me out of a horrible loan! That I was in with the bank. Now I am in a loan I can handle!! Love you guys! God bless

  15. this has been by far the easiest loan app and closing that my wife and I have experienced, and this will be our third time through this, its never been smoother

    1. Hi Laurie:

      There is a certain minimum credit score in order to qualify. Here’s a blog post on improving your credit that you might find helpful. That said, I’m going to have a Home Loan Expert reach out and go over options with you.

      Kevin Graham

  16. Our experience wasn’t always so pleasant. I started off handling things and when I kept getting different answers from the many different reps I dealt with, my husband stepped in. They were blaming the lawyers for delays and some of them seemed inexperienced and weren’t sure of the answers they were giving us, to our questions. My husband had enough and went straight to management. That’s when things finally got straightened around and finished so we could close. I felt we were just another number. There was no heart in it. This was our second home purchase and thought it would be easier.

    1. Hi Kim:

      We never want our clients to feel like they’re just another loan number. We would like to look into your situation and see what happened with your loan. Someone will be reaching out.

      Kevin Graham

  17. Thank you for always understanding and with God’s help I will be one of your best clients in the years to come. Everyone who contacts me is more than friendly and accommodating. This Holiday wish means a lot from a company like yours. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and a blessed Holiday Season no matter how you celebrate.

  18. Thank you Quicken Loans® for always being there to make sure that I am on top of my opportunities. You’re the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. We refinanced with Quicken a few years ago. It was a great experience. Our contact was friendly and helpful. I’ve recommended a few friends and family members who have also refinanced their loans with Quicken and they’ve also had a good experience.

  20. They were friendly, patient and made it very easy to refinance per a VA loan. They told me exactly where to get the forms I needed and kept me informed of what was going on. They made a big difference in my life. I saved over $800.00 a month which helps me out a great deal since I am retired. It took a lot of pressure off of my wife and me. I would recommend them over and over again.

  21. My experience with Quickenloans was very good. I was impressed by the seamless system and service you all provided. Just basic customer services and old fashion customer appreciation that is long since forgotten or taken for granted by companies in todays business environment. I’ve been bragging to anyone that will listen to me about your Co. Keep up the good work and don’t change thing. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Greg! We can’t promise we won’t change anything. We’re always trying to get better for you. That said, our approach is and always will be client first. Thanks for being amazing and have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  22. Quicken Loans® just recently financed our new home. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to handle our loan. They made the process so easy and stress-free for us!!! We would recommend Quicken Loans® to anyone interested in purchasing a new home. We will definitely use them in the future when needed!! Once again, sending a big thank you shout-out to Quicken Loans® and the teams who helped us with our dream house!!!
    Lonnie and Eileen Lowery

    1. Hi Lonnie and Eileen:

      The absolute coolest thing to know at the end of every day is that you helped someone achieve a personal dream by getting them into the perfect home. Thanks for sharing! It makes everything worthwhile.

      Kevin Graham

  23. Just seems like Thank You is not enough.
    Your customer care services has been more than words. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, for being the business you are at one of the most challenging times in our family. Quick Loan really does standout from businesses in there field. Not just because you work hard to say yes, but because you really do understand with care. My family is extremely grateful for your time and care.

    Kenya Zimmerman

    1. Jerry:

      I’ll make sure you’re opted out of email. Thanks! It may take up to 48 hours to run through our system.

      Kevin Graham

  24. We are very happy with our loan. Working with Quicken Loan was great pleasure and looking forward working with you in the future.

  25. This is my second experience with Quicken Loans®. Everyone was so caring, helpful and passionate about helping me get my loan. I went thru a lot of personal loss and professional problems. They were there for me all the way. THANK YOU QUICKEN LOANS and THE OUT STANDING STAFF.

    Anita McDuffie

    1. Hi David:

      If you’re selected to receive the $500, it’s a gift from us to you. You don’t have to pay it back.

      Thanks for choosing us,
      Kevin Graham

      1. Hello Mr. Kevin Graham,
        I would like to state first of all, I am a swing from the hip kind of guy and pull no punches when it comes to explaining the truth to anyone, and rest assured that telling the truth is a foundation I pride my self on having, holding and in doing! It’s the only and honest & right thing to do and we both know there are way to many fibbers out there in todays world. Dishonesty is not for me as I am an “Honorably Discharged Veteran”, 100% Disabled mind you but… Honor to me is not a virtue as much as it is life giving to me and I wouldn’t forsake or trade that in for anyone or anything in the world!!!

        Now that you know who I am and how I am… please by all means let me state the obvious here.
        I do congratulate Quicken Loans® and all of it peoples there in acheiving an honored goal that most companies would and perhaps are envious of!!! I SALUTE yous all!!!

        I, like many peoples, never really dealt with purchasing a home and things just looked very confusing and muttled for a newbie like my self to say the least!!!
        However, when I was greeted, I was assured that I would not go through the process all alone and that there would be call backs and or check in’s and live representitives helping through any or all parts of the loan processes! Of this, I was elated to say the least!!!

        It had been a very try’n sale as things got postponed so many times and much if any wasn’t the fault of anyone there!!! Low and behold though, yous were there to ensure me that things look as they should time and time again & this took much burden off of my self and my family, one couldn’t ever imagine!!!

        I was amazed when progress was no longer in the wings and all transactions began their respective movements towards completion!!! Oh, how shaky and nervous I really felt! The only thing that held it all together for me was the very fact of the great and understanding caring call backs I had gotten time and time again. Even after all was said and done… Quicken Loans® had more dealings with me as futher check up’s and things of interest to perhaps promote to me or deals they thought may even help to save me money!!! Sadly, the saving more money didn’t pan out for me, but I did and do appreciate the thought of Quicken Loans® looking out for my best interest! Hey, Thanks QL staffers I appreciate yous, I do ya know!!!

        Quite frankly, I could use the $500.00 bucks your giving out as a TY/ Holiday Gift. A disability & monthly income doesn’t always stretch as far as I’d like it to and indeed I do fall short every now and again, and more often than not.
        However, I’m honestly not here to smooze anyone for that money, but rather to speak my mind & let peoples out there know the truth about how Quicken Loans® really is & are. How honestly knowledgable yous are there, as I feel at least. Most if not all… have reached, that level of expert status in my opinion!!! If anyone were to ask me? I’d have to say… “Go to the EXPERTS, Quicken Loans®, indeed they are and do AMAZE, because believe it or not, they go beyond I think anyways, all the hidden costs of ever loosing a single cutomer! So keep your $500.00 dollar TY gift and if I were to get the gift, I get the gift & I would just have to say, thanks very much! Of course blush, and agan be like b4 & any gift, “Totally Amazed!!! Please, peoples if any see this other than, Mr. Kevin Graham, know just from the length of this e-mail alone I am a real live person & that to the above aforementioned person & Company (“Quicken Loans® & all it’s employees”) I do testify all of the above is as true to all of the above and in which I do believe in to state. Thanks All @ Quicken Loans®, thanks Mr. Kevin Grahm for the opportunity to speak my mind here!!! WTG, QL, wtg!!! Cograts!!!
        Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
        A.G. Fontaine, an Amazed & Certainly A Satisfied Customer
        (End of Message):

        1. Arthur-

          Thank you for the amazing compliment, Arthur! You absolutely made our day. Thank you for your service! Helping clients is definitely the best part of this job and we love doing it. As far as the giveaway, recipients are being selected at random. We’ll be notifying clients throughout the holiday season. My fingers are crossed for you!

          Kevin Graham

  26. Thank you Quicken Loans® for being so quick and kind when we were applying for our loan you kept us updated and it happened very quickly and we appreciate you. We hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  27. I want to say thank you very much for all you have done for me and my family. And a very special thanks to Dallas for helping me with my refinancing and to all the people at quicken loans have a wonderful holiday season please be safe so from my family to yours happy holidays. Thank you Ken fields & family

    1. Hi Glenda:

      The giveaway is at random and we are notifying recipients throughout the holiday season. You could still win.

      Kevin Graham

  28. i have never had a loan be so easy and the person so wonderful. i enjoyed the process and the information given by your staff. from the very begining with eddy costenella i might have spelled his name wrong. and my capital arent working. but he was fantastic. i will continue using you for our new place. never will i use another finance company.

  29. Thank you Quicken Loans®! The whole team from start to finish was so helpful and made the process so easy. We tried traditional banks and they were not helpful at all. I called Quicken and right from the start the whole staff was eager to help, made it simple and organized. We couldn’t be happier!

  30. Thank you Quicken, my refinance at a great rate certainly exceeded my expectations, Robert Stanable and Dennis Montgomery are the absolute greatest! I’m totally sold on Quicken loans, you make it easy to brag on you. Thank you so much! Marilyn

  31. I think that Quicken Loans® is awesome for surprising individuals with a special gift. Even if I’m not chosen I still am very pleased with Quicken Loans® and the help that they have given me and my wife just recently by helping us during a really tough time we are going through right now.

    1. Hey Tracy:

      Helping clients is the best part of the job. Glad we were able to assist you. Thanks for being such a great client!

      Kevin Graham

  32. This is awesome to see thank you quicken for caring about all people I never thought I would ever own a home again but here I am a proud home owner once again you made it all possible keep doing what your doing because most businesses don’t care about customers
    thank you for caring

    1. Hi Laura:

      We’re glad we were able to make your dream of homeownership possible. We love our jobs, but that part is special. Thank you!

      Kevin Graham

  33. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else other than Quicken Loans®! Always amazing to work with, so friendly and always willing to help! Our local banks can’t match Quicken Loans®, so THANK YOU!

  34. Listen folks ,Quicken Loans® was a life saver for my husband and myself! When I was ready to throw in the towel,they continued to assure me,that they could help us.We got finageled into a ridiculous high mortgage on a home that was nowhere near the price that was asked for.We had been stuck in paying for a mortgage we could not afford. Then I got ill and had to retire.What a company! I didn’t think we would still be here in this home, but, thanks to the agents from QL? Here we are with a stable home loan.They explained every step of the way,in ways that I could understand, they kept me informed on each step that would be taken. They are now my family.I’ve adopted them,ha-ha.Check them out, give them a call, no pressure.They will give you the knowledge you need plus assure you of the things you may need to do to re -finance your home. Sincerely,V.W.

    1. Thanks, Valerie! We are happy to help and even happier to have you as part of our extended family! Thanks for being such a great client!

  35. You guys have helped me make it thru this year.This has been a very bad year for the most part but you were the bright spot in it.By helping me to refinance my home loan you helped me a lot.On July 12th I lost my mother in law and then on July the 20th we lost my step son to an accident on the interstate. So it took us a while to even want to live again .Its very hard to lose 2 people you love in that short of a time.But like I said you guys were the bright spot in our year you helped me go from 640.00 a month to 498.84 and it helped a lot .With a heart felt thank you I hope you all have a very wonderful Holiday season 0.

    1. Cindy:

      We’re extremely sorry to hear about your loss. That’s a difficult thing to go through for anyone. We’re glad we could provide just a little bit of relief. Thanks and enjoy the holidays as much as you can.

      Kevin Graham

  36. It was a pleasure doing business with Quicken Loans®. They are very professional and kept me advised every step of my loan process. Whenever I had any questions they promptly replied. It was the best loan experience!

  37. We want to thank Judah Sax and his team for making our loans with Quicken Loans® so easy, no hassle and very easy to do and always being there to help with all questions we may of have. We have told others about how great you all are and that if the they needed a loan or refinance to whom to call and get started.
    Steve and Roger

  38. Interesting that you totally messed up my loan causing me to have to stay in a hotel for a week then “forgot” to add in home insurance causing more issues and now you give clients $500 but didn’t offer to compensate me for my added expenses that you caused. Typical for Quicken. You are not a favorite of mine.

    1. Ann:

      We understand your frustration. We’d like to look into this for you. Someone will be reaching out soon.

      Kevin Graham

  39. I am so grateful for Quicken…when I refinanced my house they were awesome to work with compared to other banks that I have used in the past with mortgages.

  40. Quicken Loans® made our refinancing process very simple. The team was amazing to work with and seemed like they were just next door throughout the process. I cannot imagine why anyone would NOT want to finance through Quicken Loans®! Our mortgage banker helped us get the largest amount possible for home improvements and to pay off other debts. A low interest rate was locked in from the beginning of the process. We were kept informed several times per week how the process was progressing. The closing documents were received well in advance for review and the actual closing was held in our home and went very quickly.
    I would love to receive a Christmas card with the teams’ photos! They all feel like friends now!

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I’m extremely happy in your experience was so awesome! The Christmas card idea is a good one. I will pass it along. Thanks!

  41. Just wanted to say that we had a great experience when we refinanced our home last year. Every question was answered by caring service representatives and we really appreciated that. Thank you again for all your help. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  42. All I can say to Quicken Loans® is THANK YOU!! Quicken Loans® was on top of every step of my loan, kept me informed through the whole process and was creative to best fit my financial needs. Everyone was so professional yet, I felt like I was dealing with friends. I highly recommend them if you are looking to purchase or refinance your home. Once again thank you and know you’re appreciated.

  43. Quicken gave us a loan to pay off the original loan plus our Georgia Dream of $7500 held as a second mtg. This loan was done when the bottom fell out on the mtg. industry in 2004. We had moved from Fl where none of that had happened. Since then, my husband has become handicapped and I have to do everything for him. I did the all that was required for the loan, plus making sure everything was in order for the appraisal. Martin Wisor was our advisor and he and his team responded quickly with to all of my questions and the closing with off without a hitch. Our payment is less and allows us to save and pay off other debts. Thank you Quicken.

  44. We love Quicken Loans® and the refi for lower interest has allowed me to afford my wifes many health issues. A $500 gift would really help us right now. Only we don’t have WiFi si we can’t face time y’all. I hope we don’t get left out of offer.
    God Bless
    Carlos Recio

    1. Carlos:

      We’re glad we could help you out. There’s nothing more important than health. The $500 gifts are being given out at random, but my fingers are crossed for you! There’s no need to FaceTime us. Recipients are being contacted by phone.

      Kevin Graham

  45. Quicken Loan displays professionalism in all areas of business, one of the best investments
    that we did for our long term decision!

  46. Hello Quicken Loans®, This is a great way to pay it forward. I am glad you stay in touch with me to see how things are going and if there is any ways to make things better. When I refinanced with you I was able to get such a great rate to lower my payment. Having the extra $$ helps. Have a great holiday!!!!

    Al Drohan

  47. This program of giving thanks for your customers/clients is wonderful. We were very satisfied when we refinanced our home loan through you. The whole process was nearly effortless and the professionalism displayed by our agent was top notch. Thank YOU for being a good company!

  48. All that Quicken loans advertises is Really True, I was amazed at the knowledge of my rep. and
    the ease I had in re-financing my home, I have recommended them to all my friends. I am from
    Detroit, now living in AZ. But what they are doing for Detroit is so wonderful. This company is
    the real thing. Great people.

    1. Hey Barbara:

      We aim for truth in advertising. We are definitely proud of our Detroit roots! That’s an amazing compliment.

      Kevin Graham

  49. God Bless, all of you at Quicken !!! You helped us make our dream come true!!
    God Bless your, business, & workers, & Famlies!!!!!

    1. Thank you very much, Joan! Glad we could help make your dreams a reality!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well! 🎄 🎉

  50. We were so impressed by the level of professional care in processing our home refi that my two children refinanced their homes too.

    1. Hey Darlene:

      I’m glad we were able to help you and your family! We know there’s a certain level of trust that goes along with referring a company to your family and friends! We’re very appreciative of that trust. Thanks for being an amazing client!

      Kevin Graham

  51. You guys are the GREATEST!! You truly are engineered to amaze!! My husband and I are still rejoicing over our experience with you guys! From Joseph to Shanika Edwards and everyone else in between.. You guys are the BEST. We tell all of our friends about our experience with you!! Wishing all things well as you help other homeowners like us!! May God Bless You!!

    1. Thanks, Gina! It always gives our people the warm fuzzies when we know we’ve been able to help a client. Happy holidays and thanks for being amazing!

  52. We like to Thank you all at Q,L Team For the Refinance of our home. we used the extra money to upgrade our kitchen & bath room, And helped get Christmas Toys for the needy children . And Hope You All of Q L Team Have a Very Happy Holiday Season. From The Ferrell Family.

    1. Thank you very much, James! We’re so happy to hear that we were able to help you accomplish your goals and that you were able to give back!

      Kevin Graham

  53. Thank you for being there to help me (Linda) make a home for my elderly mother (Edith).
    We just want to wish all the staff members of Quick&Loan, Happy Holidays! God Bless You All.

  54. Thank you for sharing this e-mail with me. You people that work for Quicken Loan have helped us get our budget back on track. Thank you for all of your help.

  55. I love the people who work for Quicken. When refinancing my mortgage through Quicken, I found them to very friendly and very helpful. They were always there to answer any and all of my questions. Great people work for Quicken.

  56. I have never been more surprised with a company like QUICKEN LOANS, and the chance they gave me to finance my new home. They treated me and Troy my loan officer with great respect and gave me the opportunity when no one else would to finance my beautiful home. I would recommend them over any other lending company. THANKS QUICKEN NO WONDER YOU ARE THE NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION. Sincerely Sue

  57. Dan Small and his team was great at taking care of my loan. He is what customer service is about. Great job Dan and Great Job Quicken for making the process painless!!

  58. Thank you so much Quicken Loans® for all your help. We are most appreciative of your service and commitment to our family. We love the holiday season and look forward to all the joy and blessings that will come our way as our grand children arrive from college and our nephew comes home for the holiday as he is busy protecting us all in the United States Army. Sincerely, The Tompkins of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    1. We’re glad to have you as clients, Herman and Michelle! Enjoy the time with your family and we thank your nephew for his service! Happy holidays!

      Kevin Graham

  59. Financing my mortgage and then re-financing for lower interest rate was very simply and easy with the help of your staff. Thanks for a job well done .

  60. Just wanted to say thanks for your help. Things were really in an uproar when my husband passed away & didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t want to lose my house & Starr was there for me. I am so grateful.

    1. Thanks, Marsha. We are sorry to hear about the loss of your husband, but we’re glad we were able to buy you with some assistance during a time of difficulty. Thank you for choosing us.

      Kevin Graham

  61. what a wonderful idea. you made my refi so incredibly easy and here you are making it a bit easier to get through the holiday season. if, by chance i’m on your list for the $500 gift; please assign it to someone more in need. you folks are awesome.

    1. Glad to hear we made things easy, Anthony! The $500 gifts are being given away at random, but we very much appreciate the sentiment. Thank you for being such a great client!

  62. Best thing we ever did ,we did a refi and could not believe how quick and easy it was ! I had two people who was in charge of our refi and they did a excellent job at keeping us informed and helped us make great decisions for our future! Thanks quicken loans and u am a hair dresser and tell everyone😊👍👍

    1. Hi Kathy:

      We’re extremely happy everything went smoothly for you. We really appreciate you helping spread the word about us. The best advertisers are happy clients!

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Cathy:

      I’m going to pass your comment on to see if there’s something we can do about this for you. Thanks for reaching out!

      Have a good day,
      Kevin Graham

  63. Thank you Quicken Loans®, so glad we found you all to help us with our Home Loan,,sure would come in handy that ?500.00
    But if not, we are still thankful to you all.

    1. Hi Linda:

      The giveaway recipients are selected totally at random, but we’ll be making calls throughout the holiday season. My fingers are crossed for you. Glad you had a good experience with us! Thanks for being a great client!

      Kevin Graham

  64. It is so nice to get such a positive email. When so often so many companies act like a person is just a number, it feels good to be send a friendly email and told we are appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Peggy! We wouldn’t be where we are without our clients and we’re never going to forget that. Every client, every time! Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  65. What a beautiful and generous way for Quicken associates to spread the joy of the season with their customers! I am very touched by this gesture. Bless you all!

  66. Yes it’s all true! Quicken loans is one of the best run companies in the world for so many reasons. The only other company I can compare them to is AFLAC. Save yourself a bunch of time and try them first – I wish had done that. Thanks Quicken!

    1. Hey Martin,

      We love hearing this! It may have taken a while, but we found each other eventually! Thanks for being an amazing client and have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  67. Quicken loans & Rayshon (hope I spelled that righr) we wonderful in helping with my refinance 2 years ago. The mortgage company I was with at the time took my refi fee told me I’d have to pay pmi and then denied the loan. I got a better interest rate, no pmi & great service!!

    1. That’s awesome, Rose! We’re glad we could help get you in a better loan. Thanks for choosing us and have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  68. You will never know how much you helped me this year. I had literally run out of all assets except my home and I thought I would have to sell it. Then I filled out a form online from Quicken Loans® and that turned everything around. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me. You are miracles, especially my team who worked so patiently with me.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.

    1. No miracle here, Sally. Just doing our jobs. Any day you can help someone is a good day. We’re glad we were able to help you refinance. Merry Christmas to you as well!

      Kevin Graham

  69. This is my 2nd mortgage with quicken and you guys make the process so easy! I tell everyone about you. Thanks Colette , hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas. Janie clark

  70. Thank you so much for your fast, friendly service. You always kept me informed about the status of my loan process -Quicken Loans® gave me the peace of mind I needed!!! Again,thank you for believing in me.

    1. Thanks Sandra! We always like to hear that our clients are informed and comfortable throughout the process. Have a great day!

  71. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping us save our home. I thought that there was no hope until we spoke with your company. We lost our son tragically and we’re at the end of our rope. We were about to give up when we received a quicken loan application. We thought we would try one more time. You were a blessing. Happy holidays to you all. God bless.
    Russell and Tina Wilcoxson

    1. Hey Russell and Tina:

      Sorry to hear about your loss. That’s always tough to deal with. We’re happy we could provide you with some measure of relief during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Happy holidays and thanks for being great clients.

      Kevin Graham

  72. You guys are terrific in handling my loan. Ever single one of you who handled my loan is exceptional, professional and I would recommend you to all my friends and family. You made this process easy and the people you have working are fantastic. Thank you all, I still talk about you all today that is how amazing you were.

    1. Thanks, Antoinette! That’s an amazing compliment! The best advertisers are happy clients. Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  73. Thank you for the easiest loan and refi process out there! You make it happen in a positive manner to work for my best interest! When I was fearful it might not work out you made it happen. Your a great product of Team work 🙂 Merry Christmas to a great Company. May you be Richly Blessed for the Good you do!

  74. Making the call to Quicken Loans® was the best experience I have ever had in the finance world.
    Derrick & Melody were not only professional throughout this process but caring as if they knew me personally. They were and still are available anytime I need to ask a question. I am only to happy to tell everyone about my wonderful experience with them and I strongly recommend the company. Quicken Loans® is very fortunate to have such great employee’s representing them.
    Wishing you Derek, Melody and everyone at Quicken Loans® a Blessed Holiday Season.

    1. Thanks, Virginia! We really pride ourselves on always being available. We’ll pass your compliment along to Derek and Melody! Have a wonderful holiday!

      Kevin Graham

  75. We had the most amazing experience. Even towards the end when things looked a little bleaker than it should have been, we were truly amazed with the most helpful and caring people. We love you quicken loans.

    1. Thanks, Maz! It’s a very rewarding experience to be able to help a client. We love you, too! ❤️ Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  76. I have heard prizes are given away frequently by QL. However, I have not nor have I met anyone who has received them. I hope that everyones wishful comments are not just that wishful. My dealings with this company have been less than ideal at best. My home is very important to me and i have to respect the fact that QL has given me that. Thank you.

    1. Hi Karen-

      We’re happy to have helped you purchase your home. We would like to reach out to you and find out when and why your experiences with us have been less than ideal. I’m going to have someone reach out to you to get more information so that we can look into this. As to your other comment about prizes and giveaways, anytime we do a contest or giveaway, a lot of people are eligible and winners are picked at random. People do win. For more information, you can check out our Sweepstakes and Promotions page.

      1. Quicken Loans® is by far the best company to work with. We have done several loans with them and they have the best customer service and whatever they tell you is exactly what will happen. All I can say is AMAZING!!!!! Keep up the great service.

        1. Hey Tina:

          It’s terrific to hear this from a repeat customer. We certainly will keep it up and keep focusing on serving you better. Thanks for being an amazing client and have a great day!

          Kevin Graham

  77. As I searched for someone who would deliver every aspect of my home refinance Quicken lones offered the care and service that I was looking for and delivered every thing I was looking for and more. from the first contact to the closing and then some. Thanks for delivering everything you said with the upmost professional manor and service

  78. Thank you again for your help with our Refi. All your employees (and especially the wonderful young lady who visited us at home to finalize/notarize the final documents) were knowledgeable and made sure we not only understood what could have been a very complicated process, but also made the transaction an enjoyable experience. Due to medical reasons, I lost my job and Social Security denied my request for disability. If it had not been for your company and your caring & understanding employees we might have lost our home. Words cannot convey how thankful & appreciative we are for all your help during this time.

    1. We are glad to help our clients, Patricia and Terry! If we’ve made things a little bit easier during this time for you, we’ve done our job! Thank you for the compliment! Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  79. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable and low rates! Can’t get any better than that. It’s the easiest process I’ve ever been through. I plan on being with Quicken for awhile and recommend Quicken to everyone I know. I love Quicken!!!

    1. Hi Jean-

      We love hearing that! We certainly plan on serving you for a long time. Thank you for the kind words. Have a great day!

  80. Thank you, We have reduced the time on our loan from 20 years to 15 years and the interest rate by 2.5%. Now my payments are actually reducing the balance of the loan and not just paying interest. Everyone is very knowledgeable in their respective departments. Great team, Great work. Thank you so much.

  81. I think its cool you gave out money just so happens when you made a mistake on my account and changed my payments to 60.00 less a month it made me short for my escrow account for 450.00 now i had to use my Christmas money to pay it so my payments wouldn’t be too high. So if your really giving 500.00 out I could really use it to buy Christmas presents for my grand kids. and this is true and no joke.

    1. Susan-

      We understand your frustration. While the recipients for this giveaway are picked at random, we would like to look into your situation. Someone will be reaching out to you.

      Kevin Graham

    2. I know how you feel. I keep telling them I’m on social security disability and it threw my payment late and asked for a one month forbearance and nobody is interested in helping me. I have Multiple Sclerosis and cant work. After they got the loan the caring disappeared. Need help also.

      1. Hi Roy-

        We definitely care. I’m going to pass your comment along so we can look into your situation and see if there’s anything we can do.

        Kevin Graham

  82. We are well pleased with the personal assistance in helping us refinance our property. Everyone we dealt with was very professional and patient with us while we were compiling the information needed to complete the transaction. Thanks for helping us get a substantial lower rate than we were previously paying. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks again! Leland & aNNA

    1. Hi Barb:

      The $500 giveaway recipients are being selected at random, but Ryan does have an amazing story! Thank you for being so awesome as well!

      Kevin Graham

  83. Original VA loan several years ago with an extremely easy ‘re-fi since then. There was a minor glitch on the original loan which Quicken corrected after our closing. I have referred over a dozen other veterans to Quicken and all were successful. I’m quite sure Quicken cares about all of their customers but they treat our veterans with respect and appreciation. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      You’re quite right that one of the principles we live by at QL is “every client, every time.” That said, we do have a great respect and admiration for everything our veterans and active duty military personnel have done and continue to do every day to make sure the rest of us stay safe and free. Thanks for being a great client and thank you for your service to our country.

      Kevin Graham

  84. Your work doing my REFI (VA Loan) was exceptional.
    Your follow-up actions were appreciated.
    I pay about twice what my required monthly payment is,
    hopefully I’ll have the 15yr mortgage paid off in just 5 more years.

    Have a Wonderful & Blessed Thanksgiving

    1. Thanks, Owen! It’s a really great feeling being able to pay off your loan faster than expected and save on interest. Thank you for your service and you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving as well!

      Kevin Graham

  85. thank you so much for lowering our house payment. it has helped us a lot and everyone I talked to are very nice to deal with. thanks Barb

    1. I’m glad we could help you out, Barb! It’s all in a day’s work and getting to lower people’s house payments is pretty rewarding.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Thank you, Amanda! I’m glad we’ve been able to help you! It’s a very gratifying thing to be able to make the life of a client easier. Have a good day!

  86. This is exactly why I’ve referred friends and family to Quicken Loans®. Not only do you live up to your slogan of “engineered to amaze” but you cared enough to personally call about an email suggestion. Over the years you’ve made a difference in many customer’s lives. Whether it’s a $500 giveaway, saving thousands on a home over the life of a loan, or that extra breathing room in the budget to go out to dinner with friends, you’re making a difference. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Marion! That’s an incredible compliment! We’re just doing our jobs and doing the best we can to help every client every time!

  87. I just want to say you folks know how to get it done. From start to closing was right at around 3 weeks. WHAT? Nobody does that with all the help and personal care…Oh,…. yes there is somebody out there that does…You folks!. Thanks again for everything and you can be sure that I will pass on the experience to friends.. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you, Steve! We take great pride in what we do. It sounds like you had an awesome experience and we do plan to keep it up. Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  88. Want to say thanks to Quicken Loans®. I have been able to refiance my home loan twice with Quicken to get a more favorable load rate. They have really helped me with my overall finances.

    1. Glad we could help, Doreen! It’s amazing the financial freedom a lower mortgage payment can provide. It’s rewarding to be able to make that happen for people. Have a great day!

  89. We had the most amazing experience. Even towards the end when things looked a little bleaker than it should have been, we were truly amazed with the most helpful and caring people. We love you quicken loans.

    1. Hey Debbie-

      We’re so glad to hear your story. Being able to get people over the bumps is one of the cooler things we get to do because that’s when you’re really helping! Have a great day and thanks for being amazing client!

  90. To QL:
    Thank you for the many years of excellent service, which has allowed me and my wife to refinance and pay off (in 2017) a 15 year mortgage in half the time.
    Your refinancing programs makes everything so much easier (as it was completed online) than going with a bank or another conventional mortgage company. You completed the transaction in less than 30 days, while others wanted two to three months to complete. You should take it on the road and show them how to do it right – on second thought, keep this to yourselves and your satisfied customers. We will keep coming back.
    Who knows, a second home (get-a-way) may be in order, and my wife and I will contact QLs first! Your dedication to your customers shows and you deserve the #1 ranking as best lender in the business.
    Happy Thanksgiving, to all the QL employees, and best wishes for a great QL 2016!

    1. This is super cool, Al and Madeline! There is no secret sauce to this other than that we really care about client experience and it drives us to keep pushing harder to make things easier. Congratulations on being so close to paying off your loan and if you do decide to get that vacation home, we can’t wait to help you accomplish that dream! Thanks for being awesome and happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hey Angelo and Bev:

      Thanks for the amazing compliment! It’s really cool to be able to give clients one less worry when their head hits the pillow.

      Kevin Graham

  91. That is great! It’s nice to see this from such a large organization; but I suppose it’s large because they’re doing something right! I would have to agree with that.

    1. Hi Shannon and William,

      We just continually try to get better and help our clients every day. If we do that, we’ve done our jobs. Thanks for being a great client and have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  92. Thanks for the outstanding job of handling my home loan, very professional people with express services, WHAT A GROUP…keep up the good work. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND THE BEST OF HOLIDAY SEASON TO ALL THE STAFF THERE….THANKS AGAIN!

  93. Thank you Quicken Loan for all the help and support you provided thru all three of our loans and also, for taking such good care of the people we recommended to you. Never plan on doing this again (moving) but if we do, you will be the first mortgage company we call!

    1. Hey, Sue! The whole moving thing definitely isn’t easy! But if you’re ever in the market again, we can definitely help with the mortgage. You could also refinance. You never know! Have a great day!

  94. we would like to thank you so much! life has been so much easier for us. what a great bunch of people we worked with on our loan. please continue the fantastic job you are doing for so many people!

  95. I wanted to express our thanks to you for helping us get our loan when no one else would. We moved from Minnesota to South Carolina and my husband had a job and I had just accepted a job when we got our loan from you. Now we have started our new life in the home we love. Thank you!!
    Rick and Kim Williams

  96. Thanks for all your help in reducing our payment.
    We will always tell our friends and families where to go for home financing.

    1. The best experience I ever had, easiest closing, never had to leave my home. I tell everyone I know about Quicken Loan! My sister-in-law who I referred is so happy to find you too!

  97. Thank You Quicken and all the people who helped us thru the mortgage process. I have been blessed with my family and friends thru the years. One thing my wife and I could never afford was a home to call our own. You helped us realize this for the first time in 2015. We have been married now for 43 years, paying rent to others to use Us to pay for their property and telling Us what we can and cannot do…Finally we have a home….TY

  98. Thanks Quicken for assisting us in the refinancing of two properties. My friends and family could not believe how smooth the process was and can’t wait to work with Quicken. The professionalism and constantly being kept informed of the process was great. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  99. I’d would like to say that Quicken Loans® is up there with the best of the mortgage lenders, but I can’t. That’s because there’s no other company that comes close to the world class service that Quicken Loans® offers every day. I’ve had more than one mortgage loan with QL over the years and they will be who I will call when I need a new mortgage…thank you so much.

  100. Quicken Loans® process was amazing, staff was amazing to work with, they took the time to explain any questions I had > in terms I could understand
    My home in NH is now paid off and the bonus >> I now have a condo @ Fantasy World Resort in Kissimmee Florida

    Happy Holidays QL staff.

  101. Never in my life would I have thought refinancing my home would have been so easy but with Quicken Loans®‘ processes/procedures and a mortgage specialist like Michael Panek; clearly they uphold the standards they promise! I absolutely refuse to even entertain the idea of ever doing business with another mortgage company. I love love love Quicken Loans®! From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!

  102. Thanks for all you did to get my home refinanced. Some of it wasn’t easy, and you folks kept at it, always keeping me informed along the way.Special thanks to Casey Flores and Natesha Wright. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Because of you, I know I will.

  103. I just want to say how much quicken loans help me and my husband get are new house it was a great time and we are so grateful to all that help us with this process especially Brian and the staff thanks again my Guardian angle happy thanksgiving to all and merry Christmas

    1. Hey John and Elizabeth:

      Thanks for the compliment! We’ll pass it along to Brian and the team! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  104. I couldn’t believe that you guys actually did what your advertising stated. You really did make refinancing quick and easy, just what we needed, and when we needed it. Thank you so much.

    1. Hey Janet:

      We’re very sorry to hear about your situation. Although I can’t promise you’ll be selected for this giveaway because it’s completely random, I’m going to get you in touch with someone so we can further look into your issue.

      Kevin Graham

  105. Thank you Josh we are very happy with our rate a going from a 30 year to a15 year so now we can retire and not have to worry about our home.
    Happy Thanksgiving Des and Steve

    1. Hey Des and Steve,

      That’s got to be the best feeling. Glad we could help you achieve that! Happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey!

  106. Thank you Quicken Loans® and your professional and friendly employees. The process was quick and easy. Thank you for all you did for me. I would recommend Quicken Loans® to everyone I know. Loved doing business with you .

  107. I can’t say enough about the service at Quicken Loans®. Everyone I talked to and/or messaged was so kind and easily assisted me. Thanks again

  108. This is the second time I gotten a load and we love them the service is great we have told our family and friend and some of the people we told, Have gotten load from you and their are very happy. If I have to do it again we will not think twist we just do it is great to know that you have someone like Quicken and load that has your back and their are three for you like family…. We love them thank you for ever thing you have done for us


  110. Every mortgage I have EVER had has been through or with Quicken Loans®.
    Will never be anywhere else. You can not get this type of service anywhere else today.
    Thanks Quicken!

  111. We have only been with Quicken Loans® Mortgage for almost a year and we like very much how knowledgeable and polite the people. We have a VA loan and have had several companies try to get us to change, however, we told them we are very satisfied with Quicken Loans®. I have talked to relatives also about getting Quicken Loan if they are thinking of buying a home.

    Again, thank you for your wonderful service on the internet and by phone.

    Barbara Cottone

  112. Thank you for reducing my mortgage rate to 3.25%. Your staff was very professional and knowledgeable with all issues that came about during the loan process.


  113. Thank you Quicken Loans® for being proactive. You are a breath of fresh air.

    Happy Holidays to all at Quicken Loans®.

  114. I was working with a major bank to refinance my home. After 1 month + I was still submitting info to the bank. I finally had enough and cancelled my application and insisted the involved fee be returned. I then contacted Quicken and my refinancing was completed in approximately one week – HASSLE FREE. The process gave me a sense of security working with caring people. I did not say it before – much thanks.
    Marv Krotenberg

  115. I was totally blown away by the constant communication they had with me at every level of the process of getting a mortgage. Even when it started to look as if it wasn’t going to happen they were very professional. They then had me speak to a closing agent, He LISTEN, and LISTEN,. When I put the phone down, I was so very disappointed, but I knew they did all they could. I prayed, and prayed some more. Less than an hour went by the Problem Solver call and we talk some more and he LISTEN. Then he had a solution and the numbers worked out. I got my mortgage. Thank you very much for all who made it happen, it was a TOTAL TEAM EFFORT. Thanks Again. I’m you new advertizing agent for speaking about Quicken Loans®, They will always work with you.

    1. Thanks, William! You can spend a lot on advertising, but the best recommendations still come from personal experience and word-of-mouth. We appreciate it.

  116. I want to thank Quicken Loans® for making our refinance so easy and simple for us.
    God bless you all for all your kindness and patience with our loan.
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  117. Thank you Quicken Loans® for all that you have done for us may every one have a good holiday and a great time for this year for you have our great. thank you

  118. I do believe Quicken Loans® is engineered to amaze! I refinanced two times, and both times were a delightful experience. The Team members are extremely helpful and we feel we are in the best hands. We have learned to thoroughly trust Quickenloans! We love you!

  119. Bad experience………took way to long to get approved…causing everything to be changed. Receive phone calls asking permission to “look into my loan” can get me a better deal… but no one calls back. And when I call no one answers.. leave message no one calls back….. This year I payment increased. Guess I am one of the unlucky ones.

    1. Tammy-

      Let’s turn that luck around! I’m going to have a Home Loan Expert reach out to you and see what’s going on here. I’m sorry you’ve had this experience, but we would like to take the opportunity to correct it.

      Kevin Graham

  120. Thank you to all the people that made our loan possible. They were not only the most professional team I’ve dealt with, but they were the most understanding and helpful also. We are spreading the word about Quicken Loans®.

  121. Keep doing what you do. Re-financing with QL was one of the best experiences we have ever had doing a re-fi. All the credit goes to your entire team of professionals. Thank you!

  122. We won’t soon forget the “extra mile” service – finding us while we were out of town so we could close on time!
    Our “personal website” is great and so are the QUICKEN reps.

  123. My quicken loan experience was the best I have ever had with a mortgage!!! in 19 days my loan was complete from start to finish. When I had lost my bill and called, I couldn’t have been more happy with the service from Quicken. I called and within 10 minutes my missing bill (lost in the mail) was faxed to me and I was able to make my payment ahead of due date.
    Thank you Quicken!!!

  124. My Quicken Bank Loan ReFi was the fastest, easiest, and most effective update this 83 yr. old, and 30 yr. USNA, Class of 1957, and Lr. USN/Navy Dept. Engineer/Deputy Program Mgr. GM 14 retiree ever experienced. Thanks,to Quicken Loans®.

  125. Thanks Ql for having been nice from start to finish, and for being the only ones to listen to my story, one of the many stories of little people trying to hold on to a piece of America to pass to ones’kids and their kids one day, little peoplle who would not lett go of our houses and would pay our obligations even when the weight of a big debt or a stagnant salary and a not so good credit would make it hard to even think about refinancing the mortgage. But you did engineer to amaze and came through to make it possible. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to start building my credit again while holding on to what my mother left to me and my kids. And, thanks because with the little money I cashed in after paying my debt, I could finally take my kids to London and Paris for just a few days to enjoy all the beauty and art of those cities, the museums, theaters, monuments, palaces, and history as well as their vibrant and welcoming people just days before these barbaric attacks took place. Hopefully, we will all be able to enjoy and preserve the cultural richness of the old world without having to emigrate from countries that saw us grow up and become who we are. For this and much more, for the opportunity you gave me, I will always be grateful. I wish you all the best holidays, peace, health and much prosperity. Thanks for being there for me when big banks that I have worked with for years were not . Best wishes and keep up the good work. Veronica

    1. Thank you for the amazing comment, Veronica. We’re so happy that you had a good experience, and we’re thrilled you got to take your family abroad. Thanks again!

  126. From start to finish my total loan process was exceptionally easy with Quicken Loans®! I’ve heard horror stories, but working with Myles Talbot and team, I didn’t have not one negative experience. Awesome company!

    1. Hey Alicia:

      I’m glad things were easy. We take every client very seriously and your perception of us is very important. Glad we were able to turn around your thoughts about us and we have another awesome client! 🙂

      Kevin Graham

  127. Quicmken Loans has gone over and beyond helpingus.My husband is on oxygen and I have r(diabetes and. Major ill health but you all helped to make life alot easier.Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  128. It’s been such a wonderful experience with Quicken. The use of technology keeps us on track with advance emails. For exemple, I have no worry that my prop taxes were timely paid this year. Good job so far! Bravo Quicken!

  129. My entire experience with Quicken has been fantastic! Everyone was so pleasant to work with. They made this mortgage process (that most have told me were a tedious process) a great testimony that there are a few companies out there left that treat people like people. Special thanks to Denise Rodnick! YEAH you were so awesome. May the Lord bless and keep you in His favor. You were a blessing to my family in helping us to purchase our first home : ) Your voice was so warm and supportive.

    Thanks infinity!!!

  130. I was stuck in a HORRIBLE mortgage situation at 9 percent…. Quicken Loans® got me in for 1/3rd that amount. Thank you Quicken Loans®.. you guys saved me. Thanks again

  131. Way to go Quicken Loans®! You saved us $680.00 a month off our mortgage payment! Eric Ziegler, you were awesome getting us this refinance! Everyone I spoke with, were truly the nicest and friendliest people.. We were past Quicken Loans® customers and now we are again! Thank you everyone for a smooth and quick process! Wishing all of you at Quicken Loans® ,a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.

  132. Thanks to the creativity and intelligence of my QL Refi Team, I was able to consolidate my business debts and use the equity in my home to greatly ease my monthly payments. I was shouldering a huge burden until Quicken Loans® provided a solution, helped me every step of the way, lightened my load and brightened my future. It just doesn’t get any better than that…Thanks, Quicken Loans®, you’re the BEST!!

  133. You did what no one else could. Treated us with respect and dignity. The financial relief we received was such a blessing. Thank You Mo and your team at Quicken Loans®!!!!

  134. My husband and I have used Quicken for several years now and I can’t praise them enough. This was the quickest and easiest loan we have ever done, and I always tell telemarketers that we wouldn’t change our mortgage company for the world. I love the statement I get every month. It’s so easy to understand and I love seeing my balance go steadily down.

  135. I would like to thank Dhruv Verma, Melinda Aguilera, Rosario Soto, and Lynne Rogers for the wonderful service I received in getting my mortgage refinanced. They made the process swift, clear, and painless! Thank you!

  136. Johanna Pope has held my hand and helped me through this confusing math and made my life work out better for me. I thank Johanna for being so extremely patient, helpful and understanding. She has searched out lost items and never leaves me without hope that everything will work out. She is always there for me. !! What a wonderful staff to be trained to care like that ! thank you Quicken Loans®

  137. I was so impressed with how easy you made my mortgage go, that I recommended you to 2 of my children who were thinking of remortgaging their home. They did and were also impressed.
    I retired from the mortgage dept of my credit union. I thought our process was quick but yours beat
    ours. Thank yoy

  138. Quicken Loan made the process of refinancing with them so easy! They were wonderful and saved us a lot of money that was truly needed! I will continue to recommend Quicken Loans®!!

  139. Easiest thing I had ever done, took a little time because of my circumstances, but once my things were in order, bam, it all came into place. Nicest folks I have ever worked with. They made me feel important and showed a real concern for my future. Great job.

  140. I continue to be thankful and amazed by the wonderful company that is Quicken Loans®…for all that Quicken does for individuals, families and the community…what a difference these people make every day for people like me and my family! Thank you!

  141. My initial contact with Quicken was unbelievable. I had been house, and LOAN, hunting when I tried their website. In less than 10 minutes they had a preapproval and letter on my email. The rest of the process was soooooo much easier than others I have talked to, and they have been totally professional and up front at every turn.
    Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.

  142. I know I will never receive a call like this. I have done two refinances with Quicken. I don’t think they appreciated my business like this infomercial suggest. The service was fine but they were never that friendly.

    1. Hi Penny-

      Your relationship with us is something we take very seriously. We’ll definitely have someone look into this and reach out to you.

      Kevin Graham

  143. Thank you for all the help with my loan and sure could use the 500.00 for some house work and a small Christmas again thank you for the help with my home loan. Peggy Pee

    1. Thanks for choosing us Peggy! We are doing this promotion throughout the holiday season and winners are picked at random, best of luck!

  144. Thanks Quicken I never had any company take the time to actually go out of the way and take to me about things that mattered to us. You are definitely Amazing !!!


  146. Thank you everyone at Quicken Loans® you made it easy I hope you have a very wonderful holidays because you made ours wonderful this year.I am telling everyone to go to you for there loans.Bless you all…..

  147. Thank you for help my husband and I dream of owning our first home a reality. Everyone is always so surprised when they walk into our home. The first thing they ask is “how did you get it?” Our answer is through Quicken Loans® with a great rate and low cost. So, “Thank you, Quicken Loans® for being such a Great Team”.

  148. Quicken Loans® thank you for all that you do. I was so excited when ya’ll were able to help us with our needs. You’re the BEST compared to the rest!! 🙂

  149. I was thrilled that you worked so hard to grant me a loan. I was newly divorced and having issues getting my house refinanced when my husband left me. You guys worked so hard and I have been loyal since. Thanks for caring Sherrii

  150. have worked with Quicken on multiple purchases as well as re-fi’s–easy to work with and get the job done very efficiently

  151. We are so glad we had Quicken Loans® do the refinancing of our home. Everyone was so nice and things went smoothly from start to finish.

  152. Quicken loan has been favorable to me they work with me clearing up my Credit so I could get a house. it was hard for me to do that but the team member of Quicken loan help me out. I have a house three years I love Quicken loan because they have work with me an get me a beautiful home.

  153. Quicken has been a great company to deal with. I’m a new customer, just closing in October but I already love everything about this company and I’m looking to bring my friends and family over with me!

  154. Thank you QL for giving us our life back! Your refinance of our home helped us to save our home and we are forever grateful…..
    Your staff and loan representative were professional and always returned our calls when we had questions. The ease of the process and closing were beyond expectations.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to everyone at Quicken Loans®.

  155. Best customer experience, bar none! Would never consider getting another home loan without Quicken. Knowledgeable, friendly and ease of process keeps you at the very top!

  156. I am so glad I found Quicken loans 5 years ago. They made the process so fast and easy and saved us a ton of money in interest payments. I am now helping my niece purchase her first home by giving her card from QL for $1000 off loan fees. She is pre approved and will be making offer this week!! Thank you Quicken Loans®!!

  157. Love Quicken Loans®. Explored all options, smooth painless process which is usually very stressful. Everything online. Everyone I was in contact with was helpful, pleasant. Other loan companies had bad reviews, overwelmed me with paperwork via mail enough to make me stop the process and look for another loan company I felt comfortable working with. Figured we would try Quicken Loans® and they did not let us down to my surprise, was not used to that. Quick responses to questions. Closing at my home. So happy to say goodbye to my former mortgage company.

  158. Thank you Quicken and it has been nice since you have helped your customers. I’ve been grateful for about 5 years from Quicken and I have also made many payments greater than $719.18 with several four digits figures that lowered my loan.cost. The closing cost will be on 11/24/15 and the people that purchase this property are really satisfied with this home and the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Our home in Ky is about $235,000.00 and we have been here for many years.We thing it may be time to spend some time in a few places in the Beautiful USA in a few different areas out West and the North East.

    Happy Holidays to all

    Elwood & Ann Tackett

  159. Quicken was amazing to deal with and really helped in every step. We couldn’t be happier with the service. Thank you so much.

  160. Thank you for being thorough and quick when processing my loan. Extremely helpful, patient, and always polite. Great people to work with!!

  161. WOW this is a great program. I know I received exceptional service and recommended your services to all my friends and contacts looking for any lending. You are an exceptional company with exceptional caring folks working for you.

    THANK YOU for being so customer centric!


    1. Wow, how nice of Quicken Loans®. We refinanced our loan a few years back and you were so great and made it so easy. We are in the process to refi again to lower our payments even more. I lost my job a year ago and have been struggling with one income. We needed to save money any where we can and you all came through for us. The saving might help us get some presents for our kids this Christmas, I love that you are blessing other families with a gift of $500.00. I tell everyone to refi through Quicken, your the best! Happy holidays.

    2. Thank you for helping us get our life back and helping us to go forward! You are a blessing to many and words can not express our appreciation!

  162. I want to thank all of the people who made my experience with Quicken loans so easy and helpful. Jeff Jones started the process and he was great and continues to be helpful and return calls when I have questions. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and Merry Christmas.

  163. You folks are the best. Gabe and Melanie took my hand and lead me as I stumbled through the loan process and I appreciate you all more than I can say.

    Y’all at Quicken gave a great Holiday Season. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

    1. Thanks, Terry! We are so happy we could help you through the process! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you as well!

    1. You won’t ever see stuff like this from Chase. That’s why Quickenloans now how my multiple mortgages and it’s why I recommend them to everyone. Go QL!

  164. Quicken Loans® made it easy for me to refinance, and to obtain the GI loan. A better interest rate was obtained also. Working with the Quicken Loan Team was well worth the effort as they guided me through the entire process. All done via the computer and my home. Nothing but KUDO’s for the Quicken Loan process of doing business.

    1. Thanks to all at Quicken for making our refi so smooth and quick. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, to all of you.

  165. It has been very pleasurable working with Quicken Loan. From day One every single person I worked with were very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I would recommend your company to everyone. Thank you for making the process so comfortable.

  166. Quicken rocks! I have recommended you so many times to those that I knew that were buying homes. This promo is unbelievable in these times! Quicken truly does care about their clients unlike traditional banks! Happy Holidays Quicken!

  167. When we wanted to purchase a house, I called Quicken Loans®. It was the BEST decision we ever made. In the past we have always been treated like a number. Well not at Quicken! I was totally blown away, we actually were treated like family. Everyone went up and beyond their job to make sure we understood the process and never rushed us off the phone. We will never be able to thank you enough for helping us from the beginning to our closing. Thank you QUICKEN for making our dream of buying our first home possible!

    1. We are so happy to hear this. You are definitely not just a number to us, you’re apart of our family! Thank you, David and Sonia!

  168. This does not apply to me nor my mom , we are having the worst experience with Quikenloans a nightmare wish we haven’t dealt with Quickenloans I’m warning all my contacts to stay away. Thanks for what giving us sleepless nights what else you’ll tact on to our payments everyweek it seems our payments our going up. Who the hell is JD Powers is he the used car salesman who started that company and rates every company satisfactory humbug

    1. We never want to hear our clients are having nightmares, Lawrence! I’m going to have someone reach out to you and see if we can turn this around.

      Kevin Graham

  169. I have refinanced with quicken loans two times the service was very good and the people were great.
    Thanks for your service.


  170. You truly go above and beyond any other loan company. I am proud of saying my mortgage is through Quicken loans, some of the nicest people I have ever talked to !

  171. Thank you for your teamwork as we had to work through many issues that other loan companies just dropped. James Steffin

  172. I watched the video above and it is great that you are such a caring company. Keep up the good work and I am glad to be a member of your company. Happy Holidays to all of you and your families.

    John Snyder

  173. I have one mortgage with Quicken Loans® and in the process of trying to get another mortgage on some rental property. I have only had one issue and that is the fact that it takes so long to get the loan approved and I and talking about the first loan and the second loan. The first loan took approximately 6 months and the second loan is going on 3 months now. It is a joke at my house we call you slow-en loan.

    1. Rita-

      We’re sorry to hear you feel this way. We’d like to look into your issue. A Home Loan Expert will be reaching out.

      Kevin Graham

    2. So sorry you had a negative experience. I was completely satisfied with both my first and second loans. They were handled personally, professionally and efficiently, both took approximately 30-40 days from start to finish. It could not have been more convenient or timely.
      I have continued to recommend them to friends and family.

  174. Quicken Loans® went the extra mile when we purchased our lake house in 2011. We became “friends” will all of the employees with whom we worked. It was an easy and enjoyable journey through the loan process. I highly recommend this corporation for anyone who is purchasing a home or refinancing. Kudos to a company who truly does put the client first.

  175. Thanks Quicken for helping me save my home during my divorce. And I’m glad that some of my dough goes to rebuild Detroit. That town has such a great history and I know that Quicken is part of that. Happy holidays and best regards, Pat Garity

  176. What a WONDERFUL day to say thank you to your clients. By giving such a “special” gift. Especially during this “holiday season”. Without Quicken, I would not have been able to do what was needed to help out a family member. Thank you so much!

  177. I am so thankful for Quicken Loans® and the speed that the loan for a veteran went through. I was afraid that the loan wasn’t going to be approved because of the way the VA does thing. It took 2 months to get the home that I was purchasing and I’m tankful that God did this for me. I signed my contract for my home on Friday 13, for my home and the on April 25, I got married and share my home now with a wonderful wife, We love our home dearly and so blessed that God provided the means for this home. He brought you wonderful into our lives and we thank Him every day for this wonderful blessing.
    Thank you and God bless.
    Johnny and Virginia Saunders

    1. Thanks Linda! We strive to give our clients the best experience possible. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful holiday season!

  178. Hey great video. Where’s my $500. I’ll be waiting. Thank you for outstanding service on my home loan. QL is the greatest.

    1. We hope you win too Evelyn! The $500 gifts will be awarded randomly through the end of the year. Good luck and have a merry holiday season!

  179. Quicken Loan has proven to us that they are the best mortgage company we have ever dealt with , they pay all our escrow on time give proper notification and definitely dependable. WE LOVE YOU QL

    1. We love you too Devon! We strive to provide all of our clients with the best experience. Thanks for choosing us to work with through your mortgage process.

  180. After being married 48 years, getting divorced and building a new home, I had money but never made a large purchase and it was difficult to ask a lender to loan me the money I needed, but Quicken Loans® took a chance and loaned me the money. I knew I could make the payments and they gave me the opportunity to prove myself. I now make my payments automatically thru my bank , I will always be a loyal customer to QUICKEN LOANS AND RECOMMEND THEM TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. They are an incredible company to work with .

    1. Thanks Sue! We love hearing that! We work hard to provide each and every client with the best mortgage experience possible. Getting a mortgage is a big decision, thanks for choosing us as your mortgage provider.

  181. Hello, I’m currently in a 5-1 ARM and was considering a 30 year fixed loan. My loan is with you guys. I’m kinda waiting to get into the high 2’s to low 3’s %. Any help would be great.
    Thanks, Richard.

    1. Richard-

      the odds that it’s going to get back to the high 2s and Low 3s isn’t very good right now, because it looks like the Fed is preparing to raise rates in December, but we can refinance you into a fixed rate so you don’t have to ride the market when the adjustable rate kicks in. I’m going to get your comment to a Home Loan Expert to see what we can do for you.

      Kevin Graham

  182. It was very nice to hear from Quicken’Loans’ again. The team I had working for my wife and I made it so easy and enjoyable. The 2 main leaders were Matthew Gary Domagalski and Alicia Roberts plus a cast of members that were fantastic. I just want to take this moment to thank you all again, and wish you all a great “Holiday Season”. Kenneth A. Pelletier

    1. Thanks Kenneth! We strive to give each client the best mortgage experience possible. I’ll be sure to share your comment with Matthew, Alicia and their team. Happy Holidays!

  183. We have been blown away with the service that Quicken has given us. From the very first day we started our loan, Quicken has been first rate service. You helped us where other could not be bothered. Our loan was fast in getting it approved, possessing it, and at the best interest rate we could find. The closing was very easy. You made the whole process very easy. You have continued to service our loan in an OUTSTANDING way. I have told others that we know at work, in church, and other friends & family to contact you to refinance, or to contact you when buying a new home. It has been the best loan company that I have ever done business with for over 44 years. MUCH MUCH THANKS AGAIN!
    Richard and Sandy Basaker

    1. Thanks Richard and Sandy! We take pride in providing each and every client with the best mortgage experience possible. Thank you for recommending us and thank you for choosing us as your mortgage provider. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  184. Giving away $500 for the holidays is an awesome idea! Too bad all mortgage companies can’t be like you guys. God bless you for your giving back. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Sherri! We love our clients and strive to provide them with the best mortgage experience! Have a great day and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

    1. We wish you luck Lynott! The $500 gifts will be awarded randomly through the end of the year. Good luck and have a fantastic day!

  185. I was very impressed with how easy it was to refinance my home with you. The employees I worked with were very explanatory of how everything would be done be done. They made sure that I understood and was happy with it, before they went further. It was the easiest bill I have ever transferred, plus I got lower interest rate. I would definitely recommend you to friends & family .

    1. Thank you Kathy! We love providing our clients with the best mortgage experience possible. Thank you for choosing us as your mortgage provider and for recommending us to your friends and family! Have a great day and a joyful holiday season!

    1. Thanks GuadaLupe! That’s great to hear. We strive to make the mortgage process simple and easy for our clients. Thanks again and we hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks Lynn! We work hard every day to provide clients with the best mortgage experience possible. Thank you for choosing us as your mortgage provider. Have a fantastic day Lynn!

  186. We just wanted to say how great you people are when we started our loan we just thought it’s another decline But the way we got treated was amazing 😄 what all you people did for us was outstanding and the help we needed the trust was great! And now we are living again and having money back in our wallets! We can’t Thank You all for the amazing HELP you gave us Thanks to people like you we will be having a nice CHRISTMAS🎅

    1. Thank you Tonya and Scott! Thank you for letting us be a part of your mortgage process. We work everyday to provide the best experience possible to our clients so we love hearing stories like yours. We hope you have a fantastic day and a merry Christmas!

  187. I’ve been impressed with your follow-up and genuine concern that I have been taken care of.
    This is my fifth home purchase and I don’t believe I have had any prior home financing company
    show such appreciation. Thank you!
    Michael Patrick

    1. Of course Michael! It is clients like you who continue to drive us to provide the best possible mortgage experience to each and every client. Thank you for choosing us to be your mortgage provider and giving us the opportunity to work with you. We hope you have a great day!

  188. For 9 years my family struggled to pay a ridiculously high mortgage and because of other debts and very little income because my husband is 100% disabled vet our income was fixed our loan was considered upside down. We tried several mortgage co and even lost money paying non refundable fees trying to get refinanced. Quicken loans was the only co to actually take the time to really try and get us qualified . It was a true Blessing for my family to get out of that huge payment. The absence of that stress on our family can’t be stated in words of thanks. We will be forever thankful to quicken loans for changing our lives. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou❤️

    1. Thank YOU Chywana! It is our honor to work with you and your family and be a part of your home ownership journey. Thank you for choosing to work with us. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the holidays!

  189. I appreciate so much the ability to refinance our daughters home while she was so ill. Although we could not be with her, knowing that her house was provided by our ability to get an affordable loan has lessened the worry. Quicken loans is exceptional.

    1. Thank you Carolyn! We are happy to be able to work with you to refinance your daughters home. We strive every day to provide the best experience possible and it’s because of clients like you that we have the opportunity to. Thank you for choosing to work with us. Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks John! We strive every day to provide clients with the best possible experience. Thank you for choosing to work with us and giving us the opportunity to be a part of your homeownership process.

  190. $500 dollars or not – Quicken Loans® – the people who work there are great. I would NEVER use any other company. They even call to review your loan info to see if they can LOWER your rate! That means they would get less money!! They say they ‘are engineered to amaze’ i say they are AMAZING. Thank you QL.

    1. Thank you Reica! It is because of clients like you that we have the opportunity to provide an amazing mortgage process. Thank you for choosing to work with us. The pleasure is ours. Have a great day and happy holidays!

  191. I’ve been disabled for the past 33 years. Two plus years ago my wife and I claimed chapter 7. We attempted to get a refy from more than five creditable lending institutions. To no avail. QL was to be my LAST attempted. I was amazed to hear our QL rep tell us we were conditionally qualified @ 3.625%! QL did not hesitate to proceed with loan process. ALL the other firms proposed similar steps only to be let down like a brick going through water. The true professionalism QL displayed, throughout the entire process, can not be touched by these other so called lenders! we were paying $1,763 per month without property and homeowners ins. With QL we’re paying $911 with tax and ins! THANK YOU EVERYBODY AT QL!

  192. You’ll changed the game in buying houses! We will forever do business with you guys and have referred others to do the same. I was excited about the updates I received during the whole process. You’ll are the absolute best! Thanks,
    Lashon Dent & family

  193. Would like to say thank you for helping us with our home shortly after getting home loan My life changed forever I lost my loving Wife Tammy to a massive heart attack if we wouldn’t of had you help us with home loan I would not Have been able to stay here where we had great memories Times are tough without here and her income but me and our 17 year old son are getting bye I just wanted to say you Quicken loans you guys are the best.

    1. Tony:

      I’m sorry to hear about your loss. That’s always very difficult. We’re glad we been able to help and serve you though.

      Kevin Graham

  194. I would like to say thank you for helping us get the refinance as it is helping us a lot !!!! We have payments that we can make and lower interest which means a lot to me as my wife’s cancer set us way back on what we had planned for retirement but after your helped we can see how great it was getting you to refinance our home, great service, great people, to work with and THANK YOU SO MUCH !!
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to everyone at QUICKEN LOANS

  195. I enjoyed your Thank You videos. I have always wondered why Quicken Loans® didn’t give their customers a free download of your Quicken software to manage their finances. That would be a great Thank You for me..

    Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Hi David,

      That would be a great idea! Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with the makers of Quicken branded software. That’s Intuit which is a separate company. It’s something to consider for the future though. Happy holidays! Thanks!

  196. Wow. I could only pray to be one of those lucky ones. I got fired from an Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for youth after I decided that a young man who threatened me in the office needed consequences if he is to make different/ healthier decisions and that income loss has made an impact.

    One thing that would be nice would be to caption your representatives names on future videos so we could see our folks

    Ok. Take care

    Dave Dibble

    1. Dave, we’re rooting for you! The loss of income is always difficult. The picking of names is completely random, though.

      I’m going to pass along your suggestion about the video. Have a great day and good luck!

      Kevin Graham

  197. I love the video and the personal attention you give your clients. It would be such a blessing to be a recipient of $500 at this time, as we have much higher priority needs than the upcoming holidays. These exact needs resulted in our choice of using Quicken Loans® for a refinancing and lower payment in the first place!
    Sincerely, Christopher and Lisa Yeazell

    1. Christopher and Lisa-

      We love working with you! The $500 recipients are being selected completely at random, but you never know! We’re rooting for you!

  198. I have had a great experience with Quicken Loans®. We have done 2 refinances through your company and am amazed at how easy it was. We have owned many homes over the years and none of our mortgagors have cared about their clients. After closing the only correspondence was through our monthly payment. Your emails and newsletters are certainly not the norm.

    Thanks for your professionalism and expertise.

  199. i was impressed by the sincere effort made by Quicken Loan Personnel who worked on my loan application. the whole process was quick and professional.
    everything i was told, did in fact happen as i was told.

  200. I was not sure how this process was going to go but it turned out to be one of the easiest transactions I’ve ever done. The service and the staff was attentive and very knowledgeable and friendly. I had the pleasure of dealing with Bill Schaeffer who was right beside me and answered any of my questions or concerns accurately and quickly. I would recommend Quicken loans to anyone. Thanks Quicken and their staff.

  201. Quicken has been the easiest loan I have ever applied for and the quickest I ever had approved. I have told everyone I know about the great experience I had with quicken.

  202. I’ve been with quicken loans for several years now , I’ve refinanced 3 times to draw from equity in my home to affect repairs in order to be able to stay in my home…let me mention that I’m disabled and retired on an income less than what is considered poverty level. …when all other lenders ran from me…quicken loans, found me the very best rates then went to work making my dreams real….you betcha, I’m gonna be with these great people for life….my quicken loans , my team….🏡

  203. Quicken made a cold call to my home. I said what the heck, and in less than 30 days we had a new mortgage. Close to $300.00 less per month and 2% lower interest rate. They kept us updated on MyQL, so we were aware of every step taken to close our loan. Thanks to the entire Quicken team.

  204. Quicken Loans® was great to work with. They kept me informed at each step. I needed power of attorney and they arranged it. I would high suggest them to anyone.

  205. It would sure be nice to be one of those that were picked, We honored that Quicken Loans® could help us with our mortgage. You are very good at what you do. We appreciate Quicken Loans®.
    Thank You again.

  206. When I received an email and saw the ad on TV I was not sure of your company or the type of service you rendered. After speaking with your associate I decided to refinance my house with Quicken Loan. I have been more than pleased with the service I received. Therefore, I have informed family members and friends if they are in the market to purchase or refinance a home that they should consider Quicken Loans®. Again, thank you for great service you provide to all of us.

  207. I have been very happy with Quicken Loans®. I am 81 years old and purchased my home 50 years ago. back when it was only 10 years old. I paid off the home at one time but have used it to finance different projects over the years. About 2 or 3 years ago the interest rates were quite a bit lower than I was paying. I decided to check out the marketto see what I I might save. I called Lendint Tree and almost as soon as I had inquired, I received a call from Quicken and a very helpful young man. I had just been going to inquire to get some information but he was so helpful and the savings were great and he asked if there was any reason for not doing it and I could not think of any so we went ahead and started processing it right there on the phone. I was able to get the interest at 3 1/2 percent and I saved about $200. dollars over my previous payment. Another company from Lending Tree called a few hours later but had to tell them I had already placed my loan with you. At that time my wife was living but had Alzheimer’s disease and though I knew she would probably die before too long and I would lose her income from our household income, so it was really helpful to get the house payment down as low as possible to be ready for the lower income. My wife died a couple of months ago and now I am adjusting to losing her and also to losing that extra income and a new budget. You have been excellent in the origination of the loan and service since that time. You have been a blessing to me. Harvey Martin

  208. Thank you to Quicken Loans® for the great service on our mortgage and being DELIGHTFUL to work with. This company is outstanding and this THANK YOU video is really fun to watch! Love how your company thinks “outside the box”
    We will be returning customers in the future!
    Mark and Robin Vanderkaay
    Ferndale Mich

  209. This is our 14th home with now 17 lenders–(Test pilot with DOD moving every couple years) but Quicken Loans® beat out Bank of Hawaii who for many years set a standard I thought would never be passed. Your team at Quicken did–special thaks to your loan officer Josh Schusterman.

    Dan Madish

  210. This was really great! I’m a new customer and I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m excited to have QL service my loan.

  211. Quicken Loans® were a God send to us, we knew that if we kept going with the Mortgage lender we had that it would be a matter of a couple years that our mortgage would be out of control. Thank you, QL for helping us and also lowering our payment. You are all very knowledgable and kind when I have a question or concern.you make us feel like we are important and no just another number. Happy Holidays The Haviland Family

  212. Brenda and I really do appreciate what Quicken loans have done for us. When your company refinanced our home loan for us we were really in a bad spot with another company! Quicken Loans® got us set up at a lower rate and back on the right track! A big thank from both of us!

  213. Oh my gosh, you can surprise me anytime. I just watched the video and was so touched. I’m glad to be a Quicken Loan Customer too. Plus, I would use the money to help fund my trip to Africa next year!!!

  214. The video is really awesome! To see a company that actually connects a human to their customers is really saying something in a day and age of digital everything! I can’t even get a human being on the phone at my Dr’s office! So, thank you Quicken and thank you for the ease of MyQl.com…. 🙂

  215. Every word I heard in this video is absolutely the truth! It was soooo heartwarming!
    I have always felt cared for whenever I needed to speak with anyone at QuickenLoans. They are always happy, ready to help and so encouraging!
    Thank you QuickenLoans!

  216. I also was Director of City Planning for the City of New Britain, Ct, until my retirement in 1991. Also served in the US Army Band in Berlin, Germany in 1947.

  217. We r so appreciated with u handling our mortgage, sure glad we changed our loan, we have had no trouble, it went right thru, with u guys doing the work, Thank all of u for being there when we need u.
    God Bless all of u.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Sure wish we will get a prize from this company, but just have to wait and see, but if we r not, then life goes on, so think of us when u r doing the checks.
    Tom & Brenda Evix.

  218. That is awesome!! As a disable veteran struggling man I hope my number comes up on your random drawn because it sure would help me right now !!!

  219. I love this what a wonderful blessing. I have had a horrific year trying to keep our youngest in college with a seizure disorder and loosing g a students whom I was very close to…..to an accidental overdose. We have more debt this year but our scores are good and our mortgage on time thanks to Quickens loans.

  220. What you do for your clients is really awesome! You make applying for a mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage a pleasant experience.

    Thank you for all that you do and I want to wish you all a very Happy Holidays!

  221. thats really great that company would do something like that for so many that could really use that money. But not only that telling them that you really appreciate the bussiness personally says something so thank you for what yor doing

  222. Just want to say thank you again for all your help and your honesty and keeping in touch through the duration of my loan so far by checking in. Quicken loans is like family and I have so much trust in you with your quick resourceful answers to what I thought would be dumb questions.

    Everyone I come in contact with when I call has been so knowledgeable, friendly and so helpful. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart

    Warm Regards,

    Brian Danowski

  223. Your a very personable mortgage company that really seems to care about your clients. I personally like getting your news stories and updates from time to time. When I choose to go with your company, it was a good move in the right direction…………….

  224. Pretty cool that Quicken is doing something like this. Kinda gives a heart to a mortgage company. We are very happy with our re-fi. Keep up the great work Quicken!

  225. I would just like to say what a pleasure it was to do business with Quicken. It honestly felt as though you went out of your way to make the process as easy, and convenient as possible.

    I would like to say that seeing your latest promotion of reaching out and thanking your customers is going above and beyond, but honestly it is the first class customer service i have come to know and appreciate from Quicken Loans®…

    From a very satisfied customer!


    Ron Justice

  226. We have two loans with Quicken and could not be happier with the amazing customer service we have been provided! Thank YOU, Quicken Loans®. We look forward to a long relationship!!!!!

  227. AWESOME! Have been very satisfied with our loan and your service. Won’t be TOO disappointed if you don’t surprise us. We’re still wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas! Keep up the great work.

  228. Hello, I just wanted to share with you, that you guys are doing the greatest. I am a Disabled veteran, and how you treated me and helped me all along the way is just unparalleled to any other lender. My father was a Realtor, and growing up listening to him argue with loan companies. He would have loved you. Even though my house was not worth enough to get enough to to pay off all my bills, you still stood behind me, and treated me with the greatest respect.
    God bless you .

  229. Can’t even begin to say how great and easy it was working with Quicken. Everyone, and I mean, everyone was great. Can’t name one problem, if you haven’t worked with them, do it now….

  230. I only have one request for u guys…..please don’t ever sell my mortgage to anybody else! You guys are number one for good reason ! You have a heart and legitimately seem to care about your clients! Great stories above, its nice to see a company these days that actually knows their clients and takes the time to personally speak to them instead of passing them off to a voicemail system! Love it! Keep up the great work! Ok I lied, I have one more request…..if I should be lucky enough to be one of the randomly chosen customers, would you please do me a favor and pay it forward from my family to one of our brave soldiers and their family who protect this great country of ours. It would only be a small token of our appreciation, for the sacrifices they all make to keep us all safe. Thank you!

  231. Nice to see QL is moving into the future, and placing faces into the transactions that affect us all is definitely recommended. We should all remember if we truly, honestly commit to customer success then our customers will commit to us. So, the next time you consider ripping off your customer, just hold that thought, it will likely sink you in the long run….isn’t that right Mr. Diamond!

  232. My husband and I are so happy for quicken loans and have always been impressed with the time and careful planning. They put us into a mortgage rate that was great and when our home insurance went up a little which made our escrow go up they were right there letting us know and making the payment change so the impact was minimal. Our last mortgage company, Seterus, never let us know that the escrow balance was insufficient funds and we got a letter telling us to send money for the difference. Quicken loans have been a God sent. The website is easy to use and I can get the information that I need. Thanks again to quicken loans. Jeanne and Paul

  233. How kind of your thoughtfulness for your customers. I have never seen a large company actually show their genuine appreciation. You are truly inspiring!!!

  234. Thanks to Denny and Tabatha for making this a pleasurable experience, you girls worked hard for us. At times we were a little difficult but you were always there answering our questions and giving support. Thanks again from annmarie and allison.

  235. I find it very hard to believe that you are ranked very high because I read nothing but negative reviews from so many customers. I, myself, am a very unhappy customers who recently refinanced and it was not good. I will be calling to speak with someone about a problem and hope it will be resolved, however, based on past experience dealing with anyone at Quicken, I doubt they will fix this problem. If it is not fixed to my satisfaction, I will be moving my mortgage out of Quicken as soon as possible. I do not recommend this company to anyone at this point.

    1. Hey Linda:

      We’re sorry to hear you feel this way. I’m going to forward your feedback to a Home Loan Expert who will be reaching out to you to research your situation further.

      Have a good night,

    2. Linda-

      I’m sorry you feel this way. We strive to answer all of our client’s concerns. I’m forwarding your issue to one of our Home Loan Experts. Have a good day!

      Kevin Graham

  236. I never would have even known about Quicken Loans® if my friend hadn’t told me. I never thought I could have refinanced. Qicken Loans worked with me. I got to refinance and take some extra money to finish the siding on my house along with fixing the leak in my basement. My house looks beautiful with the new windows and siding. Just ask my neighbors. Calling Qicken Loans was one of the best things I’ve ever done as a home owner.

  237. What a great bunch of people they do every single thing they claim to and in this day and time that really is engineered to amaze have had at least 10 mortgages in my life but none smoother Thanks Quicken for being Real

  238. I cannot believe the short video clip I just watched…wow! Incredible that Quicken Loans® would give away a special monetary gift at Christmas time. I am completely impressed with this organization and grateful that my loan is with them!

  239. I have to tell you again how much easier you made my life by finding a way to help me refinance so I could get a new roof, since the old one was leaking. I appreciate your company.

  240. Any time I have had to call, I have never waited for any length of time and everyone has been so helpful. Thanks for a great experience and not a dreadful feeling.

  241. Hi Guys, I just wanted to say Thank You, for getting me the best interest rates around, when people call me to have me switch over to their loan institution, I quickly, respond to the interest rate that I have with you, and they all tell me the same thing, WE CAN’T BEAT THEM !! end of conversation. Thanks Again.- Gaylin

  242. You have made it easy to make payments when I am always away from home . You even sent someone out to meet me in Alexandria, Virginia to refinance my house in Phoenix, AZ.

  243. My experience with Quicken Loans® has been excellent. They got my loan closed in a timely manner and worked with me through every step of the way. They were very personable and made me feel like I was part of a family that truly cared about getting my loan through and making sure I was happy. Being a single father is not easy but with Quicken Loans® they made this part of my life a lot easier. It’s good to know there are still companies out there That treat people like human beings.
    Sincerely ,
    Satisfied Quicken loans customer

  244. I also am very pleased that I recommended your company to my friends Pam & Harry. They used my “friend” coupon to save themselves a good deal of money when they refied with you.

  245. Everyone who helped me get my loan was BEAUTIFUL, so nice when you’re speaking back and forth
    on the telephone. I was very impressed, and very appreciated.

    Thank you for making my life easier,

  246. I receive your Newsletters via email already. I found them to very helpful and informative. Currently, I am considering a remodel of one of my bathrooms…hoping to get that done in the not so distant future. Quicken Loans® has come a long way from where they started. Good for you! I did a refinance and found it to be really easy to apply for and in the comfort of my home. Thank you. Sandy

  247. We have a 7/1 ARM that goes through 07/01/2019, at which time a rate change is “possible.” We’d consider a refinance now for our remaining $134K, but we don’t want to pay all the fees attached!! We’re both in our 70’s, so I doubt we could make it through a new 30 year term!!

    Secondly, we have made several addn’l principal only payments with our regular payments. How can we find out how much that is potentially saving us?

    Thank you, Denny & Marie 9& our cocker “Cookie”

    1. Hi Dennis:

      I’m going to connect you with one of our Home Loan Experts to reach out to you for more clarity on your particular situation.

      Kevin Graham

  248. I liked your “Thank You” video. It would be great if I were one of those whom this gift of gratitude applied to. I have some brilliant ideas that will further enhance the value of your service and perhaps sometime we can sit down and talk about them.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Mark! We’re giving out these gifts at random, but we hope you win too! And if you have some ideas, feel free to send them our way. We’re always trying to be more innovative.

  249. Thank you for sharing this with us. It makes me feel good that we did business with such a grateful company. You and your employees made our financing experience a pleasure We tell anyone that will listen how GREAT Quicken Loans® is

    Thank you

    Kathleen & Randy
    Quincy, MA

  250. Quicken loans was the best company to buy your first home from ! There low interest rate and the best service exceeded my expectations! I bought my first home from them and I have not been sorry. My payment is low and they help walked me through all the paperwork. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

  251. We kept seeing your ads on television, and hearing them on the radio while driving. Susan said there must be something in this because I keep hearing and seeing their ads. Let’s talk to them. We’ve not looked back! Refinancing was the best decision ever, and during the process, we found out that the previous loan was a lot longer in duration than we were led to believe. Quicken sorted it all out and got what we wanted. Thank you.

  252. Jens Appelgate made this refinancing experience a real joy for me and my wife. He was readily accessible, and he truly cared about which financial product was best for our needs. He put the “service” back into customer service, and I have already referred my boss to him for my boss’ refinancing needs. It’s great to know real customer service still exists in today’s world of technology. It’s also great to know it’s still possible to speak with a real, live person when necessary, but the benefits of technology are still there to help move things along in an expeditious fashion. It only took us a little over 2 weeks from the time we first applied for our refinancing loan until the time we actually closed, which was done in the comfort of our own home. Thanks Quicken Loans®!

  253. I just wanted to say thank you for making our Dream come true ! My wife and I absolutely love our new home. We moved from Ohio to South Carolina and everything went so smooth because of you.
    Many Blessings to you all and Happy Holidays !

    1. Congrats on your move, Bradley! We’re so happy things worked out for you. If you ever need anything, please let us know! And if you’re looking for tips on settling into your new home, check out some of our articles on the Zing Blog.

  254. im so totaly amazed about quicken loans,,, so so friendly and professional when it comes to re-financing or loans,,im spreading the word to my family and friends.

  255. yes I have a check from insurance company to pay for damage to my roof from hail but I have already paid for repairs what is your next steps do you need to inspect to sign off on check

    1. Rudy-

      Sorry to hear about the hail damage. I’m going to connect you with someone that should be able to reach out to you regarding next steps.

      Kevin Graham

  256. im so totaly amazed about quicken loans,,, so so friendly and professional when it comes to re-financing or loans,,im going to stay with them on all my financial needs

  257. I can’t thank Quicken Loans® enough for giving us the opportunity to upgrade our home…without their help we would not be able to survive…my husband and I are both retired and the help that we received from Quicken Loans® was wonderful..thank you to Mike Minyard for getting the loan approved and Holly Salisbury and her team for get it closed in a timely manner. I had a difficult situation and was able to get my loan closed so I could handle the family matter.

    Thanks again…and have a wonderful holiday season…I have recommended all my friends to Quicken Loans®.

    Lois Carriero,

    1. Good evening, Lois! I’ll be sure to pass those fantastic compliments on to our team at Quicken Loans®. We’re so happy you had a good experience. Have a good one!

  258. Thank you for the “thank you” ! Not much brings a smile but you did. My partner died last May of cancer. He was a beautiful person. Eight months later I lost my precious daughter to renal failure. Then, I lost my job. Pretty awful I know but, the kindness of strangers have been such a blessing in my life! So, thank you!!

    1. I’m so very sorry to hear about your losses, Marilou! Our thoughts and prayers go out to you during this difficult time.

  259. This is an amazing thing you guys are doing. What better time to give a gift like this than right now? Everyone is stretching and scrambling to pay for Christmas, so this couldn’t come at a better time. Quicken Loans® has some of the most friendly and helpful people working there you will ever meet. So it doesnt suprise me to hear you are doing this. Your employees are some of the friendliest ive ever had the pleasure of meeting. Real kindness. Not fake, im only doing this for my paycheck, kind of smiles either. I never felt like I didn’t understand what was happening with our loan not one time. These girls always called and kept me up to date with the proceedings of our loan. I even received a phone call that absolutely surprised me. After closing and signing and all the paper work is done. Stephanie Cardaris called just to check in with me and see how we were doing and if we loved our new home and was we happy? I was shocked! She was an amazing lady to work with. She made me feel so comfortable. Also I do not want to leave out Jillian Flowers, who worked tirelessly with me every day to make sure I got the right papers faxed to her so the crew could get our loan ready on time. She was so on point and explained everything so well so I could understand it. Both of these women made my experience with Quicken so great that I would never think of going anywhere else. Anyone I know will definitely be getting a push toward you. Thank you for everything.

    1. Wow! What an amazing compliment, Calista! Thank you so much. And I’ll be sure to pass these comments on to Jillian and Stephanie! Have a wonderful evening.

  260. Quicken Loans® has done a great job on servicing my loan. Everyone is very effective and efficient in processing the loan and did so quickly thus the name. I am very happy with the loan Thank you Quicken Loan ,

  261. Quicken Loans® was so easy to work with for my 2nd mortgage! Closing was extremely fast without “out of pocket” money and they came to me. If I find myself in need of help, I know who to turn to!

    Thank you QL for being YOU.

    Judy Scott

  262. It’s funny. Nancy and I were offered just a week ago from IRRRL-Benefit Allotment a principal and interest payment of $617.01 with no minimum credit score and even late payments accepted. Interest rate 2.9%. Nancy and I thought it over and realized you guys got us a great deal(compared to what we had for 8-10 years) and worked hard to do it. We declined. It’s nice to feel comfortable. Thanks.

    1. Hello, Jim and Nancy! Your loyalty means so much to us, and we’ll continue doing everything we can to give you the best possible experience and service. Have a fantastic evening.

  263. I think that this is an extremely nice thing for your company to do. Many families can really use this blessing at this time of year especially. Thank you for helping those in need.

  264. I was so happy to be able to reduce my interest rate amd save 800.00 a month the sales rrep was extremely helpful and so nice made the experience a smooth transaction. Then the customer service person was also a pleasure to work with. My daughter was going thru cancer treatments at the same time so having a caring team supporting me tto accomplish the refinance meant more than I can express. Thank you Quicken Loans® I have snd will continue to recommend you to others. Sincerrly Judy

  265. Thank you for the video. My experience with Ryan Hudie at Quicken Loans® was amazing! He helped me when I was so stressed with all the documents. He constantly stayed in touch with me. I am very thankful.


    Shelley Di Zinno

  266. We had a wonderful experience with Quicken Loans®. Our loan was processed, all of our questions answered and we look forward to working with them in the future.
    Thanks Quicken Loans®!
    Kevin and Annette Raisor
    Chattanooga, Tennessee

  267. Thank you Quicken Loans®. You’ve been there when needed. Everyone we spoke with was so friendly and helpful. We felt like people not just a number. That meant a lot to us.

  268. Thank y’all for your awesome service!! It was a very pleasant experience for sure!!! A surprise at the end of the year ??!! I hope our name is in that box!! Maybe we could pay something forward!! That would be nice….thanx again Quicken loans!! Donald & Debra Trussell 😀

    1. Hello, Trussells! We thank y’all for being awesome clients. 🙂 And while the gifts are being given away at random, we hope that you win too! Have a good night.