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In just three days, Henderson Elementary School in Detroit was given a complete makeover.

Thanks to almost 2,000 volunteers comprised of Quicken Loans and Title Source team members donating 11,000 hours of their time on “Neighborhoods Day,” the students of Henderson Elementary will start their school year with freshly-painted lockers, groomed fields to play in and a brand-new mural adorning the outside of the school.

Wednesday, August 13, through Friday, August 15, team members were bussed daily to the elementary school. They were assigned tasks by Life Remodeled, a non-profit that specializes in remodeling schools and neighborhoods in low-income areas. Volunteers took a full work day, only breaking for lunch, to fix up the school inside and out. Volunteers also worked in the surrounding neighborhood, fixing up lawns and houses.

Quicken Loans and Title Source weren’t the only ones to pitch in. Others from the Quicken Loans Family of Companies that decided to help include dPOP!, Bedrock and Sachse Construction. These companies donated furniture, appliances, construction supplies and expertise in areas such as electrical work.Quicken Loans Team Members Help Remodel Local Detroit School - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

The overall effort from those involved was overwhelming in the best kind of way. Because of the hard work and determination of the volunteers, about 50% more projects were completed than Life Remodeled had originally planned for the three-day time span.

Helping out the city of Detroit is in the DNA of Quicken Loans team members, and this year’s Neighborhoods Day is a small example of how a passionate group of volunteers can help a community in a short amount of time.

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