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Quicken Loans Sister Company RocketLoans Poised to Revolutionize the Personal Lending Space - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

We recently shared how excited we are about Rocket Mortgage, the first fully online way to apply, receive approval and lock interest rates for home loans. Now, we’re extending a warm welcome to the newest member of the Quicken Loans Family of Companies!

Our parent company, Rock Holdings, Inc., has launched Rocket Loans, an efficient way for consumers to apply for and receive funding for personal loans without lengthy delays often synonymous with personal lending.

“The launch of the Rocket Loans platform, coming right on the heels of the very successful launch of Rocket Mortgage, has established Detroit as one of the nation’s fintech leaders and an epicenter of financial innovation,” said Dan Gilbert, Chairman and Founder of Rock Holdings. “We have been able to leverage some of the best minds in both the mortgage and technology industries to create two distinct fintech breakthroughs that have, and will continue to, revolutionize how people think about the process of securing mortgages and personal loans, right here in downtown Detroit.”

Designed with efficiency in mind, Rocket Loans enables consumers to apply online for a personal loan and receive approval in less than 10 minutes, providing loan options based on need, income, debt-to-income ratio and credit profile. All loans are fully underwritten with third-party verification of employment, assets and more. Options are clearly presented without hidden fees or prepayment penalties and funding is expected in less than 24 hours.

Initial products include loan amounts up to $45,000 with fixed interest rates and terms. In March 2016, the company will unveil an ‘immediate funding’ feature that will allow clients to receive funding for loans under $10,000 in a matter of minutes.

“Rocket Loans provides the most convenient and efficient personal loan experience in the industry, giving clients access to the funds they need without any hidden tricks or gimmicks,” said Todd Lunsford, Rocket Loans CEO and veteran Quicken Loans executive. “Today’s consumers have made it clear – they want simplicity and transparency from lenders. With Rocket Loans, we have met that demand, while also streamlining the process and ensuring our clients have the cash they need quickly.”

Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt, pay medical bills or ready to take on that home improvement project, Rocket Loans is the solution for you. Head to Rocket Loans today to experience the most user-friendly, convenient, thorough and efficient personal loan process.

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    1. Hi Frank:

      I’m going to remove your phone number to protect your privacy, but you can reach Rocket Loans at (800) 333-7625. Thanks!

      Kevin Graham

  1. We just refi’d our home mortgage with you and we would now like to see about a personal loan to pay off our credit cards and lower our monthly payments to one payment. What number should I call to get started?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Donna:

      Thanks for choosing us! We’re glad we could help you. If you would like to talk to one of our friends from Rocket Loans, you can call (800) 333-7625. They have Personal Loan Experts available from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Hope this helps!

      Kevin Graham

  2. Hi Kevin’
    Our mortgage is through Quicken Loans®, interested in maybe getting a personal loan to pay off a few bills and having a swimming pool put in….Thank you very much!

    1. I’m going to have someone reach out to you on behalf of Rocket Loans. They’ll be in contact. Thanks!

  3. I would definitely be interested in consolidating credit cards and paying one payment a month. Are there high fees such as application fees, etc. associated with the process. I already have a mortgage loan with QL and the process was a very pleasant one. I look forward to obtaining more information.

    1. Hi Teneisha:

      You may have a couple of different options you can consider. I’m going to have someone reach out and look into your situation to determine what might work best for you.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Jodi:

      Personal loans through Rocket Loan only go up to $35,000 at this point. If you’re looking for a mortgage, we can help you out at Quicken. Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Kinsley:

      The rates are very dependent on your personal financial profile. I’m going to have someone reach out to get some more information from you and help you if you want to move forward.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Eric:

      We can definitely help you look into your options. There may be a couple of different avenues you could look at. Someone will be reaching out.


    1. Hi Gregg:

      Sounds great! I highly recommend you check out Rocket Loans. I’m also going to pass this along to someone can reach out with more information and help you get started.

      Kevin Graham

    1. Hi Loretta:

      You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to have someone reach out and look into your options.

      Kevin Graham

  4. Is this like a second mortgage, because my wife and I would like to pay off 3 small loans and then redo some work in our kitchen and around our home , all for the purpose of listing our home for sale and then moving and purchasing home down in Texas where we want to move , and maybe going down with a prequalifying home loan . john and Maureen P.S. we already have our home loan with you people . thank you

    1. Hi John and Maureen:

      First, thanks for being our clients! It’s been a pleasure to serve you.

      If you were to go through Rocket Loans, it’s not a second mortgage. It’s a personal loan. You may have a couple of options here. You could either do a cash-out refinance or a personal loan. I don’t recommend taking a second mortgage because you’re going to pay a higher rate than you would on your primary loan. I’m going to have someone reach out and help you determine which option will work best in your situation.

      Kevin Graham

  5. I would like info on how to apply to consolidate a bank loan and a couple of credit cards I used to do a kitchen remodel and online business. Please have someone contact me.

  6. It looks like I need a new shingles for my roof / new gutters , How much can qualify for and at what interest rate? Thank you! P.S LOVE QUICKEN LOANS!

    1. Hi Sheryl:

      How much you can qualify for depends upon your personal financial profile. It’s the same thing with your interest rate, but we can help you look into your options.

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