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As a mortgage lender, we work with you during one of the biggest financial transactions of your life – buying and owning a home.

But it’s not just about the financial transaction; we know homeownership can be emotional. This is the home where you’ll celebrate milestones and make memories. That’s huge! Getting to be a part of that means the world to us.

As we work with you throughout your mortgage process, we love hearing your stories, and we strive to provide you with the best experience possible. There are countless stories that move us, but we wanted to share two in particular with you, our Quicken Loans family.


Sometimes, unexpected illness can cause a lot of changes in clients’ lives. TK is one of those clients. After he lost his job due to illness, he reached out to Victoria, his Client Advocate, to see what we could do to help him keep his home.

She was able to help him work out a payment plan to keep his mortgage on track, but she also learned that they shared a common interest – gaming.

Now that his health was back on track as well as his finances, Victoria wanted to do something special for her new friend, TK. We flew her out to meet him in person and surprise the gamer with a virtual reality headset and $1,000 to spend on new games.

Beatrice Bell

Beatrice Bell, a retired Quicken Loans client, first got in touch with her Client Advocate, Jackie, when she lost her debit card and needed to reach out about how it would affect her payment. The two bonded quickly, and Jackie learned about Beatrice’s heart for her community and her church.

Beatrice’s church opened its doors almost 100 years ago and has been focused on feeding the homeless. They needed some repairs, and Beatrice was planning on donating her own personal money to the renovation fund, but now, she’s able to give her church $3,000 on behalf of Quicken Loans. This money will help them get the repairs they need and continue their work in their community.

We also gave Beatrice a $1,000 gift card to her favorite jazz club as well as a spa package so she can get a little pampering, too.


Thank You!

We have to say, our clients are pretty wonderful.

Thank you again for telling us your stories, for choosing to be a part of the Quicken Loans family and letting us into yours.

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  1. I have a mortgage with Quicken Loans for the last 5 years. Minding my own business when I get a call out of nowhere from a associate named Sam ( female) telling us our loan was flagged for refinancing a better deal, her primary goal was to get rid of our FHA loan. So that would save us around a 100 dollars a month. So we waited for her response as she did a HARD credit check. The next day we received a dear john letter that we did not qualify for an immediate refinance but we should work with their Fresh start program and make a loan our new goal. How do you like that for deceptive sales? We have our loan with them and we never missed a payment, they yank us out of the blue and SMACK our credit with a credit check. Thanks Quicken I will be sure to post this as many times as I can. Stupid. Leave people alone.

    1. Hi Elizabeth:

      I’m going to get this to our Client Relations team to look into your experience. We never want anyone to feel this way and take this very seriously.

  2. It was fast, professional and by far the best mortgage loan experience I’ve ever had. It should be a Master Class in customer service and satisfaction and process improvement. Well done!

  3. What a wonderful way to connect with your customers! In today’s fast paced world, it is nice to see a company that truly cares about their customers and takes the time to reach out to them.

  4. Hello,
    I am not as Happy and Pleased as other customers and reviews reflect.
    I did a home refinance with Quicken (which was a very pleasant and painless process). Where my problem came in is that I was given Good Faith estimate prior to accepting loan. I was given a loan payment amount of less than 600 per month (I think 594 per month but am sick and don’t have amount in front of me).
    I had told my rep there that I could not go over 600 and be comfortable as to beING disabled and limited to my social security as my only income. Someone came to my home and closed my line with this below 609 per month oayment. I made this payment several times, THEN I WAS NOTIFIED THAT MY NOTE PAYMENT WAS INCORRECT AS DUE TO THE FACT THAT THE TITLE COMPANY WHICH QUICKEN CHOSE AND USED MADE AN ERROR AND DID NOT PICK UP MY TAXES CORRECTLY AND THAT MY PAYMENT WAS ACTUALLY GOING UP ABOUT 30 DOLLARS A MONTH AND OVER 360 PER YEAR! This would have never happened if a local Attorney had been in charge of closing my loan.
    I talked with Quicken and fought this as it was not my fault that I made a decision to take a loan with Quicken based off of false
    Information giving me a lower payment and then increasing it above the financial threshold that makes me have to chose not to buy some medications and testing supplies as since I cannot due to being tricked into a mortgage payment higher than what I specifically told my rep I would not accept if it exceeded.
    I told the Quicken rep who had a very bad attitude that I felt it should be Quickens resposibility, and or that of the Title Company, who Admitted to the error, to make up the difference in my payment.
    I know The title company has insurance for such errors and pays out routinely.
    My rep just brushed me off and told me tax is always fluid and is the customers resposibility and was nasty in talking to me, and didn’t care this was not my fault and creating a hardship for me.
    I feel screwed by Quicken and the Title Company. I know if I was able to take this to court that I would win.
    I am very disappointed that Quicken would not and does not make the Decision to hold my payment at what I was told and what my closing papers state. This is not due to an increase in property value or tax rate as I would know that I would be responsible for that.
    This is due to you making a mistake in not adding the City taxes into my monthly payment calculation. So does anyone at Quicken care enough to make this right and lower my payment and refund the amount over what I was quoted that I have paid? His really ducks when you have to rely on a fixed income and a major major company makes this kind of error, and takes no responsibility other than acknowledgin that it was calculated incorrectly because the title company did not pick up on my home being in the city limits.
    This is so wrong. I am very disappointed, and I am the one that has to suffer or find a way to bring a lawsuit it seems based off of your response to date.
    I would like to hear from you with a resolution. I know my interest could be lowered. The title company could make a settlement with you or me. My mortgage
    PMI could be dropped, etc. This money each and every month should not be my responsibility. Fix this and I wI’ll be very positive towards Quicken. Leave it as it is will only make me have Stay AWAY FROM QUICKEN LOANS AS MY COMMENT.
    GRIFTON, NC 28530

    1. Hi Brad:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience with us. We would like to look into it. I’m going to get this to our Client Relations team. Thank you very much for taking the time to reach out!

  5. Do you ever give your lenders a month with NO payment required. I have a loan with you. I used to have a loan elsewhere and they did that as a thank you and at the same time it gave their lenders a break.

    1. Hi Pauline:

      I’m going to send your information over to our Client Relations team. They will reach out to you concerning your question. Thank you!

  6. The guys at Quicken Loans were absolutely great because they kept working with me to push my loan through.. A little stressful for me but I definitely needed this to work. Now I have a fixed loan at a reasonable rate.. Reward these guys. Also I was told about Quicken Loans from a friend of mine who also used you guys.. LARRY WASHINGTON. He should get some recognition as well. Thanks again I will also recommend QUICKEN LOANS.

  7. Let me tell you how QL would be able to help their customers. They will be able to help their customers by providing a less expensive options to cover flood insurances and home owners’ insurances, which are in the rise. QL should be looking for the best deals for their customers .. and offer it as part of the benefits of having a home loan with them. Be competitive and bring real benefits to your customers!!!

    1. Hi Adela:

      I’m going to get this to our client relations team to see if we can look into a specific situation for you. That being said, we don’t offer homeowners insurance at this time and flood insurance often has government mandated premiums. Although everyone’s situation is different, our mortgage rates themselves are very competitive and we do offer benefits like RateShield that allow home buyers to lock the rate while they shop for a home. If rates are lower by the time they find a house, they get to get the lower rate. If they’re higher, they keep the original rate.

  8. Best decision I made was getting my mortgage through Quicken Loans. I was going through so much, raising teenagers, after school sports, caregiver for my father who suffers with Alzheimer’s, remodeling our old house to sell on the market and starting a new position with my current employer – it was a rough time but Quicken Loans customer service and impressive customer service portal made this experience the best. It is worth your time to choose Quicken Loans.

  9. I have a VA loan through Quicken Loans on my primary residence. I have a close friend who recently came into a large amount of money and who wants to buy my house – cash. He wants me to continue living here for as long as I want to, owing him nothing in monthly rental but freeing up the $1K I am currently paying in mortgage, insurance and property tax to pay down a credit card and then build up savings, and enjoying retirement.

    What result can I expect such a transaction to have on my credit rating?

    1. If your mortgage is being paid off properly, there wouldn’t be a negative impact. You just request a payoff statement.

  10. In April I had an 836 Experian FICO score. I refinanced my primary residence with Quicken, lowering the payment and shortening the term. Then I refinanced a rental property with Quicken, cutting the monthly payments in 1/2. My income stayed the same, ~$300k/yr with no other bills other than food, gas, etc. My credit score dropped immediately after working with Quicken, and 8 months later is still at 714. What the heck did they do? I’ve applied for no other loans, have far less debt and more cash in the bank. The only change….Quicken Loans®.

    1. Hi Jeffrey:

      We would be happy to look into this for you. The one thing I will say is to maybe look at the information on your report because of the Equifax hack. Also, your credit score will temporarily drop a bit after your credit is pulled for any loan, but I’m going to have someone reach out. Look for an email. Have a good day!


      1. My credit score also dropped after refinancing with Quicken, not because I applied for a loan but because I took out a $100,000 refinance and still owe close to that amount so according to the credit scoring company I have maxed out my loan and haven’t paid it down enough, so I figure this will lower my score for the next 15 years

        1. Hi Sharon:

          I’m happy to have someone look into this for you. I do want to make sure I clarify that when you refinance, you’re taking out a loan. However, I’m going to have someone reach out.

          Kevin Graham

      1. Hi Wake:

        Your credit score wouldn’t typically change that much when applying for any loan. I’m going to get this to our client relations team to look into, but if you look at your credit, I suspect there may be another culprit. We’ll look into your situation and give you some tips as to next steps on how to identify what’s going on in your credit report.

  11. I had the pleasure of working with Kyler Lerz with my mortgage refinance. Kyler put me at ease from the first phone call, and was very professional, and personable throughout the process making me feel that I was in good hands with him! I highly recommend Kyler for all of your financial needs!

    I appreciate all that Kyler did for me, and am very happy to be with the Quicken Loan Family!

  12. Have had two loans with Quicken and Jeff Jones must say each one has been the easiest experience in terms of information required of me. The latest re-fi loan was started on October 2 and closed October 12. Ten days to completion, Jeff Jones and the Quicken team nothing short of amazing. Thank you Jeff for all the personalized service you have provided look forward to future opportunities to work together. Added bonus is that your loan is serviced by Quicken now thats service after the sale! Hope this finds you doing well Jeff Jones and Quicken staff, thank you for my amazing experiences. Best to you all this holiday season.

  13. I would like to thank Quicken Loans® for the great job. I did not want to spend another day or month with my last mortgage co!

  14. I would defanitly advise anyone to let quicken loans handle,and take care of all of their mortgage,and housing or finances. MRS. sonya khal,and staff are the best.SO if your’e looking for experts, and excellance look no further give quicken loans a call you will be glad you did.

    1. We’re so glad to hear you’re happy, Frederick! I’m going to make sure this gets passed along to Sonya and the rest of the team that worked on your loan. Have a wonderful day!

  15. I will highly recommend Quicken Loans® for refinancing or buying a new house.
    They help me a lot to process my refinancing loan in a timely manner. Even though I am not using computer, they help me to process it thru phone and faxing all the document they needed on my loan. People in their office are very helpful and courteous. Thanks.

    1. I’m very glad to hear you’ve had such a great experience, Hector! We definitely appreciate you choosing us! Happy holidays!

  16. They were very friendly and easy to work with. They found errors in my previous mortgage and fixed it. Quick and easy a wonderful experience.

  17. I had my original mortgage with a local bank which was a mistake , I call Quicken loan we started the process , every person I worked with was very helpful , best decision I ever made , wish I would have changed sooner !! I would recommend Quicken loan to anyone. THANKS QUICKEN LOAN !!!

  18. There is no doubt about working with Quicken Loans®. They handled are refi in a timely manner and we cannot be happier. The staff is excellent to work with, especially Daniel who set the whole thing in motion. Thank you Quicken Loans® and Daniel!!

    1. Hi Carol:

      We’re so happy to hear you had a great experience with us! I’m going to make sure Daniel and the rest of the team that worked on your loan sees this! Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  19. Quicken Loans® , Corey and everyone else was professional and guided me through the purchase of my home. I never felt like a customer – I felt like they genuinely love their job. Merry Christmas to the best team ever.

    1. Merry Christmas, Susan! I’m going to make sure Corey and the rest of the team that worked on your loan see these kind words. Have a wonderful day!

  20. I have to say Quicken Loans® is very fast and efficient. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. So HAPPY I switched from Bank of America to QUICKEN LOANS!

  21. When i needed to refinance to do some home improvements i turned to quicken loans best decision i made. First there was Joe who helped me sailed through the refinance could have not gotten a better agent.Then ran into some financial matters about 2 years later. Received a call from Kelly peace he was there to help me let me tell you he helped me in every way to put me back on track if it was not for him helping me every witch way I probably be out of home. Until now he is still helping me,when I call him or he calls me he is a friend not a agent .So hopefully he will be there for along time so when i need something I will call him and he will always have a answer for me.



    1. This is extremely gratifying to hear, Betty! We can do all the advertising in the world, but there’s nothing quite like hearing about the personal experience of a friend or family member, so we certainly appreciate you sharing your positive experience with your son. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you as well!

  23. QL has been wonderful, I have refinanced my prior home through Quicken Loans®, and recently purchased a new home and QL financed that purchase. The QL Organization is VERY professional and does a magnificent job.

    Ken & Heather Law

  24. Great Company! Email reminders, when payment is due, received and just letting you know Quicken is there to help. Our lives are so busy I can plan on Quicken to help keep things on track. Doesn’t get any better than That!

  25. Linda and I found the loan process simple. The service cordial, professional and friendly. Responses and follow up timely. When an issue surfaced, staff responded quickly to resolve the issue. I wish you were around in 1983 when we bought the house. THANKS!

  26. This is the best mortgage company ever. I received a birthday message this year that blew me away.. Most companies don’t Even know your name let alone your birthday. Customer service is phenomenal!

  27. Our mortgage kept getting sold off to other lenders and some of them were nightmares. You couldn’t even pay one of them online or by phone without paying a fee. Then we refinanced with Quicken Loans®. The whole process was so easy and it has been so easy paying each month. I just go on the site, schedule my payment, and done. We have had our mortgage with Quicken Loans® since 2013 and it has not been sold off. Thank you Quicken Loans® for everything. You rock!!!

  28. Our household is on a fixed income due to a severe car accident for one of us and a brain tumor for the other leaving us both disabled . We have used Quicken Loans® to refinance more than once and were able to pay things off and still get a very low interest rate , the lowest we’ve ever had . It was a great help to us financially . Their staff have always been very professional , friendly , knowledgible and ready to help . Quicken Loans® and their staff get an A+ from us !! Be Blessed 😊

  29. I will have to admit that I don’t know what I was going to do when I lost my stepdad QL was there to help me out. They even spent the time for me to get back on my feet and get caught back up. They are truly wonderful people.



    1. Glad to help, Dean! Being able to help clients get to a better point in their financial life is always awesome! Happy holidays!

  31. My original mortgage was with Bell Mortgage Company who then sold it to chase which was a nightmare I then called Quicken Loans® and I couldn’t be happier their service was outstanding their employees were all very helpful and knowledgeable anytime I called with a question would definitely recommend them to anyone thanks Quicken Loans®.

  32. This was my 3rd loan with Quicken and my last. All was decent until the underwriting team. cocky jerks. Really. We have 2 loans paid off through quicken and on this last one they treat us like we’re clueless and don’t have any backing. They literally told us the day we were moving out that we were not approved for the loan and made us put down 20% more when we were already told we were approved. I’ll never work with these guys again.

    1. Hi Shad:

      Thanks for making us aware of this. I’m going to get it to our Client Relations Team and have someone reach out to you. I’m very sorry for your experience.

      Kevin Graham

  33. I was so happy quicken loans came onto my life,I was used to paying a much higher mortgage and just having just enough in the bank to survive. I didn’t think I could accomplish that kind of business on my own.Thanks to Cody Yount and the team I am living a much more comfortable life now! Thank you!

    1. I’m glad we could help increase your financial security, Merita! These kinds of stories are always very gratifying. I’m going to make sure Cody and the rest of the team that worked on your loan see your kind words. Happy holidays!

  34. September 2017, I called in for a refi with small amt of cash out to purchase a vehicle to be used for community nonpaid volunteer work. My daughter’s name is on the loan as well. I was turned down because as I was told my daughter’s credit score was too low even though our pmts are automatically paid each month by withdrawal from my checking account.
    I’m confused, why would her credit score prevent any withdrawal from equity in the home, which there is plenty of? Hard times can bring about a need for stashed cash? Should I have asked for an equity loan??

    1. Hi Jamesetta:

      When we approve you for a loan, we have to take a look at the lowest middle credit score of all borrowers on the loan. That being said, I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to see if we can help you take a second look. Thanks for reaching out!

      Kevin Graham

  35. This made me cry. I have been completely satisfied with using Quicken Loans®. I had to refinance my house after my divorce and after being married for 22 years I was just kind of lost. Your agent was incredibly helpful with getting me back on my feet. Thank You!

  36. I am very surprised to read about these negative experiences some have had with QL. Our own experience was a tremendous one. After years of having a mortgage with Wells Fargo, we began the search for fixed rates which were being reported by media as the lowest in years. Much to our surprise, our bank offered nothing close to what Quicken Loans® offered. The QL rep worked to help us avoid PMI, and secured a fixed rate much lower than our current rate. I remember he was extremely kind, knowledgeable and found a perfect fit for our situation. My conversations with him encouraged me greatly as my disability and medical expenses strained our budget. The paperwork was smoothly handled through our secure account settings online. We were so relieved, remembering well the Bank experience from decades before. And our budgeting efforts have greatly reduced the stress of living paycheck to paycheck. I recommend Quicken Loans® whenever someone mentions they are looking into getting a mortgage.

    1. Hi Manuel and Lynne:

      We very much appreciate your kind words. I’m glad we were able to find a way to better your financial position in a way that was as easy as possible.


      1. I’ve dealt with a lot of different mortgage companies over the past 30 years. I have to say QL is by far the best company I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with so far. The people are very friendly and professional. This is my second mortgage with QL and as expected it went as smooth as vasoline. Special thanks to Rita Coja. She is a gem. We closed yesterday without a hitch. The whole process took about a month.
        Thank you, Cliff and Nancy.

        1. This is awesome, Cliff! I’m glad we were able to help you out! I’m going to pass your kind words along to Rita as well!

  37. When my husband Thomas past away In January I called and talked to a gentleman that was very kind and understanding . He talked me through what I needed to do and was so thoughtful and caring. Then in March I had to get a new roof and Quicken Loan was so fast on getting the insurance money to me so I could pay the roofer . If ever I refinance my home or ever purchase another on I will use them all over again, I recommend them to all my friends and family. I have never had a company be so professional and feel like I was more than a customer to them. I could not ask for a better team of people to be working on my behalf. I would give Quicken Loans® a 10 out of 10 rating.

    Sincerley Yours,
    Bonnie McEuen

    1. That’s wonderful, Bonnie! I’m very sorry to hear about the passing of your husband, but I’m glad we were able to help provide this assistance in your time of need. Thanks for taking time to share. Enjoy the holidays!

  38. My experience with Quicken Loans® was great. Right from the beginning I had well experienced loan officer, who stuck with me throughout the whole process. It was fast and painless. They kept me well informed. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to purchase a home.

  39. Thank you QL, I am one of the very satisfied. You have taken on all the worries of owning a home, and by that I mean I make my monthly mortgage payment and you do the rest. My property taxes are paid for me, my home insurance is paid for me, and now with the new home page I can review my account easily! From the moment I contacted you about refinancing my home, I have been totally satisfied. Thank you and I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season. God Bless!

  40. At 1st the process went really well with the E-Sign on line. We did get a surprise at the end when our house payment was about the same as we were looking to lower both our percentage rate and house payment. Our house payment stayed the same even though it was quoted lower but that was because we estimated our Tax and Insurance cost which was explained in full detail all in all we lowered from 4.9 to 3.99 and it was a good move for us. I am grateful to My personalized Team Kudos goes out to Rachel Spaccarotelli Bill Summers and the rest of the closing team you did a fantastic job.

    1. Happy to help you get that figured out, Michael! I’m really glad we were able to help you avoid a higher payment because of taxes. Happy holidays!

  41. Quicken loans made our dreams come true. We never thought we would own a home in our lives but thanks to god first and Quicken loans We are now home owners. ya. !!!

  42. I had a wonderful experience with QL. Everyone was so helpful in taking my calls, and walking me through everything! This was my first and I really appreciated the way they explained everything and was very nice and patient with me when I had my little mini breakdowns! Thank you to my entire QL team!

    1. I’m glad we were able to help you navigate the process, Jeanette! There can be bumps in the road, but at the end, having a home of your own is very gratifying. Happy holidays!

  43. i couldn’t resit this one, my experience with quicken,well i thought was going to be pretty straight forward, my credit is good,always has been, , i decided to give these guys a chance,i s told numerous things, 14 to 30 days to do the paperwork. promised dates that things would be done and certain aspects of loan, that i insisted on, well , to make everything short and sweet, none of my inspections were met, loan took ,i believe 3-4 months to finish, i don’t even want no one there to contact me, , yes i do still have these guys today, why, i got the interest rate low enough , that’s the only reason, , this is not the first time I’ve done loans with people, but is is the first i was treated this way by a mortgage company , i don’t even want to go into the details, not good, that’s all i have to say.

    1. Hi Phil:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience. We absolutely want to look into it. I’m going to have someone from market Client Relations team reach out! Thanks for making us aware of this.

      Kevin Graham

  44. I refinance my mortgage and it was so easy and loan people are so friendly and it makes it simple and easy thanks QUICKEN LOAN.

  45. Thank you to Carlton Wilson and the entire team for always being there through the whole refinancing process. I appreciate you all tremendously!

  46. I absolutely LOVE Quicken Loans® and recommend them to anyone I know that is in the market to purchase or refinance a house. We have refinanced twice with Quicken, and both experiences were done in a flash. Customer service was excellent…we were told all of the options that were available to us and the whole process both times was completed in under three weeks! You are very good at what you do!!!

  47. Quicken has been our go too company for a number of transactions. One of the most satisfying was their help in working with a renter to purchase the property they had lived in for the past 15 years.
    Very high regard for the get it done work they do!

    1. Thanks, Dave! We really appreciate your kind words. We definitely enjoy helping people achieve their homeownership dreams!

  48. Thank you Quicken Ioans for a wonderful chance to work with your staff. Amazing staff, wonderful to work with. My family and I want to wish each and every staff member a Very Happy Thanksgiving. A Very
    Merry Christmas 🎄 🎁 and Happy New Year

  49. I Re-fied my mortgage through Quicken Loans® and was surprised at how well it went. Everyone I dealt with was so pleasant and kept me informed at every step. I can’t say enough about Quicken Loans®! Thank you!!!!!!

  50. I am so grateful to the QL team must mention Iman,she was my first encounter and everything went smoothly after.I will definitely recommend you without hesitation.Thanks,great service!!

    1. Hi Ilene:

      I’m so happy to hear you had a great experience. I’m going to make sure this gets passed along to Iman!

      Kevin Graham

  51. Surprise? You meant to say, “ Enter here so that we may sell your name/ info to another Bait and Switch company!”
    This is a real one star advertising tacktic. I have not, and would reccomend QL to anyone. The process was brutal. Your staff is only experienced in pushing numbers around, and around and around until you have 10 or 15 different people with their hands in your simple transaction….
    My interest rate is quite different than the early on quote I was given… my situation requires a real estate attorney….. QL was not educated or trained in any real estate laws…. my attorney ended up doing 80% of the job I was told QL would do for me. Not the case, at all, my Lawyer was compensated nicely for all of his help.
    If I could do it over I would.
    Why are you even Emailing me this stupid BS contest info anyway !
    You don’t even own My loan anymore, sold it within months…
    So ZING DING DONG Kevin.
    What a joke.
    There’s your surprise

    1. Hi Jodi:

      I’m going to get this to our Client Relations team because we do want to address your experience. We never sell your info to anyone.

      I’m going to get this to someone who can look into the rest of your experience. We never want any of our clients to feel badly.

      Kevin Graham

  52. I’m pretty surprised by all the positive comments. My experience with Quicken Loans® wasn’t so positive for my refi. They were better than CHASE, but that’s not saying much. You will always get better and honest service from a local credit union (although they can be slow and sometimes incompetent). My credit union stopped doing 30yr refis on income properties, so I was stuck using a large company looking for profit. The more you know and understand the charges, the more you’ll see how they profit off of your ignorance. Good Luck!

    1. Hi Rich:

      I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m going to have someone reach out about your experience. Thanks for your feedback!

      Kevin Graham

  53. I never thought buying a home could be so easy . The entire team i had on my side made the whole process quick and painless . I never thought id be able to own a home being a single mother of 2 and going through a lot of difficulties but with Quicken loans they worked with me every step of the way and made my family and i happy home owners 😃 . Thank you so much Quicken loans !!!! I could’ve never done this without you ❤

  54. Not Happy with Quicken Loans® ……. If you can’t trust the word of the employees then a business is know good to me. Very clear on seeing if I could be approved for conventional loan only. I went FHA on first home, and felt like the required mortgage insurance required outside of personal insurance policy was throwing away money. I made this very clear to Ali – so in the process of moving from Arizona to Mississippi last minute they tried to change from conventional to FHA- I called, and after explaining to Ali, and his boss that I was very clear about not going FHA as I would not except the mandatory PMI mandatory insurance required by FHA. Ali’s boss told me we could go conventional, but the interest rate would be higher by .28% on 30 year mortgage that I was originally quoted by Ali on Conventional loan that it would require more down at closing. So I moved my family across country – stayed in motel until closing, then learned when time to close that PMI was stuck on loan costing me just under $200 a month for 11 years on my conventional loan. I was so clear about what I would except- now last minute across country in a motel I was forced to except this – and I will NEVER Forget the way my family was done -all because I believed someone took me at my word as I took them at their word. Use local loan companies so you have face to face
    One last thing I to was told your loan will never be sold like some of those other companies – I don’t even think it took 3 months to sale mine.

    1. Hi Robert:

      I’m absolutely going to have someone reach out and look into this. We never want to hear one of our clients feel this way, but we do appreciate the feedback.

      Kevin Graham

      1. My re-fi to a 15-year went great. The only mis-truth was that I was told that my mortgage would NOT be sold; it would remain with Quicken. Mine was sold within weeks. Disappointing in light of how customer service oriented Quicken is. It may not be the same with the new company.

        1. Hi Debbie:

          I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to see what you were told and check into this for you. I’m glad your refi went well. Thanks for reaching out!

          Kevin Graham

    2. I do have a few things to say about Quicken Loans®. First, I want to say, I full on agree with Robert. I moved to Mississippi from California. I ended up getting approved by a gal in 2 weeks. They took her away and had some one else take my case. I called the first gal, and she sent me to some one else, because they told her she was off my case. I ended up with 8 different people. I was off and on for 2 months. They did set up a closing date, and informed me that I had to go to Mississippi for signing in 3 days. The plane ticket was over $800.00. Fri. was my closing and they said it wasn’t going to happen, until I gave them another $750.00. A lot more happened because of them. They wouldn’t take a check, and told me to go to the bank. First, they called at 8pm, and there IS NO CHASE BANKS HERE. I wouldn’t tell my enemy to go with them.

      1. Hi Maude:

        I’m very sorry to hear you had this experience with us. I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to look into this. None of our clients should have to feel this way.

        Kevin Graham

  55. I’ve owned two house, in the past so this isn’t my first rodeo. My mortgage on my recent home was sold two times over. The third mortgage company had us in a very bad confused situation. I went to quick n loans and they straightened everything out for us. We are real happy with Quick n Loans and i am work in to apply for a mortgage for my sons family. The team is great and working with us . They are smart and nothing gets passed them. Thankyou for all of the legalities that were handled in excellence from our past despicable mortgage company that you took us away from. Thankyou Again !
    Frank & Gail Appice. Arkansas

    1. I’m very glad we were able to help you get things back on track, Frank and Gail! The pleasure is ours! Enjoy the holidays!

  56. We are very happy with Quicken and the services provided. I would recommend Quicken to those needing Home Loans and refinance services. Thank you for your services and making a refinance so easy!

  57. It would give me great pleasure to say Quicken Loans® was the best and up until my husband died in April of this year, they were top on my list to recommend them and to work with, but when he died I reached out to them to delay a payment until I could get his death finalized, until I found out what income I had, they would not work with me in no way…they even put me down for late payment. From the record my husband had in paying them NEVER a late payment, never no complaints.
    I couldn’t be more dissatisfied with them, I even got help from other bills to work with me.
    That’s OK tho I got back on my feet and struggling to make ends meet, but my God has helped me thru all this!!!
    A dissatisfied customer who has had two loans with them!!!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. This is also something that I’m going to pass along. We never want to hear one of our clients feels this way. I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. Thanks for reaching out and making us aware of this.

  58. I am truly proud to be apart of the Quicken Loan family, they really help me save money with my mortgage. They truly have the best interest rate that I have found anywhere. if you want to save on your mortgage please call Quicken Loan now.

  59. I am truly happy to say that I am very satisfied with the service I have received from your company. Everyone is awesome and have provided me with the best refinance offer for my needs. It has saved me a lot of money each month. Thanks for the being the best.

  60. I am almost 89 and would love to find a way to reduce our monthly payment. I do
    have Veterans mortgage , but I have not had an increase in Social Security in over
    six years. Any Suggestions
    Ralph Yost

    1. Hi Ralph:

      Thank you very much for your service! It’s much appreciated. The fastest and easiest way we can help you look into refinancing options would be to give one of our Home Loan Experts a call at (888) 980-6716. I don’t know if you’re looking to eliminate your mortgage payment altogether, but given your age, one of the things we could help you with is a reverse mortgage from our friends at One Reverse Mortgage. They can look into your options if you call (800) 401-8114.

  61. I will be paying off my house in a few days . Thank you for the loan .
    But I will have to regretfully decline any business with you in the future.
    I’ve never missed a payment I was out of work for 16 months and kept a FICO score of 785- 805. I asked you for a loan twice and was turned down with a higher FICO score than most of your employees all the while needing a helping hand .
    Thank you for stepping in when I
    Needed you the most.
    Arthur L. Low

    1. Hi Arthur:

      I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. This is absolutely something we want to look into. I’m going to have someone reach out. Thanks!

  62. We love this company. They have their act together. Their customer service is awesome… we will finance our next home with them…

  63. I Would like to tell you,thank quicken loans,are outstanding with everything the do for their clients.They are their every step of the way.I would refer anyone ,that wants a mortage,to contact them.

  64. Quicken loans was absolutely wonderful during our refinance. They all went above and beyond. I would and have recommended them.

  65. I’m glad to see quicken is helping out. Its a little sad that, that positive was lost to me by using people’s personal hardships as advertising. A simple, whole figure with an explanation of what that mony helped with would have been more heart felt by me.
    THAT SAID, I’m extremely proud of any company that does respond and take their patrons input into future use. My challenge is make public what is done to satisfy all your complaints. To be fair, my experience with quicken loans was smooth, fast and efficient. Equitable? Unfortunately not. I also will pay far more for my home than if it could have been left on the 30 year fixed it was already on. I was lied to. Told my mortgage would not be sold. I also had to come up with extra money for my ESCROW at the end of the first year. These problems thought they are definately common, should not still occur. Intentionally misleading your consumer is wrong.

    1. Hi Weston:

      I’m glad you like the article, but we definitely want to look into your situation and see what happened here. I’m going to have someone reach out to you about this.


  66. Let me just say. This is the best of the best mortgage company I have ever dealt with. The people that help me at quicken loans in Detroit Michigan (mrs. Anitra jackson) made the process of buying my 2nd home amazing. Also The online payment Is so easy and quick to us. I always recommend this company to all my friends when they talk to me about buying or selling their homes. I really really appreciate the people that work their. That’s why this company is so AWESOME

  67. Quicken was wonderful to refi with when all of my “ducks were in a row”. However, in spite of having almost 1/2 of my loan in equity, when things got tough, Quicken was unwilling to refi and help me use some of my equity to get back on my feet. I am in the process of refinancing with another company who was truly sympathetic of my situation and worked hard to find a way to try to make it work. It’s unfortunate because the process of closing a loan with Quicken was the easiest, smoothest process ever. But I will hopefully be changing to another lender very soon.

    1. Hi Jill:

      I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. I’m going to have someone reach out to you for more details and see if we can help turn this around.

      Kevin Graham

  68. We would like to say thank you to the entire Quickens Loan team
    Our loan and home buying process was easy as buying a car.
    We would recommend Quickens Loans to everyone we know
    Julius and Cheryl Caldwell

  69. your company truly has the compassion that I thought was lost in our world! Bless all of you!! So blessed that your company is truly honest!!

  70. Hello Kevin- I had lots and lots of calls from other finance companies when I first started looking to refinance my home to purchase solar panels a little over a year ago. I decided to refinance my home with Quicken, and have been very happy with my decision. Thank you so much for being there for me. My only grievance is the additional FHA “mortgage insurance” that was attached to my loan payment. I believe the ‘mortgage insurance’ is to protect you in case I default on the loan. I would like to have the mortgage insurance dropped from my payment. I imagine this can done by you, since I have never been late on a payment, and in fact I am always early, PLUS I have more than 20% equity built up. There is no worry about me losing my job because I am retired and living on a fixed income, hence the request to drop the mortgage insurance premium from my payment. Please review my loan and let me know what you can do for me. Thanks – Anneeta De Santis

    1. Hi Anneeta:

      We can absolutely look into this for you. I’m going to pass it along to someone to reach out. Have a great night!

      Kevin Graham

  71. You are part of those who I am Thankful for. Twice Quicken and there knowledgeable, professional and mostly friendly staff have helped me through good and bad times.
    You are TRULY FAMILY, God Bless yo All. Have a great Holiday Season and a best of all New Year. Thank you again, Fred

  72. Thank you for walking me thru my changing mortgage companies to you and the refi in a few years. It was virtually nothing on my part to do. I only wish that your company handled my Cable Co, health insurance and other headaches. You prove that things can be done well,fair and most of all honest and respectful. Traits uncommon in today’s world. 👏🙂

  73. Laura was so helpful. I have been very sick and I was on my second brain tumor. I was going for my second operation and we had a home we owned outright. We needed money to get through this hard time in our life. Has anyone knows insurance does not cover everything and we had some debt to pay off. I asked if Laura could help and she did. Laura got us a mortgage on our home for just the right amount at a great rate to pay down debt and have a little left for things we might need . She also suggested a 15 yr mortgage and I was thinking 30 years so I can save money per month but Laura showed me that the difference is not much and I would be paying off so much more to the prince able she was right. I am now 2 yrs into the mortgage and can’t believe how much goes to the prince-able and how little to interest. Laura was so helpful and kind in a time I was stressed to the max. I am still suffering for the second brain tumor but the Radiation looks like it is working. God Bless Laura and QL for helping us at time when needed. Thank You

    1. James:

      I’m very glad we were able to help you when you needed it. I’m glad to hear your treatment is working. Cancer is tough, but you’re tough enough to fight. I’m going to pass this along to Maura. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear she had such a big impact. I really appreciate your sharing this with us. You’re in my thoughts and I hope you knock cancer down for the count.

      Kevin Graham

  74. I was a first time home buyer 2 years ago. I was trying to keep it “local” and go through the credit union that I do my banking through thinking it would be easier. Unfortunately as much as I love my credit union, their loan person was less than helpful, when I got things straightened up with my credit they even went as far as to argue with me over the fact that my credit could even remotely be where it needed to be to get approved. (I had my credit fixed within a month). After arguing with her on the phone to please have her pull my credit report she was stunned to see that she was in fact wrong but to even get her to do her job was like pulling teeth. But she was still less than helpful. I decided to give Brandon Chitwood a call at Quicken. I had the preapproval for my mortgage that day, and I had the best team of people to help me and when I had any questions about the process or what I needed they were so helpful with patience and understanding. They didnt treat me like an idiot. I love that I was able to keep it still “local” for me, being a Michigander. I tell all of my friends and family that are looking to buy to get a hold of Quicken. I’m so glad I did!

    1. Hi Amanda:

      This is a great story. I’m going to make sure that Brandon and the team get to see it. Thank you very much and I’m glad we were able to help you!


  75. I was skeptical at first with Refinancing with quicken loans. But It truely was as easy as the commerical said. Everyone involved was super nice. I can’t say enough positive things about your company. Thanks again.

  76. We have to praise Quicken and all of the staff for being there for us each time that we have needed assistance in purchase or re-fi. Joey Jankowski and his crew have been more help in completing each transaction on each occasion along the way.
    Joey is the type of person that goes out of his way to help customers and get the job done in the timely manner and without too much frivolous side steps. He has become a good friend( all though we have not met face to face YET) Next time in Michigan will meet for dinner (on my dime) HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND WISHES TO ALL from Carmel, IN.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Sandy and Edna! I’m going to make sure Joey sees your incredible compliment. I know he’ll appreciate it. Happy holidays to you and yours as well!

  77. As I watched my childhood home being prepared to be sold I decided to purchase it myself. Local friends in the banking business that I have know for thirty years turned me down for a loan, no offer from the bank to help me get a loan. One call to quicken loans and a full team helped me take the steps to secure a home loan. I am sitting on a couch in my childhood home while I type this message. A big thank you to your team.

  78. I just have two words. THE BEST! I was so nervous trying to refinance, but Quicken Loans® made the experience painless. Tim, Christine, and the rest of the team were so kind and understanding. I recommend Quicken Loans® to everyone! Thank you again.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl! I’m going to make sure tank, Christine and the rest of the team that worked on your loan hear your kind words. Whatever you celebrate, happy holidays!

  79. How come when I ask to have the PMI removed from my loan all that happens is I get hung up on? Maybe it’s because you like to take peoples money?

    1. Hi Patrick:

      We don’t keep the PMI money you pay us. It goes to a mortgage insurance provider. With that being said, we absolutely would love to help you get it removed, if this is at all possible. You certainly shouldn’t be getting hung up on. I’m going to pass this along to our Client Relations team to look into your situation and see what’s happening here. Thanks for reaching out!

      Kevin Graham

  80. These stories are making me shed tears of joy this morning. Thank you for sharing especially during this time with everything going on in the word. God bless you all!

    1. We certainly hear about a lot on the news that’s not so great, Stacey! I’m glad we were able to provide a little happiness this morning!

  81. Quicken loans has been great to me. Owing my own home had been the best sense of self worth and accomplishment. 2 years ago however, I had to make the heart wrenching decision to move out of my house. It was my dream home; the white picked fence, hind for my children to grow up in and my home to live after I retire.
    Today I live from place to place with family and friends, while I rent my house out. I just found out they want to buy.

    My experience with quicken loans has been fabulous and hopefully, one day in the near future, you will hear from me about a new purchase!

    Thank you TO me? No, THANK YOU from me!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through a tough time. That said, your attitude toward it all is inspiring. When you’re ready, we can’t wait to have you back. Good luck with the sale of your home!

  82. We have been with you for 5 years now and we couldn’t be more happier. In the beginning you walked us through everything witch made it the best experience ever. We are forever dedicated to you and when we get ready to refinance we age sticking with you guys.
    Thank you for being the best…
    David & Rachel

  83. Thank you Quicken Loans® for lowering my interest rate and length of my loan. I am battling Breast Cancer and the savings have helped me to be able to afford thwe medical treatments that I need. I don’t know where I would have been without your services!!

    1. I’m glad we were able to help Donna. You’re certainly in our thoughts. Do me a favor and kick that cancer to the curb! Enjoy your holidays and good luck!

  84. why does it take so long to get an appraisal done I think you should follow up on them and give it out to some one else if their not responding in an appropriate time frame

    1. Hi Mike:

      There are areas of the country where it takes longer to get an appraisal done because of a shortage of trained appraisers. With that being said, I’m going to have our Client Relations team reach out and look into your situation. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  85. thank you mike turley and the rest of the people. you helped me out of a seemingly hopeless situation. i will remember you always with good feelings.

    1. Hi Paul:

      I’m extremely glad we were able to help you. I’m going to make sure Mike and the rest of the team that worked on your loan see this. Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  86. You guys are an amazing company and you really do provide the customer service that you advertise. There are so many different companies and options but we have been with you guys for over 10 years and still appreciate your extreme professionalism and personal care. Thanks for being you and may God continue to bless your company and customers.

  87. When my husband passed, I was unable to make the high house payment. You were able to refinance at a lower interest rate that lowered my payment so I could afford to stay in my home. Thank You from the bottom mu=y heart.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear about the passing of your husband, but I’m very glad to hear we were able to help you when you needed it. Thanks for sharing your story. Things like this make the hard work more gratifying. Have a wonderful day!

  88. I have been so happy with quicken loans they have the lowest interest rates. Always looking to help there customers and one of the best things sometimes you just can not make your payment on due date due to financial or being out on sickness. They are so understanding not like other companies. Everytime I have called all reps are always so professional and pleasant! Great job!

    1. We’re happy to share, Paula! I’m glad it brought you a little bit of joy. We’ll keep up the work because we know how much it does matter.

  89. I have nothing but to say other than great job. My experience with Quicken Loans® has been great, every phone conversation has been with very pleasant and friendly people you can almost picture them smiling while speaking with you.
    Great job

    1. Hey Kolin:

      Approaching every day with a smile makes everything in life a little easier. We appreciate your incredible words. Have a wonderful day!

  90. Ql has helped me out alot.consolidated @ 5-6 Cds with high rates.lowered pmt.and great interest.rate.i had an ex.cr.rating but limited resources.ql worked for me

    1. I’m glad we were able to help put you on better financial footing, Dave! Thanks for sharing! We do like hearing the kind words. Have a great day!

  91. Every time life throws a curve, Quicken has been there for me. All of their employees are courteous and eager to help. For me, Quicken has been a lifesaver.

  92. You’re offering “gifts” to clients. Okay, I now apply for a candid answer to a question which will not benefit the lender. You’re offering “as low as” 5.68% interest, as if it’s a really-great deal. My present note is 3% (and change). Why the difference? I am told the FED has not changed the base rate significantly. Has HARP expired? Are lenders getting hungry? I don’t feel threatened (a contract is a contract), but I am curious.

    1. Hi Randall:

      I’m going to get this over to our Client Relations team to look into what you’re referencing. Every situation is different. With that said, I’m not sure where you saw that rate? Our rates page doesn’t have anything anywhere near that. Generally, you can still get rates in the 4% and even 3% range depending on the way the loan is structured. Thanks!

      Kevin Graham

  93. I wrote you before when I got my mortgage with Quicken. My comments then and now remain the same. From the initial start the “TEAM” that was assigned to work with me made the entire process feel like “we” were all ONE family. Their concern, their professionalism and their over all attitude & kindness made it a sincere pleasure. Even NOW as you continue to share with your customers makes me feel like I’m not only a customer, but I part of your FAMILY. To the TEAM workers and all the little people in between and especially the upper Management. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Thank you & God bless all of you. Tony Joswick

    1. Hi Anthony:

      We’ll keep doing what we’re doing every day to serve our clients the best way we know how. Have a wonderful holiday season!

      Kevin Graham

  94. We have two loans with Quicken and love your customer service!! We have never dealt with a company that goes above and beyond to service their clients. My husband is in real estate and recommends Quicken to all of clients that are looking to obtain a mortgage. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

    1. Thanks, it’s been wonderful to work with you and I absolutely appreciate the recommendations! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

  95. Before I read the stories, a pop up appeared suggesting i might win $4000 by subscribing to zing blog. I subscribed, but nothing further inducated i was entered into the contest. Please clarify.

    1. We do have a sweepstakes that you can enter here. However, it’s not tied to subscribing to the blog. It’s a separate form. I will tell you that you can enter every day between now and 5 PM ET December 6. Good luck!

  96. Main reason we went with Quicken was because they told us they would service the loan and yet 3 months later you sold the loan to Freddie Mac. I will not recommend Quicken to anyone.

    1. Hi Tom:

      I absolutely understand why you might be upset. I do want to clarify something here. When we service the loan, the loan is sold to a major mortgage investor, in your case Freddie Mac. We do this so that we can both pay our team members and have the money to make more loans in the future. However, we’re still collecting the payment for you and taking care of any concerns you may have with your loan at any given time in the future. It’s important to us that your relationship with us doesn’t end at the closing table. I’m going to get this over to our Client Relations team to go and do this in further detail, but I hope that helps put your mind a little more at ease.

      Kevin Graham

  97. I just wanna throw my two cents in here, just because….When my mother passed, I let my house payment go behind to help my father with funeral expenses and the people at quicken loans I had to deal with where totally uncompassionate, pretty much complete apples. I wouldn’t recommend them as a lender at all and will remortgage soon.

    1. Hi Chris:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience with us. I’m going to get this over to our client relations team so we can look into it for you.

      Kevin Graham

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time. We certainly hope it gets better for you. Happy holidays and keep your head up!

  98. Hello:
    That giving of gifts is such a blessing. Truly warms my heart and thoughts with so so much sadness happening right now. It is wonderful your business has a heart for people. Love this.

  99. I am very happy I made the move to your company. So far everything is working great!.

    Thank you for the excellent customer service!

    Happy holidays!


    Jacqueline Angela Stokes

  100. We just had our home re-financed with you, and I’ve told my husband time after time how great you all were, all through the prosess, you were always there for us, I’ve told many people about your company, To me , Quicken Loan is the best, I loved you before, but even so much more now that I’ve read these stories about helping those people, wow! Blew me away to know that company’s like yours cares so much! There is still good people out there,………A very satisfied client….Lois and Jack Schmidt

  101. What the heck. You appreciate my business so much you get me to read about other clients? What was the point of this except to waste my time?

    1. Hi Catherine:

      We certainly appreciate your feedback. We were trying to spread some good feeling by highlighting a couple of nice stories this holiday season. That said, the email definitely could have been worded in a better way. We will be better in the future.

      Kevin Graham

      1. In 2016 I was laid off and on unemployment I am in my 60s and was not offered employment until October of this year and although I am extremely grateful for the job I have taken a large cut in pay. If not for the doable loan and lower interest rates I may not have been able to keep up with my mortgage payments. I appreciate working with your company .

  102. Hi quikenloan team,
    when I we were ready for refinancing our home a lot of finance institutes contacted me and wanted information. To be frank I went with them to a cetain distance until I realized that they were nothing but bullshitters. After I saw the comercial on the tv on rocket morgage I spoke to one of your associates and during the first phone conversation he proved his proffesinalism and gave me utmost confidence to go with them. It is unfortunate that I have forgotten his name. He really deserves a personal complement from us. The process was so simple and straight forward and a couple of telephone calls and emails the process was over to our satisfaction. Even now I receive many calls again for refinancing and my answer to them is I am with quiken loan and so happy .
    Thank you quikenloan.
    Ranjith Yapa

    1. This is an excellent thing to hear, Mary! I’m going to make sure everyone that worked on your loan hears your kind words!

  103. I have been extremely satisfied with my loan and the process I went through with Quicken Loans®. The process was painless and the people were extremely helpful. When I watch your commercials today, you all really do rocket through the loan process!!

  104. The major reason that I chose Quicken Loans® as my mortgage company is the reassurance that I was given that I will more than likely remain with this company without being sold to other companies several times down the line. I also have every confidence that I will not experience drastic changes in my mortgage payment in the years to come. Thank You Quicken Loans®.

    1. We do service nearly all of our loans and it’s something we take great pride in, Emma! I’m glad you’ve had a great experience.

  105. How about a real Christmas gift like other Mortgage companies I’ve done business with have offered us a “skip a payment” option for being a good customer with a perfect payment record. That would show your a true thanks for our continued business.

    1. Hi Hal:

      Although this isn’t something we offer at this time, we certainly appreciate your feedback and will pass it along. Thanks for being an amazing client!


  106. I truly love this company! I forgot this company existed until i tried to get financing for my 1st home. A lender that turned me down because of my terrible credit gave me the idea to contact you guys. I couldnt be happier with him turning me down 🙂 now my credit is top tier thanks to you guys taking the chance on me. The people are awesome spirited and always there for you. The dude who got my mortgage going literally called me on sundays, i swear he never slept or clocked out! He definitely earns whatever type of money he makes. Never have i ever been treated so well and not treated like just another customer. Anyone u talk to about them buying a house i ALWAYS recommend you guys. Its impossible to be happier with your customer service and reps….do u feed them happy pills? Haha must be an awesome company because theyre truly amazing!!

    1. Nothing makes us happier than being able to help a client achieve their dream of homeownership, Matt! It’s a big part of the American dream and knowing we can help is great motivation. Thanks!

  107. How about not worrying about having 1 person win $4000.00. Why not bring all your customers Loan interest brought down by 2 %. I personally would just like MY HOUSE note to get brought back down to the original Payment . If it stays where it is now, after the first of the year. I’ll refinance with some other company. This year I paid the Higher payment because of the escrow problem that your man caused by TELLING ME THAT IT WAS MY MONEY AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH THE ESCROW MONEY FROM THE LAST COMPANY I was financed Through. ( CHASE ) Let me know how you like my Idea.
    James K. Henley

    1. Hi James:

      First, I’m removing your account number for your privacy. I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m going to have someone reach out and see if there’s anything we can do.

      Kevin Graham

  108. Thank you for being such a great company. We’ve been very satisfied with Quicken since we refinanced our home.

    Thank you again.


  109. We’re so happy with our Quicken Loan, because you have the most attractive rates and were so easy to work with. The beautiful stories of the surprise gifts you’ve given to such deserving clients proves the company has a big heart! Thanks for sharing these experiences!

    1. Hi Terry:

      It definitely wasn’t the greatest wording in the email. We do value your feedback and we will learn from our mistake. I sincerely apologize.

  110. Thank you for being the best people on the planet. Not only have you blessed my family twice with our financial needs on two different homes, but to see these stories just brings tears of joy to my heart. To know that there are people out the who really care, just makes my heart sing!! Thank you!

  111. I wish to thank Quicken Loans® on refinancing our home , we now are paying $100 less a month on our mortgage after i got in a severe head on collision in an auto accident and didn’t have the extra money to make payments on my next car , thank you very much , you’re the best !

  112. thank you to quicken loans we knocked off 6 yrs of mortgage payments and it actually cost about the same as it did before,would recommend to anyone

  113. I was disappointed by the appraisal on my house. You have been appraised in the last six years or so and around $300,000 the appraisal that your man came back was about $200,000 . That’s affected the amount of money that I could borrow to buy my new motorhome.

    1. Hi Mark:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. I’m going to get this over to someone to see if we can take a second look at your appraisal. Thanks for reaching out!

      Kevin Graham

  114. Love the people they work and cool on the patient again do you have to work with people even with me they don’t speak too much English and always with a Lotta love to work so I wish you the best God bless you

  115. I would like to say that my heart is so touched to watch these stories and to see that Quicken Loans® really cares about their customers, going that xtra mile to ensure they have as much help after their disasters as possible. I just love that I found Quicken Loans® and was able to have them assist me and have me feel that they did everything possible to make their process as seamless and easy as it was. I was and still am very happy with my QL Team members.

    1. We believe in every client, every time, Sheila! Our clients touch us every day. We’re glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

  116. Dequinda’s story was very touching. I discovered my own tears, along with hers when she received the check for $5,000 and the same amount for furnishings. Wow, that’s so wonderful to assist a family in this way. Thank you for sharing the good news.

    I have been trying to win Quicken’s various Zing surprises and also trying to win monies so that we can pay off all our bills And our mortgage!, so that my husband, Jim can retire in his late 70’s. We need a retirement before we die!!!

    It’s been great, working with the Quicken staff. I love myql. It’s been a fantastic avenue for communication. Thank you for coming up with this excellent tool!!

    Sincerely . . . Carolyn Wegner

    1. Hi Carolyn:

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the article! I’m also glad to hear you’re a loyal Zing reader. Our winners are picked at random, but I can do what I do for everyone and cross my fingers for you. We know the winners appreciate these things! Have a great night.

      Kevin Graham

  117. I have been with Quicken Loan for years. In better times when I could afford a $500,000 home and now when my home is $140,000. They didn’t care, they cared that I had a home. The also didn’t care that this time I was alone and suffering from PTSD so I had all types of issues. The got a realtor that dealt with me and a loan agent and underwriter both of who dealt with my issues in a very calming manner. Trust me, it was not easy for them but they pushed through. They didn’t give up and they didn’t let me give up. When most lenders would have walked away, they stayed the course and now I’m sitting comfortably in my home that is mine, all mine with no one’s name on the mortgage but mine. Thank you all at Quicken for helping me, Ghost & Rebel (my rescues) I wish they COULD pay the mortgage, I could retire.

    1. Hi Toni:

      A mortgage can be an extremely stressful transaction. Way happy to take that journey with each of our clients. Thanks for sharing!


  118. It’s a beautiful thing that you thank your customers the way you do! I watched the videos and it brought tears to my eyes. Keep it up Quicken Loans® family!
    Paul Little

  119. I would like to say thank you. Calling you was the easiest loan I have ever received. The professional treatment I got with your company was amazing. I wish you were around when I bought my first house. I haven’t been in my house a month when me and my husband got the call of a kidney for him. We have been waiting for over five years. He has a rare blood type and could only get one from the same blood type plus other health issues made it alittle more difficult. He has went through a lot since then, a stroke and had his leg amputated, but he got up three times a week for dialysis and never complained. He is a man of few words. It was nice to know we were going home to our own home. Thanks again for all you have done for us.

  120. Doing a refinance on our home with you was one of the best experience i have had to deal with. You all made the journey so completely stress free. Thank you sooo much .

  121. Thanks so for such a great team working with us thru the refinancing process of our home, you guided us through the unseen process, with much patience, caring and concern. Engineered to amaze, I second that!!. Thank you!!

  122. Good afternoon,

    Thank you! It was a really nice email to read, after I’ve been now 2 months having to take care of my mother who has been in and out of the hospital very ill and to this day they have no answers to her illness. I’m a single mother with two children and my son, Sean has been very ill for this week. The balancing act has been exhausting. Yo put a cherry on top of all that is going on, I’m only working on Friday’s. So, NOT feeling sorry for myself. But coming home reading this email made me happy. It’s the little words saying, you appreciate me as a person, customer was great! Now a days, you don’t get the great customer service I have always got with you! So, back at you! Thank you for being a great company! I greatly appreciate the personable, professional care, every time I do need to speak with someone! THANK YOU😁

    1. Hi AnneMarie:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the stories! Our thoughts are with you and your mother during this difficult time.

      Best wishes,

    1. We were intending to spread a bit of positivity. That said, the email could have been more clear. Sorry and we will do better.

  123. I want to say thank you Quicken Loans®, for being there for me, I had just lost my husband, after a long illness, trying to find a way to make ends meet, that a very nice young man called, name Zack, he talked with me and explained everything so nicely and I felt so comfortable talking with him. Thanks Zack for helping me. Again I say thanks Quicken Loans®

    1. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your husband, but I’m glad we were able to help you. I’ll make sure that Zack sees this.

    1. The wording on the email definitely could have been better. It was not our intention to deceive. I’m very sorry and we will learn from this.

  124. These stories brought tears, its such a blessing to see a company as yourself, take an interest in their clients. I don’t know these people, but I would also like to say thank you for caring, Quicken Loans®.

  125. We, my life partner and I, absolutely love Quicken Loans®. We’re on our third mortgage with Quicken, and we’ve never had a better business experience with anyone. All the staff have presented the utmost professionalism and personality galore.

    Thank you all who work with Quicken.

  126. I am in the process of a VA refinance, and all I have talked to (Steven Brandza, Misha Simmons, and otherVA mortgage processors L have been just great. Thank you

  127. I would lije to thank Ryan Hudie from Quicken loans….not once but twice did he work with me to purchase my home…we ran into a lot of obstacles..He and his team stick by my side and made happen….lucky to have that guy on your team…..

  128. WE just loved the video you sent and have to add our praise for Quicken Loans®. We started with a desire to refinance our remaining mortgage and saw your add on TV so decided to check Quicken out. There was a lot of fear and cyber fear since we are in our 70s and while we use computers and cell phones, we are NOT real comfortable with doing financial operations online. That is when Scott Wirtanen from Quicken came into the picture. We had so many questions and reservations about how to accomplish the refinancing. What a blessing he was…so patient and understanding. He became not just an agent of Quicken to do their business, but became a friend to us as he led us through the
    process and putting up with lots of phone calls to him when we needed assurance that we were doing things right. Once he was home after work hours with the family in the background and yet so kind and helpful. He deserves a medal for above and beyond the norm in service and help to us. Would love to meet him in person sometime! Keep up the good work Quicken Loans®!!

  129. I just read/watched the stories about how you went the extra mile to do the extraordinary for the clients who had some bad luck. I wanted to say thank you as well for those kindnesses. I’m sure you made a real difference in those folks lives. We need to hear more good news stories because we keep getting hit with a lot of bad news stories and tend to forget the good that happens .

  130. My husband decided that he wanted to own a home, so he signed up with Quicken Loans® and put my name and contact information on the form. Before I knew it I was getting phone calls, not knowing what was going on. I do have to say now, thank you to my husband because we bought our home and we are so very happy. The agents I worked with at QL were very helpful and friendly and helped me along the way. I got very frustrated at times during the whole paperwork, phone calls, etc procedures but we got through it and are now in a home we absolutely love. Quicken Loans® were always enouraging and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. If it weren’t for them, I would still be living next to the MOST annoying neighbor and love my home and the quiet neighbors and neighbor hood we live in. AND I grew up in this neighborhood and I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you QL 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sharon! The mortgage process can be frustrating at times, but we do our best to help you along all the way through. I’m glad you had a good experience!

  131. You send out all this shit to make people think your doing something for them but you can’t lower their mortgage payment or actually do anything for them Unless You get more money. Makes the world go around!

    1. Hi Warren:

      I do respect your opinion. We definitely could have set this up better in the email. That said, we appreciate the feedback and want to thank you for being a Quicken Loans® client.

    1. The idea was to share a little positivity by giving a couple of heartwarming client stories! With that said, we definitely could have phrased things a little better. The marketing team has been provided this feedback and we will work to be better in the future. Thanks!

  132. Roy and I have been with Quicken over ten years now. Always responsive, always helpful. Roy is now in a Nursing Home with dementia and I am struggling to provide for his care and keep up with expenses and mortgage until I can sell this house. Life sure can throw out some tough situations. Is there any advice for me?

    1. Hi Irene:

      Caring for an aging loved one does provide a significant financial challenge. One thing you might take a look at is a reverse mortgage if you have some equity in your home and are 62 years or older. This eliminates your monthly mortgage payment. You can you can take whatever money is left over after your current mortgage is paid off and use it to pay for your expenses. Our friends over at One Reverse Mortgage can give you a lot more information than I can. You can check out their website or give them a call at (800) 401-8114.

      Kevin Graham

  133. If you as good as you say, you would allow people to use a credit card for a monthly payment instead of a bank transfer. Publish this !!!

    Sam Villari

    1. While this isn’t something we offer at this time, I’m happy to pass along your feedback. Thanks for picking Quicken Loans®!

  134. Those stories are so heartwarming. I loved reading about the things that Quicken Loans® did to help their clients. Thanks for being so caring.

    1. Hi Jack:

      Unfortunately, the way mortgage investors structure these loans makes it extremely difficult to offer something like that, but I absolutely understand your feedback and will pass it along. Thanks for sharing!

  135. To refinance my mortgage I went to Quicken Loans®. Best decision I ever made. Process was unbelievably easy, quick and saved me a lot of money in interest. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or refinance. The people I delt with were courteous, friendly, professional and efficient. I later found out my son also used them to finance there home. Great company !!

  136. I want to thank all of Quick and Loan employees for the help and love for what you have done for me. I thank Mr. David Fingerhut who got the ball rolling and was so patient thank you. I have deal with a lot of mortgage company none can come closes to this company be proud and keep up the good work, I will pass this to others God Bless You All.

  137. We wish to thank you for the speedy service of our loan which enabled us to some upgrades to our home. All the work has been completed and looks fantastic.
    Ron + Ali Tucker

  138. I have had the pleasure of having Richard Kenner assist me with a recent re-finance of my home and have communicated often with Ryan Bottlof. Everyone else who’s names have escaped me have been very helpful. Thank you Quicken Loans® for great service. Janet Mason, Claremore, OK

    1. Glad to hear it, Janet! I’m going to pass your feedback along to everyone that worked on your loan. We love hearing this stuff!

  139. Your surprise gift to us is a thank you note and a chance to win money? What a big rip off. Maybe you should pass on your big earnings by lowering our interest rates or be able to skip a payment.
    The bottom line is you’re making a lot of money off a lot of low to middle income people.
    Happy Holidays

    1. Hi Janice:

      The message accompanying this blog post could have been worded in a better way. That said, feedback like this absolutely makes us better going forward. I respect your opinion.

  140. Working with Quicken to refinance was the most pleasurable home loan experience that we have ever had. It was certainly the people that we will always thank and remember but we believe that Quicken has a higher ethical standard in the industry.
    Again thank you Quicken Family!

  141. I knew right away I was dealing with the “Right” company, and I will continue to do so. Thank you for helping those in need and dire straits and thank you for helping me with my mortgage needs as well. God has blessed you.

    1. Hi Judy:

      I’m glad we’ve been able to work with you! It’s been a wonderful experience having you as a client!

      Kevin Graham

  142. I’m speechless.
    I am so glad that I refinanced my home with QUICKEN LOAN. There team is outstanding and the way they detail your personal mortgage account with a video makes it so much easier to understand. Back at you QUICKEN LOANS I feel privileged you gave me the opportunity to have you as my mortgage lender.

  143. One of my better decisions,I was looking to refinance my mortgage, find better terms than I was getting from Bank of America. Won’t go into the reasons why the change was needed,the service was awesome, the back and forth was so easy. After closing the service I receive every month is great.Thank you all, and Happy Thanksgiving !

    1. Yep, the email was definitely a miss. That said, feedback – good and bad – is a gift that’s always pushing us to be better for each and every one of our clients. We will learn from this and be better in the future. Have a wonderful evening!

  144. Thank you for what you have done for us, but we did not get a surprise last year so should we expect one this year? Your company has always reported to us what is going on with our loan and always thank us for the payment that we do each and every month with out ever being late.
    Thank You
    George Isbell

    1. Hi George:

      The email was definitely not worded in the best way possible. We try to find opportunities to surprise and delight our clients on occasion. You never know when it might be your turn. Regardless, we absolutely appreciate having every one of our clients! You all rock!


  145. It’s always a blessing to see a company, as Quicken loans to help others. Our homes our our refuge….Very happy for those that are helped, always!

    Our story, is short but powerful…..My husband, a very hard worker and I might add, as I call him, “a trooper”…..he had surgery and was medically damaged, and is now in not the best of health, he was diagnosed with gastroparesis, to put it in a short medical term, he has a parilization of the stomach, does not work, at it’s full potential. He suffers a whole lot. He continues to go to work, this way, and never complains, bless his heart. My prayer is that we will be able to continue, as we have, and be blessed. My best prayer is that, maybe, one day, and soon he can retire, to rest, just to rest. He deserves it. I know there are others, in worst conditions and health, and I pray for everyone. sincerely,
    Yolanda – NM we finance our home with Quicken loans….

    1. Homes are a refuge, Yolanda! I’m glad we were able to help you with your mortgage. Your husband is certainly in our thoughts. We wish you both the best!

    1. Hi Jerry:

      We don’t have home equity loans, but we do offer cash-out refinances. It may help you accomplish the same goal. With that in mind, you can look into your options through Rocket Mortgage or give one of our Home Loan Experts a ring at (888) 980-6716. Thank you very much for sticking with us all these years!


  146. Can’t say enough about our experience with Quicken Loans® and the personal service we received on our recent home purchase !!!! It really happened as quick as they said it would, from start to finish…less than 3 weeks !!!! Have been telling our story to friends who are interested in buying a home !!!!

  147. I’ve try several mortgages agencies, and this one has been greatest. I’m pretty confident to trust this wonderful company. Moreover, whenever I have the opportunity to talk about an agency, this is the one I recommend, Quicken Loans®. I’m so blessed to having it. Thanks for consider me part of your wonderful family.

  148. Quickenloans has been such a blessing to us. We love our new home 😊Darren/Claudia S Williams 😊 Thank you guys so much!

  149. Thank you Quicken Loans® for working with me to refinance my mortgage. Originally I had a 15 year variable rate with a local bank and was afraid I would have to sell if I could not refinance. Your team working with me made the 30 year fixed process seamless and allows me the gift of more comfortable home ownership. Thank you for helping me keep my dream of home ownership.

  150. We had a great time doing this. Our son got married right after and our Nephew got married 2 weeks later . We went both with a big load off our Minds . We tell all our Friends friends about our Experience .

    1. That’s excellent, Danny! You can do all the marketing in the world, and it will never mean as much as a personal recommendation. I’m glad we were able to give you such a great experience!

  151. A mortgage company that really cares. I’ve been extremely pleased with Quicken Loans® Mortgage. From the first contact , they have been so helpful. After going through Hurricane Harvey , they were personally contacting me to see if I had been effected by the storm, & asked if there was anything I needed, to please let them know. I was fortunate & wasn’t effected. Quicken Loans® is by far the best at what they do !!

  152. I have used Quicken to refinance my home twice. I was satisfied with one exception.
    Quicken checked what I owed on my credit cards at the beginning of the process but not at the end. I had made payments on those cards. Quicken issued the credit card checks without checking the amount due at the closing of there loan. Two credit cards were over paid. Chase bank was over paid by $780. Quicken closed the re-fi in mid September. After several phone calls I just received my $780 back from Chase two months later. This has caused us stress and financial difficult as I was taking the Re-fi to cover a mortgage payment on our empty rental.
    A two minute phone call on Quickens part would have saved us all this headache.
    If you are as customer oriented as you claim, you need to change your practice.

    1. Hi Diane:

      I can definitely understand your frustration. I’m going to pass this along to the client relations team to look into what happened here. Thanks for reaching out!


  153. Special Thanks to Ciliento,Kyle who was there every step of the way with my loan
    and made it possible for me to get a 15 yr loan. Also all the team from Quicken Loans®]
    also very helpful. thanks again to all of you.

  154. I received a thank you email from QL and they said to click to see the surprise. Not sure if I am missing anything but what is the surprise exactly?

    Please advise

    1. I do understand that this was a poorly worded email. Your feedback has been heard loud and clear by our marketing team as a whole. We will be better. That said, we were trying to spread a little goodness with these stories. Everyone could use a little sunshine. Thanks!


    1. Hi Alan:

      I’m in a wheelchair myself, so I know disability sometimes has its hurdles. I’m glad we were able to clear at least one of them for you. Have a great evening!


  156. To Quicken Loans®! I just wanted to say Thanks! if it was not for your help, I would not have my home today!

  157. They were very good during our re-fi— we had hail damage and they quickly turned around the check made out to them and us

  158. I’m confused as to why I received this. Your “special thank you” is to tell me about some other customers and how you took care of them?? I didn’t AT ALL have a good experience with QL, so you sending me stories of other people isn’t really a “gift”. Neither is telling me some other people got special gifts. That’s almost like rubbing it in my face! Next time, don’t send the email and I won’t have memories of your poor customer service pop into my mind.

    1. Hi Mike:

      I grant you this was a poorly worded email. We apologize for that. Your feedback is also valued. In the meantime, I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to look into your experience and see what happened so that we can turn it around or at least learn from it.

      Kevin Graham

  159. That is outstanding. Having just dealt with several of your folks, starting with Ibrahim,it was truly a nice surprise
    Professional but personable-that is a rare combination in this business world today, and Quicken seems to be doing well with your employees. People seem to always be quick to complain, and slow to say. “THANKS”
    Thanks Again.
    Ed Nicholas

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re dissatisfied. I’m going to get this to our client relations team, Shauna, to look into your issue.

      Kevin Graham

  160. Followed an email link says theres a suprise. All i see is two peoples stories. Please don’t waist my time with this junk mail

    1. Hi Steven:

      We do understand the email could have been phrased better. However, we absolutely appreciate your feedback and value having you as a customer! We will be better.

      Kevin Graham

  161. I follow your great instructions to the so called “gift section”, to only find more and more ADS to read….!
    Where is the gift ????

    1. Hi Violet:

      We were trying to spread a little good feeling. That being said, we do understand it was a poorly worded email and your feedback has been passed on. Thanks!

  162. We were so pleased with Quicken loan that I referred my daughter Jo Ann Quick to you for her loan. She needed to get a place of her own after a nasty divorce and being forced to live with her father for so many years. The divorce left her pennyless, childless and furnitureless. That’s what happens when you get a bad lawyer and are dealing with a wealthy family. It took me sever year to get her to start again, but she is and the house is slowly becoming a home. The kitchen really needs redone and the bathrooms up dated, one cabinet at a time, but we will get it done and she will be happy again.

  163. This is the second time we have used Quicken loans to purchase a home. Both times were the mos pleasurable experiences you could ever hope to have from a loan company. They were fantastic at answering all of our question within minutes! By the time we applied for the loan, until all the paperwork was completed was a very short time and we had a big relief knowing that the loan was secured and we still had plenty of time before the actual closing. Could not have been a better experience!!

  164. That’s what I call a human and generous capitalism, make money as much as you can honestly but share as much as you can.
    Thank you

  165. Thank you for all the help refinancing my home. I have been building my credit score since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The money I have saved from the new house payment has now gone toward medical bills. I am doing better now both financially and physically. Thank you !

  166. My husband and I are raising 4 children ages 2, 7, 10 & 13 on a tight budget. I just wanted to let you know that we have been very pleased with QL ever since becoming a client. The lowered monthly mortgage payment and interest has allowed us to be able to pay an extra $100 every month which is something we had never done before. Thank you for being such a great company. We are glad to be here.

  167. poor marketing to send me an email – that a surprise is waiting for me and it brings me to this site to read stories of other clients- actual flat out lie.

    1. I completely understand your perspective. Your feedback has been shared with our marketing team. That being said, we very much appreciate having you as a client and really appreciate your comments.

  168. Things happen in life that we don’t expect and that is exactly why I have reached out to Quicken Loans®, not just once but twice. Each time I have been treated with compassion and respect, at a very low period of my life.
    Thank you to each of you for holding my hand and making me feel secure.
    You are all in my prayers and wishing you all a Blessed Thanksgiving and Merriest of Christmas’s.

  169. Me and my husband were trying to buy a house for a little over a year working on our credit. We were approved by quicken loans and during that time I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. We were able to get everything done which helped tremendously because the payments are lower than our rent was and we have an additional bathroom (much needed). I am so thankful for the staff walking me through everything and helping me to understand this process. And most of all I am thankful for quicken loans approving me taking that extra stress off of me and my husband.

  170. Hello, my experience was with Quicken Loans® was not so great I was told a bunch of Lies and I was overcharged to refinance with a high credit score. When I call to speak to the person in charge of my refi I was told he was no longer with the company

    1. Hey Frederick:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. I’m passing it along to our client relations team.


  171. I am impressed QuickenLoans would be this kind and generous with some of your customers than needed some extra help. I have been a happy customer of Quicken because of your great customer service. But, these two stories were very heartwarming and made me even happier to have our mortgage with Quicken Loans®. Thanks for sharing them.

    Happy Thanksgiving. .

  172. They have treat me right and has helped me with all my needs. I rate them as one of the best mortgage companies I have ever dealt with. Thank you so much

  173. I have always been more than satisfied with Quicken Loans® and I tell everyone that they should check with Quicken Loans® if they need a mortgage. They won’t go wrong. I have always been helped whenever I call with a question. The people who work there are amazing. These stories just prove that. Thank you.

  174. You send me an e mail then want to know who I am, by asking me my name and e mail address. What’s up?! Where’s my surprise?? Why don’t you reward people who have paid on time all year with a deferred payment in Dec. or maybe an interest only payment?? Wait to here from you. You got my e mail address.

    1. Ken:

      I completely understand your perspective. The form you’re referring to is one of our sweepstakes forms. Yes, we already have your email address. That said, you can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $4000. Good luck!


  175. Thank you for working with me during my financial crisis. Your people worked with me never judged. I explain my situation they were happy to work with me and gave me options that worked for me with no pressuring tactic. THANK YOU

  176. Now you have done it. I feel guilty for being a little short with you. My wife and I are in our late 70,s and we have our granddaughter and 3 g grandchildren living with us in order to help them out. It gets a little hectic around here at times. It’s tough at our age keeping up with 3 little ones. Thanks for your quick response.
    B R. Doug Spencer

  177. Quicken Loans® made our home purchase a delightful experience. I have recommended them to everyone I know who is purchasing a home.

  178. I didn’t get a bless from you, so why you keep send me this ever year.. I am the only one payment my bill and would love to be bless in my hardship time. Have surgery and a one of two months with pay house note would had been great.

  179. I don’t have the words, I like to thank you (quickenloans) for everything and I wish a very happy thanksgiving day and God bless every one

  180. I had broke my back 4 years ago and had to have several back surgeries, and at that time we was looking for a new home was unable to buy a house so we had no choice but to move in to our 5th wheel we lived in it my wife And 3 kids all under 7 years of age the youngest was a new born, after 3 surgeries we thought things were looking good was about to be released to go back to work, 1.5 years in a 5th wheel the kids needed a home a real place, so looked around to get pre-approved for a mortgage, with no luck I called lots of lending companies and no-one would because I was off work to long, but a ad came on for quicken loans so I called and the people there was so friendly and said absolutely we can help you, so I did a application and was pre-approved so we look for a house and found one everything seem to be going great we moved into the house, and than the surgeon gave us the worst news, the steel rods and screws had came lose in my back and needed to be replicated that surgery was about 6 months ago and I still have not been able to go back to work yet and we have lived in this house for 1.5 years now it has been vary difficult to keep up with the bills and with Christmas next month I am afraid that my kids will not have a great Christmas, but I am still vary thankful that Quicken loans was able to get us the loan to give my kids a home to grow in, I am giving it my best to keep my mortgage paid for my children, it’s getting harder now that it’s getting colder out side, but I have to say thank you Quicken loans for making it possible, with out you we would still be living in our 5th wheel. So I would like to say give Quicken loans a chance they can help you find a way, it’s not always easy but if you want something their is a way to get it, you just have to work hard like they work hard for you.

    Thank you again , happy thanksgiving, and marry Christmas…..

  181. I have refinanced my home 4 times with Quicken Loans® over the past 10 years. They always have a package to fit my needs. First occurrence was much lower interest. Second occurrence was to change the term to pay off sooner. Third time was to renovate the inside of my home to make it exactly the way I needed it. This last time (yesterday) was to pay off debt recently acquired renovating the outside horse amenities. They are super fast, thorough, friendly and professional. Oh, and EASY

  182. I refinanced our home with Quicken Loans® this year, after experiencing frustration with time consuming refinancing process with my then current mortgage company
    The Quicken Loan Process surprised me with the ease and quickness that the loan was completed. Rick And the other reps at Quicken we’re amazing!
    When I had a question or needed information, there was little if any wait in agents responding to me.
    I was completely informed in detail of every step of the loan refi process, from initial application to closing. The whole loan process was completed in at least half the time of any other home loan that I have done.
    I feel that Quicken Loans® treated me as if I was their only customer and a member of their family.
    I would highly recommend Quicken Loans® and have done so a number of times since my experience with them.
    5 ⭐️ rating from me

  183. I have heard some really good things about Quicken Loans® and I’m glad I did everything went very smooth I highly recommend them very prompt. Thank you.

  184. As I have said several times in the past; Quicken Loans® are the very best in the Mortgage Industry ! They are Peerless !

  185. A great company and staff to work with. Supplied all the information needed, on a very timely basis. Staff went out of their way to help us get it right when applying for a mortgagee loan. Kudos to Quicken and their friendly, and professional, staff.

  186. I’m 77 years old and have never won anything, anywhere, in my life ! I think I would like to win something….anything to see what it feels like !

    1. Hi Charles:

      This is more of a surprise and delight thing rather than a sweepstakes, but I wish you luck. You never know when something good will happen for you.

  187. Quicken Loans® and the team we worked with, in particular Mike Lachendro, made the whole process simple and easy to understand. We’ll definitely do business again someday!

  188. Thank you for every thing we have been in are house now a year and I had a stroke and still here. I thank God we are still doing. Ok .

  189. Quicken Loans®: Thank you so much for refianacing my home mortgage over a year ago! I’m on Social Security Disability and what I get barely covers my bills. With the refianacing it dropped my payment $180.00 a month which really helps!! Just had a 50yr warranty metal roof put on which increased the value of the home. Used my equity loan to pay for this! Cost $13,600.00 dollars which I have to pay monthly for a long time!!! Want have to worry as much when hurricanes head my way!!! Thank you again for your help!!! Doris Addison

    1. Hi Doris:

      Thank you for being an amazing client. We identify clients for these opportunities periodically. Thank you very much for reaching out!


    1. Hi Tina:

      We were just trying to spread some cheer. The people that we select from this type of thing are picked based on need and our ability to help.


  190. We are touched by the wonderful videos of customers who have experienced challenging times. We are having the same thing here. Our condo was involved in a fire and everything is affected. It is so sad. As a long-time Quicken customer, I appreciate what you do for your customers. We are going to be out of our condo for about a year and we must continue to pay a mortgage on a home we cannot occupy. We will not miss a payment, so we appreciate Quicken’s approach.

    1. Hi Fred and Patty:

      I’m going to pass this along to our team and see if there’s anything we might be able to help you with. We may have options.


    1. Unless you’re referring to our sweepstakes, there’s nothing to win. These clients are picked based on need and our ability to assist.

  191. I’ve been with you guys for a while and I was told if rates went down I would be told never Hurd anything and I now rates have dropped

    1. Hi Wesley:

      I’m going to have someone reach out to you about this. We’ll see if you’re in the best possible situation.


  192. Thank you for working with me closely on refinancing my home from a predator mortgage company. The men and women that were handling my loan thank you

  193. Quicken Loans® treated my wife and I as VIP’s. We were guided step by step through the loan/refi process and even I understood it. They communicated with us via telephone and email and provided assistance at even the latest hour. One evening, it was late I expected to get a voice mail but to my surprise our rep answered live! Thank you Quicken Loans® for recognizing my wife and I as people rather than just a number! Happy Holidays! Marvin

  194. You are welcome! I chose quicken for my mortgage lender twice…the first, maybe just lucky…the second, because of the first…great service!

  195. Well done QL!
    I have to be honest you were very kind and polite every time I was in the need of your services.

    Revilla Family

  196. With my daughter attending college and my son’s medical issues Quicken Loans® came through for us at the right time. Thank you Quicken Loans®.

  197. So what is this surprise? I get an email with a button that says see surprises, and it’s just talking about how good they are, and a bunch of stories. That’s my surprise?

    1. Hi Mike:

      I can understand how you might think that was a marketing error. I’ll be sharing this feedback with our team. In the meantime, we’re trying to spread a little cheer. Thank you for being an awesome client!

      Kevin Graham

  198. My husband and I are very thankful for Quicken and especially the people working there. I retired on Oct. 6th and we had hoped to sell our home in GA and move to TN to be closer to family. We found the perfect small house and were told by our realtor here that our home would sell very quickly. Well, that never happened and while Quicken helped us get the new mortgage settled we waited; we traded him in for a new realtor and we waited; though the seller of the home in TN gave us extra time, the house still hasn’t sold and now that home has been sold to someone else. Through it all(and my tears), Jessica was above and beyond helpful and kind. We still believe our house will sell and when we do, we will finance our new home with Quicken just like the one here. They are awesome! So thankful to be under your wing!

    1. This is a neat story, Debra! Thanks for sharing and I’m really glad we were able to play a small part in helping you. Good luck with the sale of your home.

  199. Thank you for caring for these customers at a time when they really needed some special “love”. The stories make me glad that I chose Quicken Loans® as my mortgage provider.

  200. A real thank you would be removing the PMI on the Largo, FL home. I have 2 homes financed with you and plenty of equity.

    Debra Mechlem

    1. Hi Debra:

      That’s definitely something we would be happy to look into if you give us a call at (888) 980-6716. One of our Home Loan Experts will be happy to talk to you.

      Kevin Graham

  201. When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, my husband invited my parents to move in with us so that he could take care of dad in the manner he deserved. Dad was confined to a wheel chair and couldn’t remember moment to moment. My husband Rob cleaned dad, cooked for both of them everyday, then go to his own job, just to come home and be sure that dad was clean and ready for bed by 7:00 every night. He and I both wanted mom and dad to stay together. This went on for 3 years before dad, who we all loved, passed away. Mom has lived with us since then and is on a walker herself. My husband loves and welcomes my mom to stay with us with open arms. It’s been 13 years this March and he never once complained, always welcoming and helping. With all of the constant care and generosity my husband has shown my family, I would love for him to receive a monetary gift just for him, to know how very much he is appreciated by his wife and his family.
    Hats off to my husband – Rob Murri! A man who has been completely supportive and generous to those in need!

    1. Hi Diane:

      It does sound like your husband has a great story. We do identify clients on the basis of both need and ability to help in this sort of situation. That said, hats off to your husband and have a great weekend!

      Kevin Graham

  202. Quit bothering me with this type of misleading e-mail. I get enough of it from people I don’t do business with. You should display better management of your marketing expenditures.

  203. We (I) Thank you! You guys are the best! Very happy and satisfied with Quicken Loans®. You make things simply & easy, customer service and officers have always been courteous and pleasant.
    We’ve dealt with other companies in the past and must say… they don’t come close to QUICKEN LOANS!! Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  204. These stories truly touched my heart. I am so thankful I chose Quicken Loans® as my Mortgage Lender. Not only was my experience smooth, but all QL’s reps did a fantastic job every step of the way. What QL has done for so many is truly a Blessing, so I want to say thank you to all of you!

  205. Thank y’all for all you do to make things
    easy and fast when getting a new loan and you all are so patience with us especially with morden day tech again thank you If I had the last day so I wouldn’t change a thing

  206. Want to say Thank You for allowing me to refinance my home through QL. It was a huge relief when I was in the process of transferring from Active Duty to the civilian side!! Your company is GREAT!

  207. After a few false starts, Quicken was able to turnn around our loan very quickly. Lets then 72 hours after all was put together, we were ready for closing. Thank you to all involved who has been a part of this process.

  208. I am very blessed and hope to never make your “thank you” list. I hope the thanksgiving season finds you happy and healthy.

    1. Well, we’re going to say thank you anyway, Duane, for being an amazing client! I do know what you mean, though. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  209. I have used Quicken Loans® for the past 2 homes. Love the service I received. I would definitely recommend them for anyone purchasing a home.

  210. I was out of work last year for over 6 months with some help from friends the quick and loan team work with me so that I could keep my house, still tight but thank you Quicken loans…

    1. Glad you like us! If you have some equity, we could definitely help you take a look at doing a cash out to accomplish that goal. You can check out your options online through Rocket Mortgage or give us a call at (888) 980-6716.

  211. I’ve had at least three mortgages with you, some refi’s. My experiences contradict your portrayal as a fast, efficient “rocket” mortgage company. I swore I would never return until you made a big deal out of the new “rocket” mortgage process. So, I gave you another shot and lived to regret it. Your bureaucratic nightmare of underwriter requests and very poor communications with almost everyone that had a hand in my application makes me wonder how J. D. Powers could rank you that high. Who in the world did they poll? Duplicate and triplicate requests for materials you already had made the process unforgettable. Interestingly, I didn’t want the mortgage but our CPA wanted us to have a mortgage for the interest deduction. In retrospect, I wish I had never applied; it wasn’t worth the grief. To Quicken Loans®, I would say you are nowhere near the company you suggest yourselves to be.

    1. Hi Lanny:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience. We never want to hear one of our clients feels this way. I’m going to pass this along to our client relations team and someone will reach out.

      Kevin Graham

  212. Why would you send an email to say thanks to special people ? It appears you are sending a special gift…so I take the time to look at the email and its about what nice gift you gave others? WTH this was dumb

  213. I am so grateful to Quicken Loans® for helping us to refinance our home so that we can breathe again and not feel like we are smothering under the debt load. I am glad to have a mortgage with a company that cares about their clients! My precious mortgage company was so bad that I got depressed just thinking that we had a mortgage with such a terrible company. Thank you Wuicken Loans for being so great!

  214. Thanks Quicken Loans®, we were over our heads with our previous mortgage. It was not easy but the Great team at Quicken Loans® helped us re-finance. My wife @ I are so appreciative. We Thank the entire team at Quicken Loans® & wish you all Happy fun filled Thanksgiving & XMAS Holidays!!

  215. That was great. I am wondering myself when it is going to be my turn.

    Happy thanksgivings to you, guys. Good job.


    1. Hi Patrick:

      We identify clients for this type of thing on a periodic basis based on both need and the opportunity to help. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


  216. I am thankful that working with Quicken Loans® was so easy. The people who worked with me were knowledgeable and friendly.

  217. We recently sold our home that we have been in for over 10 year in order to downsize as both of our kids will be out of the house and in college. We had planned on renting but didn’t have any luck finding anything so we decided to look at a house. We put in an offer and contacted Quicken team. The process and customer service has been absolutely amazing. Everything has been accessible online and very easy to upload documents. Loan officers have been very quick to add/update information as well as answer any questions through the myql site on my personal loan and with my personal loan officer. It has been tough on my wife and I transitioning to this new chapter in our lives, but Quicken has made everything simple and carefree.

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Maura:

      You have an excellent story, Maura! I’m very glad we were able to help you! We wanted to share the stories, because they had a huge impact on our team members, but I understand your point. Have a great day!

      Kevin Graham

  218. I also have been blessed while being a client of Quicken Loans®. When I first contacted them, I was as dealing with a credit union that did not want to lower my interest rate or as a norm would not include my insurance and property taxes in the loan payment but I would have to come up with these two high bills at year end that amounted to close to $3000. It was very stressful for me. Quicken Loans® has been right next to me all these years which has helped me increase my credit score to the high 7+. Their mortgage consultants and customer care are top notch. This is why I have referred them to friends and family. Thank you Quicken Loans®. MAYRA Badilla

  219. The help with funds is so nice for your customers, I had A tear or two. Thanks you for refinancing My loan also. GOD is GOOD!

  220. Sandie and I decided to move cross country, and not having friends or relatives in the state it was a little unnerving. However before, during, and after – Quicken Loans® have been there. They recommended a Realator, we looked for a home – we found one and the process went great. Thank you for all help in getting us in our new home.

  221. I have used Quicken Loans® for several loans over the years. Quicken has always been very friendly, efficient, and over all very easy to deal with. Quicken Loans® is the best mortgage loan company I have ever dealt with. Keep up the good work!

  222. Thank you for your fast service. Your people were certainly on the job. I found your staff to be kind, knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. Thank you very much.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Wynnona Perkins.

  223. What a wonderful story. My mortgage had been purchased by another company, and they could learn a great deal about customer service from yours. The advised me my mortgage would be increasing by several hundred dollars the following year, and I knew I was in trouble. That day, I received an email from Quicken Loans®, and when I got home there was a letter to call them. That was a “sign”. Best decision I ever made. Had I started with Quicken Loans®, I would have had a much higher appreciation of mortgage companies in general, but I recommend them to anyone who is looking to make a change. A mortgage company that has a heart! Thanks for all you do.

  224. You came into our lives at a very important time. We are both in our upper seventies and had some debt that needed cleaned up. With the very professional help from Mike Peterson we were able to do what needed to be done. Thanks Mike and all the Quicken loans staff!!

    1. This is an awesome story, Ross and Judy! I’m going to make sure Mike sees your comment. This stuff makes us feel good and it’s the reason we do it.

  225. Quicken Loans® has by far been the best to work with making every step of my refinance easy . Their no stress agents helped in all the steps of refinancing our house. They were able to shorten my years of payments, putting monies in my pocket with the same amount of payments every month. Thank you Quicken Loans®.

  226. Buying a home and looking for financing it can be really stressful.
    Quicken loan help us make our dream come true. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank most specifically TJ Thomas. You see Quicken loan is number one in customer satisfaction because of people like him. He does not stop in just doing his job, he goes the extra mile to help us and that’s what makes you all different from the rest of other online mortgages.
    We closed on our home on May,2017 and he helped us through it.
    Everyday we are happy in our new home and we are always grateful for him. Thank you TJ Thomas, thank you Quicken loan for having such a wonderful man in your team. God bless you all and happy holidays!

  227. I am so thrilled to say that Quicken Loans® is an excellent mortgage company. Before my Husband passed away May 21st of this year 2017 we decided to call Quicken loans about our mortgage and they helped us get back on our feet by giving us a good mortgage review. It didn’t take long after our paperwork was submitted to finally get an answer. The quick response was what we needed. It’s a blessing for me because now I have to pay the mortgage by myself. I know they will be there for me if ever I need another mortgage review. I would rate this company as being one of the best in the world.

    1. Hi Crystal:

      I’m assuming you are referring to our sweepstakes. Please try to enter your phone number without dashes or parentheses. If that doesn’t work, let me know. I’m about to email you.


  228. My husband and I have had Quicken Lians for our mortgage for many years. We have always appreciated the company and how they serve their clients. I would personally like to ask Quicken loans for some help at the present time. My husband has had 2 back surgery’s and a total knee replacement all over the past year and a half. And a tumor in his stomach was just found and he had to have it and part of his stomach removed. After his last back surgery in February 2017, the day he was discharged from the hospital, he received a letter saying that he lost his job. He worked as a Respiratory therapist and supervisor at A hospital in NJ for 25 years, which is also where he had all of his surgeries as well. Real nice huh? On top of that I fell down 1 step and incurred a serious high grade injury to my ankle leaving me unable to work since June 30, 2017. I am waiting to have a procedure in December. I also work at the same Hospital as a nurse of over 30 years. I just found out that I am losing our health benefits as of December 1, 2017. At which time i will have to pay into COBRA. It will be somewhere around $1000.00/ month. This is going to be impossible as my husband has not received disability payments from the work policy and won’t receive until May 2017. If there is anyway that Wuicken Loans would be able to help us out, we would be most gracious.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Sandy:

      We do wish you luck with this. Our ability to help clients in these situations is determined based on the opportunity and our ability to help, but I’m going to pass this along. Have a great day and I wish you and your husband both black as you recover.

      Kevin Graham

  229. Thank you for sharing these great examples of how you are working to impact lives that are touched by sudden disaster and unexpected life events. However, my personal testimony is much different. Last year my husband became suddenly unemployed and we lost 70% of our income. After 3mos, we had exhausted our savings and were on the verge of missing our first house payment in 12 years(2yrs with Quicken). I called your customer support seeking help, an extension, favor, grace of some sort. I was offered a 1800 to a state specific agency and told that my missed/delayed payment would, in fact, be reported and my 700+ credit score would suffer. No ifs, ands or buts. I was shocked, disappointed and, quiet frankly, angry. My prior history, good credit and good standing meant nothing. So, for as much I as I am happy for these 2 families, and I applaud your efforts, there is much work to be done with regard to how you tell your account holders “Thank You” the other 356 days of the year.

    1. Hi Kelli:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience with us. I’m going to have someone reach out. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    1. That was not the intention, Steve! But we absolutely understand where you’re coming from. Have a great day and thank you for being a client!

  230. What type of token of appreciation did I get? All I see is good stories of people that received loans through Quicken Loans®. Or were you just saying Thanks you?

    1. Hi Julie:

      We wanted to highlight a couple of particularly nice client story that had a big impact on our team members. That said, I absolutely understand your viewpoint. Thanks for being an amazing client!

  231. What wonderful stories these are. I guess I fall into this category of need also. I can no longer woek and the bills are piling up. I have been using my credit cards to buy food for myself, my roommate Brenda and three animals. I am told I owe $17,000 dollars on credit cards. So I know what it means to be in a hard way. I have to thank Quicken Loans® for all the good thangs they have done for the poor and for people in need. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you.

    1. Hi Mary:

      They are wonderful stories. I’m going to have someone reach out to you to see if there’s something we can do in terms of resources to help put you on a better financial footing. Will be reaching out shortly.


  232. Those videos made me cry. Just wanted to say thank you for caring about these people and all of your clients. You are a blessing

  233. Great stories. I share their wonderment that there are people as part of our processes . We know that our choice to use QL has been great for us.
    Keep up the good work!

  234. I’m confused. So the big “thank you” surprise you sent me was a story from two people thanking you?! What’s that about? Is this real or did I miss something? Have you actually received a thank you gift before or is this all bot driven and generated by some algorithm? If that’s the case, you can go ahead and stop spamming me now. A thank you gift is not someone else praising you…

    1. Hi Peter:

      I understand your point of view. We won a J.D. Power award based on client feedback and we wanted to specifically highlight a couple of clients whose stories had a major impact on our team members. The intention was to thank each and every one of our clients in a small way with this blog post for the wonderful feedback we’ve received.


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