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As a mortgage lender, we work with you during one of the biggest financial transactions of your life – buying and owning a home.

But it’s not just about the financial transaction; we know homeownership can be emotional. This is the home where you’ll celebrate milestones and make memories. That’s huge! Getting to be a part of that means the world to us.

As we work with you throughout your mortgage process, we love hearing your stories, and we strive to provide you with the best experience possible. There are countless stories that move us, but we wanted to share two in particular with you, our Quicken Loans family.


Sometimes, unexpected illness can cause a lot of changes in clients’ lives. TK is one of those clients. After he lost his job due to illness, he reached out to Victoria, his Client Advocate, to see what we could do to help him keep his home.

She was able to help him work out a payment plan to keep his mortgage on track, but she also learned that they shared a common interest – gaming.

Now that his health was back on track as well as his finances, Victoria wanted to do something special for her new friend, TK. We flew her out to meet him in person and surprise the gamer with a virtual reality headset and $1,000 to spend on new games.

Beatrice Bell

Beatrice Bell, a retired Quicken Loans client, first got in touch with her Client Advocate, Jackie, when she lost her debit card and needed to reach out about how it would affect her payment. The two bonded quickly, and Jackie learned about Beatrice’s heart for her community and her church.

Beatrice’s church opened its doors almost 100 years ago and has been focused on feeding the homeless. They needed some repairs, and Beatrice was planning on donating her own personal money to the renovation fund, but now, she’s able to give her church $3,000 on behalf of Quicken Loans. This money will help them get the repairs they need and continue their work in their community.

We also gave Beatrice a $1,000 gift card to her favorite jazz club as well as a spa package so she can get a little pampering, too.


Thank You!

We have to say, our clients are pretty wonderful.

Thank you again for telling us your stories, for choosing to be a part of the Quicken Loans family and letting us into yours.

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  1. This was my 3rd loan with Quicken and my last. All was decent until the underwriting team. cocky jerks. Really. We have 2 loans paid off through quicken and on this last one they treat us like we’re clueless and don’t have any backing. They literally told us the day we were moving out that we were not approved for the loan and made us put down 20% more when we were already told we were approved. I’ll never work with these guys again.

    1. Hi Shad:

      Thanks for making us aware of this. I’m going to get it to our Client Relations Team and have someone reach out to you. I’m very sorry for your experience.

      Kevin Graham

  2. I was so happy quicken loans came onto my life,I was used to paying a much higher mortgage and just having just enough in the bank to survive. I didn’t think I could accomplish that kind of business on my own.Thanks to Cody Yount and the team I am living a much more comfortable life now! Thank you!

    1. I’m glad we could help increase your financial security, Merita! These kinds of stories are always very gratifying. I’m going to make sure Cody and the rest of the team that worked on your loan see your kind words. Happy holidays!

  3. September 2017, I called in for a refi with small amt of cash out to purchase a vehicle to be used for community nonpaid volunteer work. My daughter’s name is on the loan as well. I was turned down because as I was told my daughter’s credit score was too low even though our pmts are automatically paid each month by withdrawal from my checking account.
    I’m confused, why would her credit score prevent any withdrawal from equity in the home, which there is plenty of? Hard times can bring about a need for stashed cash? Should I have asked for an equity loan??

    1. Hi Jamesetta:

      When we approve you for a loan, we have to take a look at the lowest middle credit score of all borrowers on the loan. That being said, I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to see if we can help you take a second look. Thanks for reaching out!

      Kevin Graham

  4. This made me cry. I have been completely satisfied with using Quicken Loans®. I had to refinance my house after my divorce and after being married for 22 years I was just kind of lost. Your agent was incredibly helpful with getting me back on my feet. Thank You!

  5. I am very surprised to read about these negative experiences some have had with QL. Our own experience was a tremendous one. After years of having a mortgage with Wells Fargo, we began the search for fixed rates which were being reported by media as the lowest in years. Much to our surprise, our bank offered nothing close to what Quicken Loans® offered. The QL rep worked to help us avoid PMI, and secured a fixed rate much lower than our current rate. I remember he was extremely kind, knowledgeable and found a perfect fit for our situation. My conversations with him encouraged me greatly as my disability and medical expenses strained our budget. The paperwork was smoothly handled through our secure account settings online. We were so relieved, remembering well the Bank experience from decades before. And our budgeting efforts have greatly reduced the stress of living paycheck to paycheck. I recommend Quicken Loans® whenever someone mentions they are looking into getting a mortgage.

    1. Hi Manuel and Lynne:

      We very much appreciate your kind words. I’m glad we were able to find a way to better your financial position in a way that was as easy as possible.


      1. I’ve dealt with a lot of different mortgage companies over the past 30 years. I have to say QL is by far the best company I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with so far. The people are very friendly and professional. This is my second mortgage with QL and as expected it went as smooth as vasoline. Special thanks to Rita Coja. She is a gem. We closed yesterday without a hitch. The whole process took about a month.
        Thank you, Cliff and Nancy.

        1. This is awesome, Cliff! I’m glad we were able to help you out! I’m going to pass your kind words along to Rita as well!

  6. When my husband Thomas past away In January I called and talked to a gentleman that was very kind and understanding . He talked me through what I needed to do and was so thoughtful and caring. Then in March I had to get a new roof and Quicken Loan was so fast on getting the insurance money to me so I could pay the roofer . If ever I refinance my home or ever purchase another on I will use them all over again, I recommend them to all my friends and family. I have never had a company be so professional and feel like I was more than a customer to them. I could not ask for a better team of people to be working on my behalf. I would give Quicken Loans® a 10 out of 10 rating.

    Sincerley Yours,
    Bonnie McEuen

    1. That’s wonderful, Bonnie! I’m very sorry to hear about the passing of your husband, but I’m glad we were able to help provide this assistance in your time of need. Thanks for taking time to share. Enjoy the holidays!

  7. My experience with Quicken Loans® was great. Right from the beginning I had well experienced loan officer, who stuck with me throughout the whole process. It was fast and painless. They kept me well informed. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to purchase a home.

  8. Thank you QL, I am one of the very satisfied. You have taken on all the worries of owning a home, and by that I mean I make my monthly mortgage payment and you do the rest. My property taxes are paid for me, my home insurance is paid for me, and now with the new home page I can review my account easily! From the moment I contacted you about refinancing my home, I have been totally satisfied. Thank you and I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season. God Bless!

  9. At 1st the process went really well with the E-Sign on line. We did get a surprise at the end when our house payment was about the same as we were looking to lower both our percentage rate and house payment. Our house payment stayed the same even though it was quoted lower but that was because we estimated our Tax and Insurance cost which was explained in full detail all in all we lowered from 4.9 to 3.99 and it was a good move for us. I am grateful to My personalized Team Kudos goes out to Rachel Spaccarotelli Bill Summers and the rest of the closing team you did a fantastic job.

    1. Happy to help you get that figured out, Michael! I’m really glad we were able to help you avoid a higher payment because of taxes. Happy holidays!

  10. Quicken loans made our dreams come true. We never thought we would own a home in our lives but thanks to god first and Quicken loans We are now home owners. ya. !!!

  11. I had a wonderful experience with QL. Everyone was so helpful in taking my calls, and walking me through everything! This was my first and I really appreciated the way they explained everything and was very nice and patient with me when I had my little mini breakdowns! Thank you to my entire QL team!

    1. I’m glad we were able to help you navigate the process, Jeanette! There can be bumps in the road, but at the end, having a home of your own is very gratifying. Happy holidays!

  12. i couldn’t resit this one, my experience with quicken,well i thought was going to be pretty straight forward, my credit is good,always has been, , i decided to give these guys a chance,i s told numerous things, 14 to 30 days to do the paperwork. promised dates that things would be done and certain aspects of loan, that i insisted on, well , to make everything short and sweet, none of my inspections were met, loan took ,i believe 3-4 months to finish, i don’t even want no one there to contact me, , yes i do still have these guys today, why, i got the interest rate low enough , that’s the only reason, , this is not the first time I’ve done loans with people, but is is the first i was treated this way by a mortgage company , i don’t even want to go into the details, not good, that’s all i have to say.

    1. Hi Phil:

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience. We absolutely want to look into it. I’m going to have someone from market Client Relations team reach out! Thanks for making us aware of this.

      Kevin Graham

  13. I refinance my mortgage and it was so easy and loan people are so friendly and it makes it simple and easy thanks QUICKEN LOAN.

  14. Thank you to Carlton Wilson and the entire team for always being there through the whole refinancing process. I appreciate you all tremendously!

  15. I absolutely LOVE Quicken Loans® and recommend them to anyone I know that is in the market to purchase or refinance a house. We have refinanced twice with Quicken, and both experiences were done in a flash. Customer service was excellent…we were told all of the options that were available to us and the whole process both times was completed in under three weeks! You are very good at what you do!!!

  16. Quicken has been our go too company for a number of transactions. One of the most satisfying was their help in working with a renter to purchase the property they had lived in for the past 15 years.
    Very high regard for the get it done work they do!

    1. Thanks, Dave! We really appreciate your kind words. We definitely enjoy helping people achieve their homeownership dreams!

  17. Thank you Quicken Ioans for a wonderful chance to work with your staff. Amazing staff, wonderful to work with. My family and I want to wish each and every staff member a Very Happy Thanksgiving. A Very
    Merry Christmas 🎄 🎁 and Happy New Year

  18. I Re-fied my mortgage through Quicken Loans® and was surprised at how well it went. Everyone I dealt with was so pleasant and kept me informed at every step. I can’t say enough about Quicken Loans®! Thank you!!!!!!

  19. I am so grateful to the QL team must mention Iman,she was my first encounter and everything went smoothly after.I will definitely recommend you without hesitation.Thanks,great service!!

    1. Hi Ilene:

      I’m so happy to hear you had a great experience. I’m going to make sure this gets passed along to Iman!

      Kevin Graham

  20. Surprise? You meant to say, “ Enter here so that we may sell your name/ info to another Bait and Switch company!”
    This is a real one star advertising tacktic. I have not, and would reccomend QL to anyone. The process was brutal. Your staff is only experienced in pushing numbers around, and around and around until you have 10 or 15 different people with their hands in your simple transaction….
    My interest rate is quite different than the early on quote I was given… my situation requires a real estate attorney….. QL was not educated or trained in any real estate laws…. my attorney ended up doing 80% of the job I was told QL would do for me. Not the case, at all, my Lawyer was compensated nicely for all of his help.
    If I could do it over I would.
    Why are you even Emailing me this stupid BS contest info anyway !
    You don’t even own My loan anymore, sold it within months…
    So ZING DING DONG Kevin.
    What a joke.
    There’s your surprise

    1. Hi Jodi:

      I’m going to get this to our Client Relations team because we do want to address your experience. We never sell your info to anyone.

      I’m going to get this to someone who can look into the rest of your experience. We never want any of our clients to feel badly.

      Kevin Graham

  21. I’m pretty surprised by all the positive comments. My experience with Quicken Loans® wasn’t so positive for my refi. They were better than CHASE, but that’s not saying much. You will always get better and honest service from a local credit union (although they can be slow and sometimes incompetent). My credit union stopped doing 30yr refis on income properties, so I was stuck using a large company looking for profit. The more you know and understand the charges, the more you’ll see how they profit off of your ignorance. Good Luck!

    1. Hi Rich:

      I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m going to have someone reach out about your experience. Thanks for your feedback!

      Kevin Graham

  22. I never thought buying a home could be so easy . The entire team i had on my side made the whole process quick and painless . I never thought id be able to own a home being a single mother of 2 and going through a lot of difficulties but with Quicken loans they worked with me every step of the way and made my family and i happy home owners 😃 . Thank you so much Quicken loans !!!! I could’ve never done this without you ❤

  23. Not Happy with Quicken Loans® ……. If you can’t trust the word of the employees then a business is know good to me. Very clear on seeing if I could be approved for conventional loan only. I went FHA on first home, and felt like the required mortgage insurance required outside of personal insurance policy was throwing away money. I made this very clear to Ali – so in the process of moving from Arizona to Mississippi last minute they tried to change from conventional to FHA- I called, and after explaining to Ali, and his boss that I was very clear about not going FHA as I would not except the mandatory PMI mandatory insurance required by FHA. Ali’s boss told me we could go conventional, but the interest rate would be higher by .28% on 30 year mortgage that I was originally quoted by Ali on Conventional loan that it would require more down at closing. So I moved my family across country – stayed in motel until closing, then learned when time to close that PMI was stuck on loan costing me just under $200 a month for 11 years on my conventional loan. I was so clear about what I would except- now last minute across country in a motel I was forced to except this – and I will NEVER Forget the way my family was done -all because I believed someone took me at my word as I took them at their word. Use local loan companies so you have face to face
    One last thing I to was told your loan will never be sold like some of those other companies – I don’t even think it took 3 months to sale mine.

    1. Hi Robert:

      I’m absolutely going to have someone reach out and look into this. We never want to hear one of our clients feel this way, but we do appreciate the feedback.

      Kevin Graham

      1. My re-fi to a 15-year went great. The only mis-truth was that I was told that my mortgage would NOT be sold; it would remain with Quicken. Mine was sold within weeks. Disappointing in light of how customer service oriented Quicken is. It may not be the same with the new company.

        1. Hi Debbie:

          I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to see what you were told and check into this for you. I’m glad your refi went well. Thanks for reaching out!

          Kevin Graham

    2. I do have a few things to say about Quicken Loans®. First, I want to say, I full on agree with Robert. I moved to Mississippi from California. I ended up getting approved by a gal in 2 weeks. They took her away and had some one else take my case. I called the first gal, and she sent me to some one else, because they told her she was off my case. I ended up with 8 different people. I was off and on for 2 months. They did set up a closing date, and informed me that I had to go to Mississippi for signing in 3 days. The plane ticket was over $800.00. Fri. was my closing and they said it wasn’t going to happen, until I gave them another $750.00. A lot more happened because of them. They wouldn’t take a check, and told me to go to the bank. First, they called at 8pm, and there IS NO CHASE BANKS HERE. I wouldn’t tell my enemy to go with them.

      1. Hi Maude:

        I’m very sorry to hear you had this experience with us. I’m going to get this over to our client relations team to look into this. None of our clients should have to feel this way.

        Kevin Graham

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